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Old Conceptual Ideas of Mine


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Alright, so I had a few house/scarezone ideas a few years ago.... Initially I created these ideas back in post-HHN 2005/early 2006. I used to have a few designs that i actually hand drew myself, but unfortunately I don't have them anymore. <_< Then sometime around late 2006/early 2007 I decided to photo-shop logos for my ideas. I figured with a logo, it would help flesh out the concepts swirling around my brain... While some share names with past past houses/scarezones, they are my own interpretation, so don't expect something similar to what was actually done at the event.

All 7 house & 8 scarezone logos below (except for 2) are "animated".

If there is a specific house or scarezone you'd like me to do a write up for, I'll try to remember what was originally thought up/evolve a concept for, then I'll do so.

And yes, I do have a few other ideas not found within the logos posted below. I'll see about writing/creating something for those as well if interested.

Note: These logos were all created before the 2007 HHN event was teased/revealed... They have not been altered since I pulled them from my old hard drive.

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Keep in mind, these are just ideas that haven't been fully processed yet.


Location: Hollywood Blvd

Theme: Hollywood Premiere


The searchlights are shining in the sky, fog fills the air, the paparazzi are nearby.


Hollywood's elite dressed in tuxedos, and glittering gowns...


Its the night of the big Hollywood movie premiere. Its a night full of glitz and glamor... although something isn't quite right, all of Hollywood's finest are "dead". Its like a scene straight out of a horror film... Do you dare take a trip down the infamous blood soaked red carpet and mingle with ghosts of Hollywood's elite?


set pieces:

- search lights

- spot lights

- velvet ropes

- movie posters featuring the other houses/scarezones


Scareactors: ghost-like, some bloody. not zombies.

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Location: San Francisco

Theme: Apocalypse


Fire burns in the nights sky... fog fills the air... the sound of chainsaws drown out screams of terror... Demons from hell wreak havoc... the street is filled with chaos... Will you survive the Chainsaw Apocalypse?


Set design:

- flame throwers

- knocked-over power-line

- wrecked vehicle(s)

- hanging debris

- fog



- 6 Chainsaw wielding demons from hell.

- 2 victims with doomsday symbols burned into their skin

*Due to San Francisco's small size (width) this zone could also be relocated (NY) to incorporate 2005's Bone Chopper Rider motorcycles (at least 3) which would be ridden by demon. For safety, prosethetic makeup (horns, symbol marked skin, non-vampire fang-like teeth) would be used (same for those with chainsaws)

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I never actually cared for 2009's version of "Silver Screams", it was fun, but just not exactly what I was expecting. So many hours/days later, here is my concept for how I would have liked to have seen the house executed. Hope you like it...

Currently Listening To:

Phantom of the Opera - Original London Cast


The Usher was my favorite icon since 2005's Terra Queen, but he had a very underwhelming house at HHN 19. It was basically "All Nite Die-In: Take 3", but with a fancy facade & transitional hallways between scenes. This was a disappointment, especially since the house featured The Usher's favorite movie, "Phantom of the Opera". So with this version, I have removed the other 5 movies (My Bloody Valentine, The THING, Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness, The Strangers) featured in the house, since they should've been used in the Horrorwood Die-In scarezone. After 2008's disaster of a house "Reflections of Fear" for Bloody Mary, "Silver Screams" should've been a very unique & well executed icon house instead of a rehash of previous "multiple movie" houses that have come before it.

I felt that the house should also include references from the HHN 19 website since you're supposed to be inside the Universal Palace Theater. More specifically I wanted to include aspects from the "History of the Theater" section, which contains 8 incidents that relate to the 8 houses at the event that year. You can read up on those 8 incidents here: http://websites.horr...te/theater.html

One thing you will notice is that my version is a big budget upgrade compared to the original. Many effects would be used to ensure a reason to revisit the house multiple times. Oh and a word of warning, if some of this seems like I was having a little trouble figuring certain aspects out, its because i was lol. I also recently rewatched the original 1925 film to refresh my memory. So if you have any comments/questions about this concept, let me know. Well there isn't much more I can really say, so lets just get to the actual breakdown of each scene. Enjoy!

The Facade


The amazing looking house facade seen above would remain the same. Now for those that didn't attend HHN 19, the reason why this facade is so awesome is because of its effect. When you entered the Parade Building you saw the old run-down exterior of the Universal Palace Theater with a few stray letters remaining on its marquee. Every so often the facade would come to life (as seen in the image above) as if you traveled back in time to 1925... the marquee would read "World Premiere of The Phantom of the Opera"..

You could also hear the faint sound of the song "Lets All Go To The Lobby" playing.. and of course the scent of fresh popcorn was in the air as you approached the entrance...

Scene 1 - Concession counter/Lost & Found/Usher Hallway



Now upon entering, this is where the first changes to the house would be made. Directly to the right side would be a recreation of a concession stand, not an elaborate or full one (like the one in the first image above), but about half as to not take up too much house space. The candy display would be smashed (as seen in the image above). This would serve as a small reference to the HHN 19 commercial and help strengthen the idea of there being "fresh popcorn".


There would also be a flyer (seen above) for the new "movie meal combo" (provided by Meetz Meats) on the wall or counter. Just for lulz, I toyed with the idea of a cardboard Wolfman standee wearing 3D glasses & holding a "movie meal combo" near the concession stand...


Directly across from the concession stand on the left side would be the "Lost & Found"... a small reference to the HHN 19 website "insane" incident from the UPT's history. There would be a bin filled with diabolical looking toys that have been disturbingly altered (see above image). To also reference the commercial, there would be a red tricycle possibly with Jigsaw's puppet Billy (from SAW) & a chucky doll..


Just past the concession stand/Lost&Found, you'll find the same hallway filled with movie posters and your first encounter with The Usher. The main change to the hallway would be that the movie posters on the walls would now be posters for each of the other 7 houses. The two Fangoria sponsored houses (The Spawning & Leave It To Cleaver) would share a poster as a "double feature". The Usher of course would still be at the end of the hallway behind a podium waiting to take your ticket before you enter the theater...

Scene 2 - Theater of Victims


Originally, you would encounter the Phantom of the Opera in his lair, however this is the 2nd change. You'll now enter into the theater itself. It will only be half of the theater, the right side to be more specific. "Phantom of the Opera" would be playing on the screen (as a loop of clips incase the line got backed up) and the seats on either side of the aisle would be filled with movie goers, but these are actually the future victims from the website incidents (mostly dummies, but a few scareactors mixed within). There would also be an audio mix that is made up of the different incidents (scream, cell phone, talking, arguing, etc).

Universal Palace Theater "Victims"

Severed - Family of four. (Mom, dad, brother, sister)

Missing - Three local high school senior boys

Insane - Unnerved institutionalized straight-jacket wearing guy

Trapped - Cell phone guy

Electrocuted - Frequent male movie goer

Bloodless - A bride

Savaged - Twin girls and their laughing popcorn throwing father

Strangled - Unruly disruptive male movie goer

Now as mentioned in the "strangled" incident, there would be a rip in the screen... this tear would actually be the dooryway into the next scene...

Scene 3 - Behind the Screen


Once you've passed through the ripped movie screen, you will now find yourself on the former UPT stage behind the screen. This scene would remain mostly the same complete with The Usher's demise (which can be seen above), Phantom of the Opera playing on the screen & another encounter with The Usher right after entering the scene.


What you don't realize is, you've actually entered the movie... so the second scareactor encounter will be the old stagehand Joseph Buquet. Similar to what he says to the ballet girls, he'll warn you to keep the hand at the level of your eye because you wouldn't want to fall victim to the Phantom's punjab lasso... (He will also point to the body of The Usher hanging from above... which foreshadows his own fate.)

Transition Hallway 1 - Backstage Corridor


The backstage area would utilize the same red ornate walls found within the rest of the UPT (despite now being inside the Paris Opera House) so that it gives it that much more of a luxurious feel to it. The wall color could also be changed just to give it a slightly different look.

Scene 4 - Christine's Dressingroom


After passing through a backstage corridor, you'll enter Christine's dressing room. The vanity would have the same mirror effect as 2007's Dead Silence house (seen above). Instead of Mary Shaw, you'd see a glimpse of the Phantom. Christine would appear from behind an oriental room divider (used for changing clothes) to warn you "He's here, the Phantom of the Opera"...


There would also be a full length mirror in the room, which would actually be a two-mirror scare from the Phantom. Not only will this mirror provide a scare, but it will be the exit out of the scene.

Transition Hallway 2 - Secret Passage/Sewer Tunnels


You'll exit into the secret passage (behind the mirror) that leads down into the sewer and underground tunnels beneath the UPT/opera house. There would be a damp musty scent in the air, water dripping from rusted pipes, and every few feet there'd be mini air hoses on the floor to simulate rats on the floor. The floor would ramp downwards to give the illusion that you're descending deeper beneath the building.

There would also be a small reference to the "missing" incident- shreds of (three) blood-stained white tuxedo jackets and boutonnières on leaky sewage pipes, corroded ducts and rusted conduits.

Scene 5 - Phantom's Lair


This scene would be black/white grey-scale, exactly how it appeared in 2009, complete with its compressed air blasts. Not much more needs to be said.

Transition Hallway 3 - Secret Passage to Catwalk


The stone walls would transition into backstage walls & the floor would ramp upwards to give the illusion that you're ascending back up to the stage.

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Scene 6 - Backstage Rafters/Catwalk

Making your way through hanging ropes & sandbags, the Phantom appears (on a platform a little higher up) with the body of Joseph Buquet, a noose around the neck. The dummy would be on a track so the Phantom can send it flying as to appear that the body would be hanging from the rafters. For a non-scareactor version (aka- budget cut), there would just be a shadow on the wall of a hanged body (similar to the 1925 film).


You'd find yourself up above the stage on the catwalks.. basically duplicating the scene from 2007's Dead Silence house (the floor says "KEEP CLEAR"). This was a mirrored floor trick to make it appear as if you're high above the stage. What made this scene better was that every few minutes a light would flash and the floor would suddenly "drop" a little complete with the sound of the catwalk collapsing. This time, you'd be at the mercy of the Phantom instead of Mary Shaw..

Transition Hallway 4 - Opera House/UPT Corridor

More of the same red ornate walls as previously seen...

Scene 7 - Masquerade


There would be about 4-5 elegantly dressed scareactors mixed within a few costumed dummies... to make it appear as if there were more, the walls would be mirrored. The waltzing dummies (similar to the finale of 2006's Dungeon of Terror) would possibly return for this scene.


Dummies standing on a grand staircase (either the one in the UPT lobby or Paris Opera House). There would be a scrim at the top of the staircase, behind it would be a dummy of the Phantom dressed in his Red Death costume. The lights would dim for a few seconds for the scrim effect to take center stage (similar to the Showman dummy outside the kitchen window of 2012's Alice Cooper house), The Phantom dummy would also be bathed in a red light (as seen above).


As you'd exit the spectacle of dancing masqueraders... there would be more ornate mirrored walls strategically placed to create an almost maze-like quality. The Phantom would seem to appear in more than one mirror, only to be waiting on a set of hidden steps... he'd trigger his eprom to activate (red?) strobes for his scare.

and just because I feel the need to include this song...

Transition Hallway 5 - Rooftop/Balcony Access

As you head through another corridor you smell the faint scent of decomposing flesh. Only to find the source.. a body trapped in a flight of old stairs that lead up to the rooftop.. as you pass by the "trapped" victim springs to life begging you to help him... This website reference could be changed to a dummy, removing the scare aspect and possibly the scent (both = budget cut).

Scene 8 - Balcony


You'll find yourself in the balcony seating section... and this is where the two realms start to really merge together. Not only are you in the balcony of the Paris Opera House, but also the balcony of the UPT. One of the light fixtures on the wall would be flickering & smoldering due to lightning striking the building. Here you will find the bodies of the "electrocuted" theater goer and the "bloodless" bride (both scareactors). (There could also be a faint scent of burned flesh & dead flowers to coincide with the two victims). And suddenly the building would be struck by lightning causing the already swaying chandelier to spark (and "fall")..

Transition Hallway 6 - Corridor to Stage

More of the red ornate walls, but this time with some scorch marks due to the lightning strikes. The lighting on the walls would be flickering with brief 3-4 second long blackouts every few minutes..

Scene 9 - Escape the Theater


You'll next find yourself "out of the screen" and inside a now burning theater.. The scent of burning wood/fabric fill the air. The chandelier which you'd have just seen struck by lightning is now crashed into the seats below. The sound of creaking wood can be heard as if the theater itself was about to collapse... making you a permanent resident.

Just like the 2nd scene, this would only be half of the theater. But you're now on the left half, instead of the right and you're also now looking towards the seats rather than the screen. One of the main differences about this version of the theater is it would have aspects of the Paris Opera House (Box 5, gold angel proscenium bordering the stage) since the movie has been ripped from the silver screen.. the two realms have merged together..

The Usher, The Phantom (in Box 5 with an air-hose blaster), and theater victims make an attempt to keep you trapped inside the theater with them... Will your voice become the next Silver Scream heard echoing from within the ghostly remains of the Universal Palace Theater?



- The Usher

- Phantom of the Opera

- Christine Daae

- Joseph Buquet

- UPT victims

- Masqueraders

- Theater victims


- popcorn

- musty damp

- burned flesh (optional)

- dead flowers (optional)

- decomposing body (optional)

- burnt wood/fabric


- light up facade

scene 2

- movie screen

scene 3

- movie screen

- Usher body hanging from rafters

scene 4

- two-way mirror

- water dripping

- air hose "rats"

scene 5

- compressed air blasts

scene 6

- hanged body on track

- mirrored floor

- dropping floor catwalk

scene 7

- Red Death scrim

- mirrors

scene 8

- smoking light fixture

- lightning strike

- swaying chandelier

scene 9

- burning theater

- sparking chandelier

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I like the idea/concept... OK, i'm totally a Phantom fanboy so i'm kinda geeking out at the concept. I wish UO would actually give this character the love and attention he deserves instead of the same "scene" repeated everytime they decide to let him make an appearance. I'll shut the realistic/overly critical side off for now because i wantz a "real" Phantom house dammit!!!

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I know quite a few of you really liked the Silver Screams concept I had posted. I unfortunately am not exactly happy with the final result. A few friends of mine pointed out that it'd be better as two separate house concepts due to this one trying to shove two different storylines together to create its own storyline. I might try to separate UPT & Phantom into their own respective houses by swapping out certain scenes.. If i do, I will post those scene changes.

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  • 5 years later...
On 12/2/2012 at 1:04 AM, WESKER69 said:

I know quite a few of you really liked the Silver Screams concept I had posted. I unfortunately am not exactly happy with the final result. A few friends of mine pointed out that it'd be better as two separate house concepts due to this one trying to shove two different storylines together to create its own storyline. I might try to separate UPT & Phantom into their own respective houses by swapping out certain scenes.. If i do, I will post those scene changes.

i know this is a dead thread but i actually like your house ideas here. like they were a amazing job, some i'll like to see [castle transylvania, disaster studios, and digital nightmare] in a event some day. would love to see your maze treatments for those

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Ooof... you dug this out of the back of the graveyard haha... Sadly a lot of these "logo concepts" for houses/scarezones were centered around Universal Orlando of the past... before the dark times, before the Potter/Supercharged/Fallon... A lot of the concepts were fairly basic and/or simple..


and lulz, that post is so old that some of the image links are broken. :chainsaw: While MY version of Silver Screams needs a little tweaking, I still like it for what it was. Killed 2 birds with one stone - showcases Phantom... and catered to 2009's event backstory lol


Maybe I'll revisit and/or create some concepts now being on the west coast. I can cater to more than HHN Orlando with ideas :ninja:

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Never got around to adding a Jester image


So with the recent announcement of "Carnival Graveyard", it made me think of my old never fully developed Mardi Gras themed Jester house. Although this would definitely have been more Mardi Gras/Funhouse-esque instead of a rotting "Carnival Midway"... It was a very basic & generic concept. I was inspired by these "evil jester" costumes and couldn't help think about the fun it'd be to let the dark sinister evil spirits of Mardi Gras come out to play.



As I said... very very basic/generic. But I liked the idea of skeletal jesters. It would be very simplistic, but affective. I figured the skulls could even glow as well depending on the scene. Of course, since it is also Mardi Gras, you can't forget about the sexy evil harlequins of doom. Obviously, they'd need to be less "clown"-esque to not be confused with Chance who was basically Jack's very own clown version of Harley Quinn. Here's an example:


Obviously, I'd prefer something a little more sinister with the makeup, just not "clown"-esque. You get the idea...


My other inspiration for the dark side of Mardi Gras were the super creepy as hell Jester statues seen at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras event year after year. Here are a few pics of what I mean....



The house itself would basically be a "funhouse of doom", but not 3D... It'd definitely rely on the traditional purple, gold (yellow), & green colors for lighting to make it very trippy. It'd also have the designated strobe light room. As well the cliche pattern wall gimmick. There'd be different funhouse gags (buzzing floor, air blasts, water spray, etc). Topsy-turvy upsidedown room. It'd also mimick a parade float midway within a scene or two.. You can't leave out a gluttonous food scene since it is "Fat Tuesday". I also wanted to have a marionette scene, sort've like this image below...



I don't remember my exact premise for this house other than a few minor details. The rough idea/story would be the evil Jester is tired of the same old routine, so he summons the darkness lurking beneath all of that bead-catching fun. Terror fills the Mardi Gras guests when an army of skeletal jesters & sinister female harlequins appear to turn the fun upsidedown.


As I said, it was just a very basic concept for a funhouse style house. Its been done before at HHN and other haunts, but eh... its a classic concept that is fun to revisit when done right to make it fresh.

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"Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night;

May become a wolf when the moon is full and bright.."


Location: Central Park

Theme: Werewolf Inhabited Woods


The full moon is out and The Wolfman is on the prowl... Will you make it out of the fog-filled woods alive, or will you be the next victim..... or worse...


Set Design:

- Prop Trees

- Big rock boulders

- Gypsy Wagon

- Dead bodies (ripped apart)



- The Wolfman (4)

- Victims (3)

- hunter (1)

- Gypsy (2)



So I always felt that The Wolfman house in 2009 was a terrible idea, as well as house. It was restricted to only the trailer itself due to the movie being delayed for release. However, it just wasn't the greatest movie to be converted into a house, especially when it can be done with a much more simple & basic approach. The best parts of the house were basically the outdoor scenes anyway. To me, it felt right as a scarezone in Central Park due to all the trees. More trees could be added to make it feel even more like you're strolling through the woods. The facade for the house was just two gypsy wagons anyway, so naturally... it'd make sense to repeat that for the scarezone on both ends. There would also be huge rocks/boulders to add more scenic.


There was a scene in the house where you're basically in a rock-like ditch with the Wolfman leaping overhead... I'm sure with the proper execution this could be achieved in the scarezone as well or similar...


Blue lighting would give the illusion of moonlight. Fog would fill the area making it hard to see. Atmospheric music would play with the howl/snarl of a wolf every so often. 

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Location: Earthquake/Disaster Overflow Queue

Theme: Haunted Soundstage


One stormy night, lightning struck the prop warehouse of Disaster Studios! This caused the props within the soundstage to take on a life of their own. Enter if you dare to investigate this collection from some of their iconic B-movie films. Beware, there's a reason this soundstage has been abandoned & kept locked up tight! Its not to keep trespassers out, but to keep the horrors inside!



So when the former Earthquake attraction became the inferior Disaster attraction, the revamped queue of "movie props" inspired this house concept since this was always a house location anyway, I figured why not have a house that utilizes its location? While this was a fun simple concept, all those years between 2008-2013 that I lived in Orlando, I NEVER once actually took the time to wander through the overflow queue full of Disaster Studios props. :unsure: I had only ever saw them from a distance :rolleyes: Shockingly, there really aren't any pics of the "prop queue" or even video (that I could find) except for footage of these 3 props below & it was during haunt season because a house has taken up residence on the left half of the queue space. I'm pretty sure there was more than just these 3 props within the Disaster Queue, but I could be wrong....






I never had a fully developed concept for this house, although I might've had a better idea for it roughly 5 or so years ago haha. Its hard for me to flesh out the details without knowing if there were any big "prop" pieces within the old queue or not. Obviously there would be many scenes that weren't centered around an existing prop as well. I wanted this to be as cheesy & B-Movie-esque as the attraction itself, only on the horror side of things. Here are a few of the ideas I had in regards to scareactors...


Plane Crash - zombies... pilot zombie, flight attendant zombie, passenger zombies. The airplane number is "EQ 1990" in honor of the former Earthquake attraction. So I'd have that tied in somehow. Since the wrecked plane is in two pieces, it'd utilize 2 scenes within the house. One large scene, then one small scene.


Crashed Meteor - aliens... This would be your cliche sci-fi section. The meteor unleashed an alien when it crashed into the old barn. This would've been confined to either 1-2 scenes.


Rocket Shark - Burned & surfer shark attack victims. lighting effects (yay strobes) would help bring the static shark prop to life. Since it is a shark, there'd have to be water spray effects. This would also only be 1 maybe 2 scenes.


Other ideas would be a guard shack outside the "soundstage/prop warehouse" as part of the facade scenic. Obviously the security guard would end up being a victim of this haunted soundstage. There would've been a scene full of cages & big wooden box crates. Think of 2010's "Horror Nights: Hallow'd Past" house... that'll give you a general idea of what I was going for with the Disaster queue.

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Location: Simpsons Plaza

Theme: Circus Freaks/Clowns


So this scarezone is actually not a new or an original concept of mine. It was actually me just wanting it to continue to be a tradition every year because for several years it did return year after year. Unfortunately, like all traditions at HHN Orlando (Parade, Bill & Ted, etc), they die.. "Midway of the Bizarre" was a scarezone that was located in "AMITY" for 7 years (1995-2001), then returned one last time in 2004 (The Boneyard -aka "Rockit Plaza"). You could say it DID return 2 more times from a certain point of view- 2007's Carnival of Carnage as a park-wide sz (unfortunately budget cuts & NLC drama hindered it) and then 2009's "Cirque Du Freak" in Kidzone Plaza/Hub (despite tied to an IP, it could be considered a throwback to MOTB).


Officially by name, the scarezone has been done 8 times out of HHN's 28 year run. While I am all about variety & new content, having a staple scarezone that returns every year is always a fun throwback. And using an IP like "Cirque Du Freak", it allows you to tweak that traditional SZ here/there to keep it fresh.


Now the unique thing about 2004's "MOTB" was that it utilized parade floats... those parade floats did not stay put the entire night because HHN brought back the parade that year. So the floats served two purposes- scarezone set pieces & parade entertainment. Definitely a fun way to honor two Pre-IOA HHN traditions.


^(The scarezone entrance in 2004)^


Hurry hurry hurry... Step right up.. Enter this way into the Midway of the Bizarre... Beware of the freaks and clowns lurking in the fog...


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