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Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After

Mark M.

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On 11/4/2018 at 6:25 PM, faceleg said:

I'm mixed on this house. It always seemed to be missing actors, or I just had bad timing almost every run. But it was gorgeous and a lot of fun. I got barfed on just about every time I went through the Humpty room. I tried to stall and catch the flying witch at the end, but then there was a second witch in that room who scared me forward so I never got to see that. I still don't understand the Little Mermaid room. The pigs got me almost every time.


One run, we walked in on the witch getting attached to her rig, but when they finished she flew right over my head so it made it awesome!

Yeah I have had the same experience, another experience was at the end of one of the nights and me and girlfriend got hit by every single scare, they got us really good, the Little Mermaid scene seems the mermaids were evil, I thought of Pirates of The Carribean mermaids just a little more creature from the black lagoon-esque type mermaids which if they were going for that I'd totally understand why they did that, it took me another walkthrough to notice at the beginning is supposed to be The Wizard Of Oz, Dorthy chained up, Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion but I wonder where Tin Man was, the spider scene I think supposed to be Little Miss Muffet, my favorite scene had to be The Three Little Pigs, that scene really caught me offguard my first time and got caught by all the pigs and didn't realize the last one was wearing the wolf has as hat lmao


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