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Midnight Syndicate Announcment

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Midnight Syndicate has released a email stating that 2010 will be their biggist year yet and to expect some major announcements this weekend.

Some thoughts/rumors are anything from a new CD, to performing live at Halloween Horror Nights 20.

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You know, I've always suggested, since the new build of the stage, that they should utilize it at HHN's. You know how they have hep, funky, happy bands for mardi gras? Why not bring out like, some alternative? Halestorm, Korn, Slipknot, Flyleaf. It'd be really cool if Midnight Syn. played live. The only problem with that though would be where they could set up que lines which leads to, they can open up the gates/bridge to IOA and put three houses there, and five at the studios.

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K. Midnight Syndicate press Release #1:


Gavin Goszka's New Anime Project Update:

Gavin Goszka announced that he is currently writing music for a new electronica

album featuring Japanese vocaloid sensation Megurine Luka. 'My goal on this is

to incorporate everything that I love about J-pop and anime music - memorable

songwriting, compelling and innovative production, and an undeniable sense of

fun," he says. "It's an interesting little experiment, and I think it could end

up being unexpectedly addictive."

Luka's vocaloid counterpart Hatsune Miku quickly established a superstar-like

popularity, both in Japan and worldwide, due in large part to anthems like

"Ievan Polkka", "Melt" and "Love is War." Beyond spawning a full line of

merchandise, Miku has made cameo appearances in popular anime shows and has her

own Sega video game and manga series.

A full-length English-language release is expected for the spring of 2010. For

more information, please visit: www.homecirclemedia.com


Yeah, not the info were hoping for. Midnight Syndicate is branching so far away from horrorscape

these past 2 years it is starting to concern me a bit. The only reason we got 2 CDs last year is

because it just happened to be a byproduct of the Dead Matter and The Rage horror movies.

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Some news from Facebook.

2010 marks the 13th Anniversary of the release of Midnight Syndicate’s self-titled debut CD. As a way of saying “thank you,” Midnight Syndicate will be giving away free CDs and autographed merchandise every week in addition to hosting a video contest where fans can make their own silent film to a Midnight Syndicate track and win prizes including a chance to have their video appear on The Dead Matter DVD (coming July 30th). See below for more details!

Here are just a few of the many things coming this year:

* A new Midnight Syndicate website (late February)

* New The Dead Matter movie trailers and an new, interactive TDM website (March)

* The Dead Matter movie AND soundtrack by Midnight Syndicate (July 30th)

* “Lost” interviews, photos, and unreleased tracks from the past 13 years (all year)

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