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HHN Memorabilia

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Good afternoon to everyone,

As a HHN community, I was thinking it would be awesome to have a thread where we could share & have trades or exchanges of HHN memorabilia. What are you prized possessions? Favourite piece of memory? An item you missed & would like to find? An article you're willing to trade. 

I'm really looking forward to reading about everyone! I feel we need this as some of us are already thinking about HHN 27!


Cheers everyone!



P.s. I'm looking for the 2007 Event guide, should anyone have a spare.

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15 hours ago, Ecto_Freak said:

I have 176 shirts.. Including a shirt from the 1986 HHN Hollywood event and a 1991 shirt from Fright Nights 

That's amazing! You're lucky to have been able to attend every year of HHN!

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It took me many years to get them all.  Have an ongoing search on Ebay and be prepared to act.  Of the pre 15, 1997-2014 are pretty common to see.

The one that took me the longest to get was 1995.  I have only seen a couple ever listed.  Even 1991 was more common.

Also, the artwork on 1992 and 1993 are nearly identical.  Double check to make sure which one you are bidding on.


Good luck!


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Is this the best place to keep the memorabilia discussions going? If not, please re-direct me and I'll be happy to follow the path. In any case, I'd like to introduce myself as The Collector. I have attended HHN Hollywood for a good amount of years now and previously attended Orlando's 24th and 25th events - to say Orlando has a magic to theirs, in comparison, is a gross understatement.


I have been a fan of HHN like many of you for an incredibly long time and well, over time, have started to cultivate an interest in the event's merchandise. I only have a couple of things, mind you:


 - 2006 Hollywood Cap

 - 2007 Hollywood Pin

 - 2000 & 2007 Orlando Shooter glass

 - 2009 Hollywood Shooter glass


I'm particularly fond of any Hollywood merchandise from 1986-2010 and have a growing interest in Orlando's (any era, though especially Icon era) as well. 


I'm most definitely interested in:

- HHN Orlando Maps from any years, preferably older (Same case as for the Hollywood maps)

 - HHN Hollywood Maps from 1992 - 2010 (I am willing to discuss any potential trade or price for these)

 - Shotglass/Shooters of any kind

 - Pins or buttons

 - Advertisements/media gifts/etc


My biggest regret was never holding on to the maps. I'll say once more if anyone has some that they're willing to trade or sell, I would be delighted to speak with you! 


Any help would be appreciated! I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you before the 30th event!


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Almost forgot to list what I was looking for
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