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Halloween Horror Nights 20 (2010) Event Music

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I have it on good authority that the Zombie Gras music is indeed the same music used for the Mardi Gras parade but slightly altered. Other than the Buckwheat Zydeco song all of the music was made in house and some of it was actually recorded right there in the studios itself. So you won't be able to find it commercially and getting it any other way won't be easy or legal. That being said, my time at HHn is done and so I won't be recording anymore. But the list never stops so if you hear or find anything in the next few days, weeks or months or on video..let us know. If not see you all next year!

With that being said, I have one more night left in me for HHN, I am going with friends on Halloween night, and we have express passes, so I may concentrate more of my audio on scarezones, and other areas, bathrooms and restaurants, hahahaha. If u see me wearing my HHN XX Fear shirt, say hi.

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Ok, the past two days I have recorded the songs from the queue lines in Hades, LT, Havoc and Hallow'd I recorded the 3/4 songs that are Not Midnight syndicate,

but soundtracks, and the metal song that I been asking about I Have it here, Can someone please check what this song is:

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Some help with Zombie Gras (Mardi Gras) tracks:

Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias - "Carnival Time"

Buckwheat Zydeco - "Feet Can't Fail Me Now"

Marcia Ball - "Big Shot"

Marcia Ball - "That's Enough of that Stuff"

Rebirth Brass Band - "Do Whatcha Wanna Pt.3"

Snooks Eaglin - "I Went to the Mardi Gras"

Does anybody know the song that was played in HHN: 20 Years of Fear that had the techno-ish bass line and some media zapping?

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Excellent work Suike, good job!! When I get in touch with Dusty, I will have him add these to our lists, I am updating my word doc now as we speak! Thanks for you contributions to everyone!!

so you were able to identify the songs I posted? I'm really sorry if I sounded too eager about it the whole month, I know I asked about the songs a few times, but, it was just driving me insane and when I finally was able to record them I was hoping they were good recordings :)

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Where the heck can you get the song "The Beast Comes A Callin" by John Debney from? Amazon and iTunes only sell the song with the entire album and wont let you buy just one song.

I'm not sure where, but my friend owned the album and sent me the file over skype. I can send it to you/put it on youtube if you want.

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I'm not sure where, but my friend owned the album and sent me the file over skype. I can send it to you/put it on youtube if you want.

hey everyone, sorry for my 2 day delay, my desktop CMOS battery died and I had to change it.

Black7Mask: The rock songs in your videos, 2 of them could not be identified, but 1 of them was: Metamorphosis by Paul Haslinger (Underworld Album) *Not the Underworld OST or score*

Jumboshrmp: I will work on your video right now, gimmie a few mins to see what/if I could identify....stand by!!

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Okay, that song is the one song i cannot tag, it sounds like the Halloween 4 Theme with added bells, I have the Halloween 4 Theme track, so I am gonna see if the track matches. If it's not, then it may be personally created for HHN.

My friend told me that they heard that song playing in a Halloween store while we were standing in that scarezone and it was playing, so it should be pretty easy to find.

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