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Hello all who remember me, Hope everyone is doing well. been 3 years since I have been to HHN, and 4 since the last I worked it. Had a great run but was time for me to move on to bigger and better things.

So whats all the old timers up to?

And for all the ones who do not know me, I had the privilege of being one of the first on this site after the demise of other popular sites. MZ has done an amazing job with this one, and keeping it going as long as he has!  I miss the days of old, where each scareactor could evolve their character to make it unique. Have been enjoying a few of the local haunts.

Years have past since we last saW what I call the Fab 4, Would love to see a reunion of them.

Here they are all wrapped into 1.



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Times have changed for sure, Miss the event as it was up to 2009-2010. I saw a major shift in the dynamics with the inclusion of the A&D from Cali. It not only changed the event but the demographics of the attendees.



Still love me some Jason, Halloween 2017 was a blast!




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