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HHN 2010: Freakz


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I'm none of those. Alas, the freak I'm playing hasn't been mentioned yet, so I can't say what it is.

Curious spelling on Obomination though.

theres more new freakz?

haha yeahh i think thats actually kind of cool.

a good place for freakz to be

i wonder if their bringing the flasher back...haha

if the pigs and clowns are back Im sure the flashers back

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Everyone got to see the suprise. At least when I was doing it. Young, old, skinny, fat, male, female. It didnt matter. I just liked showing my package.

I saw the Flasher so much in 06, Didnt see him at all in 07, saw him once in 08 but was only running after the ladies, and I dont think I saw him last year. Its unfair that they only target females because I find it hilarious. But good to know you dont discriminate Trev, those are the scareactors I like!

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If that's the case, than Klownz will be awesome... minus the clowns. But good thing they'll be doing something a lot different than they were before.

It was just the vibe and feel of WTH, not necessarily the scare factor (in that case, I'm sure Freakz would have won).

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Welcome to Hell was sort of like a big party, with the music, fire, dancing girls. That was actually something of a problem.

Yeah it seemed like a "Hell Party" if you will hahahha.

Did Freakz have chainsaws last year? I don't remember. And if so, are they returning there this year?

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