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  1. I'm not sure if I like this new layout or not...

    1. Mark M.

      Mark M.

      We'd like to hear more if you care to explain in this thread:


  2. HHN 2011 opening in 2 days! Ahhhhh!

  3. Another sucessful haunt season.

  4. 2nd trip to HHN tomorrow, Cant wait.

  5. Sooo.. you neeed to fly down tomorrow to attend HHNO..yes yes? =p You need to see how amazing our event is over here..pfft

  6. I wouldnt talk about being afraid to go into Hades Liz, Ive seen the video.
  7. HHN is here! Opening night was amazing.

  8. Was I ok? Of course not! I've been infected with a virus that will turn me into a zombie in a matter of seconjbjzzl';dgl';hD:ouahvhix n;zjcihno[vzcbouvbou

    Just kidding. Yeah I was fine. Dry throat that's all. And thanks by the way. :)

  9. Are you okay in your vid? You kept choking, LOL. Jk. Awesome vid.

  10. Less than a month till opening night :)

  11. my timing is just fine thank you very much.

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