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Has anyone played yet? Anyone planning to play tonight? 

I just want to say that I love their sarcastic messages about how daytime and desktops aren't their thing.


Blood Thirsty: "Gore-a-licious! You've drawn first blood and slayed your first round."

Bogey Man: "Boo! You vanquished a category and are feared by young and old alike."

Witches Brew: "You are truly masterful at your craft! You bewitched a use a level ahead of you."

Scorcher: "You scorched the innocent soul of your opponent by more than 100. Good work!"

Grave Digger: "Overkill! Too many incorrect answers lead you to dig your own grave."

Revival: "You doged death's grasp! Things were looking gram but you thrashed your way back to life."

Speed Demon: "Wow! That was your fastest game ever, you speed little devil you."




Dare Devil:

Maniac: "Thrilling! The Dark Secrets category has now been unlocked, your skills send a chill down our spine."


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Played a bit last night.  Disappointing.

I thought it was called HHNTrivia? Out of the 2 rounds I played (20 questions?) I got ONE question about Halloween Horror Nights!  

Stopped playing.



Did you choose the Halloween Lore category? That's the one that's more Halloween related. The other three categories are all actual HHN Trivia.

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Probably yes, don't remember.  Just loaded it up and started to play.    I'll try again tonight, but to me if it's going to be called HHNTrivia it should be that.

25 years of content just for Orlando, throw in Hollywood, Singapore and Japan and they could come up with more than enough content.

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