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HHN28 opening weekend review! - SPOILERS


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I will first start off with the houses and then the scarezones. This is only a review from opening weekend and I plan to go up at least 7 more times. I know that things will change and adapt as the event goes on, so this review is just from opening weekend.



1). Trick r’ Treat- this house is my absolute favorite this year. Thought Universal did a fantasy job with this movie as a scare zone and I thought it was an awesome house. Every time I walked through this house, myself and my group would always get the scares. It’s very scenic and very well put together.


2). Scary Tales- I’ve always wanted to go through an official scary tales house for so long, and now it became a reality. This house is very beautiful to look at and for me, some what very comic. Love it when the witch flies over you at the facade and it took my breath away. My favorite scenes are the Hansel and Gretel, Three Little Pigs and Humpty Dumpy. My only criticism is hat it starts off slow and the scares are more towards the end. The last few rooms always get me!


3). Poltergeist- I will be 100% honest, I had very low expectations for this house and Universal did an awesome job. Loved how it’s very cold in this house and I love how you start in the pool. Every time I go through this house, I get scared in different places. I also love how this house travels into the television where you’re in the other side. But god I hate that clown. It gets me every time and I dont get scared that easily.


4). Dead Exposure- this house is great. Has a lot of scares and I couldn’t be more excited for any house. I love the strobe lights, which distort your vision and makes the scares intense. My thing is that the scares rely too much on the strobes and it’s a hit or miss. And I don’t really love how the ending is bright sand you can easily see the scare actors. Maybe they’ve changed it? But over all a great house.


5). Carnival Graveyard- this house for me was very hit or miss. Opening night we had all the scares, Saturday we missed the scares, Sunday we practically didn’t get any scares. But I love the story the house sets. It really does feel like you’re in an abandoned carnival, and has a junkyard vibe. This house also has a tone of Easter eggs with Jack, Dueling Dragons, HHN 27, and The Universal Palace Theater. And I love that there’s guest triggers, so watch out for them.


6). Blum House- I really wanted to hate this house, but I thought it was good. The Happy Death Day part was good. The baby masked guy got me 3 times. Then the purge area got me pretty good too. I haven’t seen the movie of The First Purge, so I didn’t know what to expect. This portion of the house was loud and the guy in the devil mask in sweats gets me every time and the shirtless guy at the end gets me every time too. I just find it odd that when you enter they make you walk to the corner of the room, then proceed to walk in. I also felt that this house was too rushed.


7). Slaughter Cinema- not a big fan. Love how the house is designed to be like an old school drive in theater, but it didn’t do anything for me. Love how the house is gory, but where are the scares? The whole entire weekend the cast wasn’t hitting their ques or maybe the house was having technical issues, idk. Still like going through it, but it’s not scary to me.


8). Stranger Things- I feel half and half on this one. I think the house setup is good, and I love that the facade is the opening credits. The few problems that I have with this house are as followed: too short, not enough characters, could’ve done more scenes and relied a lot on the demogorgon. Considering that this property is heavily advertised throughout all of HHN 28, I’d expect this house to be the “Uber” maze like AHS. Maybe it had something to do with their contract to the show, but the house to me feels incomplete. And to me, the last scene feels like Hollywood’s HHN, a black hallway with the demogorgon and eleven. Idk how I feel about this house just yet.


9). Seeds of Extinction- I could easily skip this house in future trips. I don’t really understand how this house is considered to be the new “Scarecrow” of HHN 28. I feel like the scare actors don’t know what they’re doing tbh. On opening night, the actors just stood and shooked around when their scare was activated. And there was a lot of open spaces. Friday night I was pleased that they toned down the lights where it became darker and I appreciated the scare actors trying to lunge towards the guests. However, the scares aren’t that good and it feels empty. Hopefully this will change.


10). Halloween 4- this is at the bottom because I think this house is just not that good. The first 2 times Universal tackled Halloween, the houses where great. This house just feels like it was a last minute idea. I think that Halloween 4 shouldn’t be in the shrek building, but maybe Blum House instead.



1). Twisted Traditions- personally I love any scare zone in the Central Park area because it genuinely has the creepy woods vibe. Love that this scare zone is flooded with pumpkins. I think the costumes are well done and love the pumpkins in the trees. The scare zone is just overall creepy.


2). Vamp 85- I wanted to hate this zone because I HATED Vamp 55. But I take back every opinion I had on Vamp 85. Loved the characters and loved how they incorporated 80’s legends in this zone. I loved how the vampires actually would scare the guests.


3). Chucky- I love this scare zone for the simple fact that Chucky gets to insult the audience. Hopefully nobody complains and gets this removed. My complaint is that it feels abandoned. Not a lot of scare actors and feels very easy to run away from an actor. And the costumes are too colorful and very mediocre. 


4). Killer Klownz from Outer Space- I think this zone could’ve been better. The costumes for the clowns are amazing and truest life like. I just hate how this zone is very small and it feels too much like a Disney character meet and greet. On opening day, every character had a line with people to take pictures with. Saturday and Sunday, security would dismiss the lines of people telling them to move on and even the actors refused to take some pictures. It’s still a good zone though.


5). The Harvest- this scare zone is very disappointing. The map and website description is very misleading. Talks about how every character from the houses will be present and it’s just house signs to the IP’s. When I heard that the scarecrows were coming back to be in this zone I was excited, and became disappointed. I think this zone was a last minute addition and the scares are non existent.

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