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  1. Hey guys. It's been a while for me on here. Dig the new look. I see a lot of speculation going on here Im just wondering if anybody could fill me in on what has been goin on in the world of HHN. I've been working both of my jobs like a dog, hardly any days off 7 days straight, so you could imagine I haven't had much time for a social life or any leisure activities, and 80+ pages is a lot to go through. Could anyone let me know whats confirmed or what we think might be right? Do we for sure have an icon and what some of the houses will be? I appreciate whoever is brave enough to answer.
  2. Hey guys. It's been a while for me on here. Dig the new look. I've tried to play the game on the site and I can't get anywhere. It says to pick a card but my screen is blank, just a tray where the cards should be. I click the house and nothing, just rotating cards. Can anyone shed light on this? Im running a mac and using safari as my internet. I believe my flash and stuff is up to date.
  3. Kool. I was worried i wouldn't be able to get my fright on. 45 min isn't too bad. I could just skip da house I don't like.
  4. I pressed it but all i got was lights and noises. I guess I have to look near the button behind the plexyglass to see something awesome?
  5. Thanks guys. I would like to attend as well. I just don't know tho. And I thought it was from 8 til 10? Anybody have any idea on how long these things are? I kinda wanna do all of them except the terra centurion one. I know for sure I want to see the one about the Thing.
  6. Anybody plan to go to this event this year? I think it looks really cool. Was wondering if anybody here was going to go to it? I will try to make it this thursday.
  7. Good review man. Can't wait to hit it up again Thursday.
  8. Thanks for all the info man. Can't wait til tomorrow. I'll make sure to push the red button in psychoscarapey lol. And i'm soooooo glad that Zombigeadon was one of the best houses. A lil sad that Hades got a C. It sounds like a unique ass house. Any word on queue vid's this year? Which houses had them and if they were any good?
  9. Awesome vid. Thanks. Are you allowed to get a lil closer to Fear? I mean we all pretty much know what he looks like but I was jw if they let you get in closer for pics/videos?
  10. Can't wait to go through this house. And then a 2nd time while listening to death metal. HOO RAAA
  11. OMG, you guys r so lucky. I shouldn't have gotten rid of my vault shirt lol. O well. Glad ppl are having a good time. Anybody care to share on which house is the scariest?
  12. Actually I mean, the metallic ram looking thing thats really high, b4 the skeleton things. It looks like it might belong on the front of those old school trains? U know which ones.
  13. Thats a bit of a let down. I was hoping there would be something like last year or 07 with all the crazy stuff out front. On a side note, anybody care to explain what that "ram" looking thing is above the SZ in the pic?
  14. * flails arms around wildly while running* "I NEED AN ADULT! I NEED AN ADULT!"
  15. Awww dude, Psychoscarepy in 06 was tits. I loved it. DoT wasn't all that great so you didn't miss much. Demon Cantina was good, was puzzled as to how you went from a Bar atmosphere to being in like the 9th circle of hell in the last room lol. I think 98 was my first year. What year did they have one about aliens? I think it was called area 51 or something. If it was 98 then I think that was my first year.
  16. Wow! Stuff is looking great guys. Just 3 more days.
  17. Anybody hear about any posters this year? I keep forgetting to look ever since I bought the cool one for 06. Shirts look cool btw. Gonna have to cop one, or both
  18. OMG, i totally see a Fashion Show type deal for the show w/fear in it. All our favorite characters will be struttin their stuff in skimpy outfits, swimwear, evening wear, casual and for the main even...S&M stuff lmao !!!
  19. Anybody know my guest needs an annual pass for the parks to get into the annual pass holder nights? He has his frequent fear pass but not one to the park. I do on the other hand. JW. Thanks
  20. Totally Tman875. I wanted to see the dagger or something there. but alas, no go
  21. Quick question. Does it matter if my brother has a Annual Pass for the parks if I sign him and myself up for the sneak peek Passholder Nights? From what I remember he doesn't have to have one. I'm trying to get us signed in today. Been wanting to go for the longest time but one of my friends keeps holding me back. I will go this year!!!! lol Thanks for your help.
  22. I'm down for both after looking at that pic. Love your show Brian, saw you back in 07 and you were great. Can't wait to see what you (and possibly Mr. Happy Pants ) have in store for us this year.
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