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HHN 24 Review (Contains Spoilers)


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Hey guys,

I wanted to wait to post this review and think about the event for a few weeks before giving my thoughts on it. Like what really stuck with me and what didn't as I remember back to it. Because everything can seem awesome right afterwards. The true test is if it's more then a distant memory in a few weeks time..that sort of thing.

Anyway I enjoyed it a lot. I really had fun. Probably even more so then last year. As before I don't really go to this event for the original content houses. They always come off as a been there, done that sort of thing for me. I've been to this event and Howl O Scream so many times now that I'm not really sure what they can do anymore that hasn't been done before. Most of the houses still use the standard template and the same boo holes.

So when you throw in all the movie properties to that template it makes it exciting again for me because you not only get to walk through the movie but you get an interactive experience created from other people who love these movies. It's like a dream come true when it's pulled off right for horror fans. It's almost like a ride.

And that leads me right to my favorite house of the event and one that I'll remember for a long time:


I have been waiting for this house since I first attended in 1995. I grew up watching the original and had extremely high expectations before going through this. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. So I saved it for damn near last because I was afraid that no matter all of the good things that I had read, that there was just no way this house would meet what I had wanted it to be.

Well it did. From the placement of the house itself to Michael Myers mask. Everything was just spot on. I loved how this house was behind the rest of the park and the mood was really set with the visual on the iconic Myers house. The audio was amazing in the sequence that played out in the upstairs window. It was so immersive how the theme would start again after the scene played out. I loved that they built the house and it was a big picture moment as it should be. I do wish they had lit the pumpkin though but no big deal.

Inside they nailed it. Scareactors never get me in these houses but a few got very close here. Michael Myers was very aggressive when he needed to be. A lot of great trickery and the Myers in the opening mirror scene scared the hell out of this little kid the second time I walked through. Just incredible sets all throughout. You would never know this was a tent house. They nailed the Annie scene and the kitchen scene with the famous head tilt.

I loved how you walked through the original and not the remake overall. The mentioned room where you walk through all the Myers was awesome. I saw the real one get someone before walking in this room. I waited for him to come alive again but was very surpised when another actor was real that I didn't see and his knife was right in my face from the other side. Bravo guys.

Loved the trick or treat scene with the third punch being Myers emerging from the fence. The living room set was amazingly recreated. His arm coming from the closet door was completely how it should be. The ending with Loomis which I caught the second time was a perfect way to end it too. It didn't just end in some dark room like some houses do.

I knew the Myers behind the fence was there but still forgot the second time walking through. He got me because I was looking away and suddenly he was in my face. Bravo again

The audio in this house was also incredible and I did like how they used those same triggers from the movie everytime Myers appeared. But what made it good was everytime you would hear the trigger, the music would become somber again. It was just an awesome experience that was very creepy.

This easily gets House of the Year from me. The only scene I thought that could have been better was the Myers Ghost with the mannequin. I don't believe it was moving either time I went through like I saw in the video either. Still I'm glad they added Jamie Lee Curtis audio here to set the mood (I think they pulled that from Hollywood)

I would have liked to see some upstairs scene where you see Myers from the top of the stairs but understand they couldn't do this in a tent house. That's really about it..I don't think the scene where Laurie is running from houses could have been pulled off in a haunted house either. So yeah they just knocked this out of the park.

I was so stoked to see Michael Myers actually look like Michael Myers. In the walk throughs of the Hollywood houses I watched, the masks looked awful. But not here. This experience was completely worth the wait.

In order to hit this a second time (I had express), I ran across the park from AVP with 8 minutes left from closing and was able to do it again. The express girl was messing with ropes or something, didnt scan my pass again and I was able to skip the still 90 minute line so that really worked out! lol

I'll remember this one for awhile along with Nightmare On Elm Street & American Werewolf In London.


Aliens vs Predator:

I was really excited for this one too and it pretty much met expectations.

This felt more like a ride then a haunted attraction. Incredible sets and the puppets were jaw droppingly cool. Predator costumes weren't lame like Resident Evil either.

I wish the xenomorph came out from different ways throughout this house but wow was it a geek out moment seeing it. It gets so close to your face too.

I liked how they added in all the soldiers fighting the aliens but the egg room was underwhelming. That was just a set and one time I walked through the woman playing a solider didn't even do anything.

The scene before the tunnel was extremely cool with the predator battling the xeno that you have to walk between. If you caught this scene it was another geek out moment because it was an assault of coolness from all sides.

The final tunnel ending was awesome but the second time I walked through the puppet never moved. The first time you could clearly see it there. It wasn't a surprise.

This is another one that I'll remember for a long time. Wish we had gotten the queen like in Hollywood but our puppets were far better. Also I think our facehugger room was better.


The Walking Dead: End Of The Line

Did this one near last too because I didn't think it would live up to what I wanted it to be. In fact right after Halloween so it had a lot of expectations to meet too. But already from the que I could tell this year it would be much better. It's pretty intense just walking up to this house. The sets outside are incredible and the guardtower and aftermath are fucking cool. Plus Hershels head.

Once you get inside things immediantly get less hectic though. I began thinking this could be like last years let down. But it got much better. You really do feel like you are walking through the aftermath of a prison that has went through hell. Loved that they had Patrick in the shower scene and I think the burning bodies.

The Big Spot set is just awesome and the walkers looked a lot better this year. I didn't notice any stupid masks even though there was less make up then Hollywood. The only downfall here is the animatronic herd that goes way too slow.

But this really picks up at the forest scene which was just awesome and actually pretty scary. I'm not sure what tricks they used there but it worked. It does feel like you are walking through a huge heard of walkers. That felt more like TWD then anything the event has done prior with the property. They just nailed that moment from the show with the simulated lightning from when Daryll and Beth were in the trunk.

The rest of the sets like the creepy clubhouse, the funeral home, the crumbling cave & Terminus were all completely faithful to the show. Loved the hanging walkers throughout, the Terminus candle room and Mary serving meat. I didn't really see the burning walkers that were all over the posters for this event though? I thought the cabin scene was one of the most lack luster scenery wise.

The walker scare actors were much more aggressive then I had seen them the past two years with one dude lunging his arm out of a door very close to a guest.

I also loved the finale. I have no idea how many scareactors are out there because the strobelights are disorienting. It looks like a lot though. Way more then I'd ever seen before. I thought the actors were all behind cages and they weren't and one got me good when he jumped out. It might not make sense thematically with the rest of the house but I thought it was awesome. It felt like what it would be like to be in The Walking Dead. Curious to see what they will do with it now that Season 5 has started.

There were a few dead rooms overall though where this felt kind of like walking through a historical tourist attraction. I also don't remember seeing the house Michonne and Carl visited with the daughters room and all the creepy paintings. I thought for sure it would be here but maybe that was too intense for the event with dead children.

Overall though I liked it a lot and wish I could have walked through again. I know the helicopter was there in the Big Spot scene but also can't remember it. Would have liked to get a better look at everything.

Still sad about AMCs restrictions with the characters but this is the closest the event has come to TWD. I understood more what they were going for here because you felt like you were walking through these enviornments after the characters had been there.

If this really is the "End Of The Line" then they went out with a bang.



I might not be afraid of haunted houses but I hate dolls. I loved this idea and couldn't wait to experience this house.

A lot of really cool sets and yes that crib room was really creepy. I knew to look in the crib and those baby masks are pretty disturbing. I didn't see one of the actors at first,

The ventriloquist room was awesome and loved the nod to Dead Silence here with Billy. I wish I would have seen Chucky since I heard he was here.

The final ballerina room was sick and incredible to look at but not really sure what they were going for. The first one just screams at the guests for some reason. I coudln't figure it out...but hey it looked cool! lol

One of my favorite originals in years. I wish I could have done it again.


Dusk Til Dawn:

Opening scene and facade are awesome. First vampires were sexy but I don't think they even had teeth lol

Don't really remember much from this house besides the opening and end scenes. Someone in the end scene got me the best all night. It might have been a fan but I was walking beside the curtain in the final bar shootout and all of a sudden it expanded largely right next to me. I didn't know what the hell it was but I moved by it quickly. It really would be funny if it was just a fan.


Giggles N Gore Inc:

Biggest dissapointment of the night.

I did think it felt longer then advertised but there are a lot of blank hallways. I didn't think the clowns were particularly creepy. The spookiest one was a mannequin hanging from the wall in one of the last rooms. And then of course the final one but it came too little too late.The girl scareactor over the guys guts was actally really cute.

The crushing scene was disturbing and I liked the first room. The house in Hollywood looked way more disturbing and the clown house at Howl O Scream is definitely better.



Cool sets but I just don't care for the concept. The cannibals thing has been overdone. The scareactors were good and getting people in front of me though so bravo. One pilgrim guy was really interactive.

Can't remember much from this one except the final room with the Wendigo. There was only one not two. It was cool that it was two stories but the Wendigo just felt like a stilt walker in the streets to me.

Didn't do much for me


Dracula Untold:

Did this first. Didn't even use express.

Can't remember much from it but liked the simulated lightning scene and the burning village was cool. Think I saw Dracula at the end? Can't remember.

Really cool sets though and the statue scene got someone. Huge waste of an IP though.


As far as the streets go, I really liked The Purge. Missed the auction scene though. I stood around and waited awhile to. I sort of caught the end of the van scene but never saw them again that night. The guy with the megaphone targetting guests was cool and man there was a few times those chainsaw guys could have really gotten me good.

I was sitting there watching it all and didn't realize that one was right next to me. Never the less I appreciated how they were jumping in the air at people. A lot of energy. All the masks and environment was faithful to the movie too.

Was dissapointed with all the other zones especially bayou of blood. Didn't think that was anywhere near as good as Howl O Scream. A lot of actors were standing around too. MASKerade had really cool costumes and make up though. And Face Off was the photo ops people thought it would be.

Overall though, man I got my moneys worth. I did all the houses including Halloween & AVP twice, Transformers twice, Simpsons (tradition),and Despicable me. Express is still a must if you go, the lines were insane otherwise. And this was on Thursday, Oct 9th.

Event overall:

8.5/10 (Just for those 4 houses alone)

I also did Howl O Scream and it was actually a lot of fun too. The sets and atmosphere have improved greatly. The originals are probably closer to what people are asking for at HHN. I'll write a shorter review over on those forums if anybody wants to read.

Happy Halloween!

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