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  1. I don't think a horrors of blumhouse with Fnaf is the best idea. That compilation will probably ruin the maze experience as a whole. Fnaf deserves to get the stand alone maze experience.
  2. I know that happened but Orlando can't keep Hollywood waiting?
  3. I mean it has to be this week or next week right? We've been waiting since last year
  4. When do you think the first house announcement of 2023 will begin?
  5. For both coasts HHN posted a static video on tik tok that looks like static from a tv. Some say the top secret maze on the speculation map might be the ring, the Poltergeist, or Fnaf. The legend might be referring to the legend of samara and the cursed video tape. If its the ring I'm very excited to see it come to the event as a maze
  6. But HHN released a static video on Tiktok which could possibly mean Fnaf, the ring, or the poltergeist. I would love Fnaf or the ring to be honest.
  7. Do you think since Orlando might be getting a HHN Icon Hollywood might have an icon? The question is who could it possibly be? I know Hollywood Harry might want to become a official icon?
  8. That's sad to hear. Unless they can got more locations for houses.
  9. I was just joking with the Winnie the pooh house. Since a new scream movie is coming out I think its highly likely we will finally get a scream house this year.
  10. I love the idea for the M3gan haunted house and the possibility of getting a Rome themed house. I'd like to suggest the possibility of getting a Winnie the pooh blood and honey the house. Honestly that would scare me and give me nightmares for days.
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