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  1. At this point, I’m looking at what could go either way. We can’t pick right now for an overall theme we want the most. If it’s an amp up take of 19, then I can take it. If it’s like what Alex is predicting, then I can take it. I’m just not buying the possibility of Scream coming to the event, so I’m pretty much going what Legacy implied.
  2. AlexanderMBush made a very interesting prediction on Inside Universal. With Chucky announced, his IP picks are The Exorcist, Scream, Dawn FM, and the Invisible Man. He thinks next year’s overall theme revolves around death. Dawn FM emphasized what lies after death, Chucky is a pitstop of death, Pazuzu refuses to stay dead and wants to remain alive in some form, Slasher movies like Scream are about avoiding death long as possible with a rush, and The Last of Us is about the Undead. You could even use either the Caretaker or Bone as an icon who are both related to death as an angle of the theme.
  3. This may sound too much like fan fiction, but what If there was a crossover of her and Terra Queen? The Storyteller could speak about how they connected their home worlds and formed an alliance as she turns her own story into life. I sometimes get the feeling 15 and even Gorewood at 30 may had a hint of Narnia influences.
  4. Here it is! My take of a Narnia zone called The White Witch & The Stone Table! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ArUW8xOLoYqEoCpyM9hGBhTkfiFkaEysrKB702vNmXU/edit
  5. I was checking CS Lewis’s list of books and novels he written. He actually dabbled the sci-fi horror genre once with one book called the Dark Tower that began as the conclusion to the Space Trilogy. Man, he is definitely one of those authors I’d make him represent at the event of his most notable work with a haunt attraction treatment in some form if I was a show director for HHN other HP Lovecraft and Rudyard Kipling - It totally makes sense now! Another thing worth mentioning about Narnia is the Stone Table from The Lion, The Witch, and Wardrobe. I could picture Jadis practicing a sacrificial ritual where she kills the Narnians on the table that were kidnapped by her while the guards paste around the zone to scare off the guests. I wouldn’t include Aslan for this idea cause that would be too controversial, and it should instead set between the first two books from the series during the Age of Winter. I’m just not sure how they could pull off the snowy settings for this zone idea. When Jadis took over Narnia, it was winter for centuries and no Christmas when the witch only celebrates for herself.
  6. I think Brian was just saying that cause of the apocalyptic theme. But it’s pretty much like you said before; a reboot of Terror Underground: Transit To Torment from the early years of HHN. Both of them took place in the subways at New York City.
  7. If there are plans for the Weeknd to come back next year, then It’s possible Legacy could use certain episodes from the Simpsons as clues like he done before when it comes to speculations in animation. Abel made a guest appearance on that show other than American Dad (used this year).
  8. Legacy had recently implied to not expect Scream. Don’t get me wrong, I want a house based on the movie as the other dude, but It’s so tough to get access and make it happen officially.
  9. I could understand why some may have a few concerns with that movie and the sequel if it were to happen at HHN, but let’s try not to act like that Art is the only character when there are many other horror villains (including the icons) who are labeled as sexists and even racists yet when you actually look at their point of view, they don’t care who they are cause they just wanna make victims out of somebody for whatever reasons or none at all.
  10. It’s kinda surprising some forumers on Inside Universal aren’t on board with the Exorcist coming back as a possible IP for next year. Not saying that they’re wrong, and I know there weren’t any plans to bring back Psycho and The Thing for the 60th and the 40th anniversaries at 30 and this year respectively, but the difference with those two is they’re not trending right now. The Exorcist as the series is making all the headlines everywhere on the internet cause of the upcoming reboot trilogy, and it’d kinda be a missed opportunity as a marketing strategy if it doesn’t happen. If one of my predictions becomes true, then it could help promote the newer sequels and do well in the box office. Plus there is a possibility that they could break the “IP anniversaries are meaningless” streak, since they have went through a lot of flip flops as it changes overtime. As for those who don’t want it to be too much like 26, you also have the Exorcist III and the TV series, which are the best installments after the original unlike II and the prequels. Mash them together, and you’ve got yourself an acceptable variety as a compilation house.
  11. I could picture one scene of her in some medieval-like prison where she chillingly kills a dwarf with her wand by stabbing him, slowly turning into stone. Let’s not forget about her army from the books who could also be her guards in the castle such as the ghouls, goblins, evil dwarfs, trolls, hags, ogres, wolves, and many more. It’s something that got me wondering what she was doing between the first two books from the series. I do picture Jadis’ personality to be very ruthless.
  12. If next year IP’s and originals are all movies as a 19-esque year with the possible return of the Usher, then much of it could look like this. Phantom of the Opera The Exorcist Chucky Nightmare On Elm Street Saw Leave It To Cleaver 2 Sliver Screams 2 with scenes from the silent era horror films.
  13. I know this will never happen, but I could easily picture them pulling off a Narnia house that revolves around Jadis the White Witch while setting it between the Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe.
  14. Personally, I’d rather not have the Frankensteins, Dracula, and Wolfman back again, since we already had them in previous years and should get a break for a while. If more than one Monsters/early horror movie is needed for next year, then they should go with more films from the silent era like Nosferatu, The Hunchback of the Notre Dame, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Man Who Laughs. You can easily tie into them with the Usher like bread and butter.
  15. The reason I’m leaning towards on the Phantom of the Opera as the next Monsters house cause the 1925 classic will turn a hundred in the next few years. Though it’s in the public domain, but it’s still technically a Universal property that is a big part of the brand historically. Here’s the real kicker: Both him and Chucky were at the event in 09, and the killer doll himself will return with a new house for 32, so that got me thinking if the Usher could possibly come back as an icon again on a soft scale somewhere in the park. If you’ve read his backstory, his most favorite movie is the Phantom. Sounds too good and intriguing to be true, but it’s a good theory.
  16. I somehow could picture Bugs coming back as a scarezone. The insects probably left the pavilion and took over the streets. Very easy theory to think of, but it’s a simple continuation that makes sense very well.
  17. Though It’s more Hollywood related, but John Murdy was asked about Fear Street coming to the event, and he tweeted that’s he is ready when Netflix is ready. I think the ship has been sailed due asking price, so this leaves the announced Chucky TV series as an alternative, but I’ll be gladly wrong if it turns out to be the opposite.
  18. If they’re working on a new album and have plans for the next North American tour right now, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Metallica gets their own house. A handful of songs were even inspired by Lovecraft.
  19. Not all of his works are in the Public Domain, since it takes 95 years for it to become one. As of now, all the releases from 1927 through now are copyrighted. Call of Cthulhu came out in 1928, so it’ll take a couple of years to be a public domain. Lovecraft is definitely one of those authors that should be represented at the event with a haunted attraction treatment other than Rudyard Kipling.
  20. I think doing another Yeti house as either a sequel or a spin-off could work, it just can’t take place at Yukon in Canada, and they should go with another setting instead like let’s say the Himalayas but without the Slaughter Sinema vibes.
  21. Yep, I’m talking about you and I understand why you couldn’t do some work of your own, but Panacea’s range sounds really good though.
  22. Been wondering about it cause of what kind of range you have, and what you usually sound like. You would be fitting enough to do voice works of some of my own HHN house ideas as a narrator.
  23. Have you’ve made your own audio samples, pumpkinbot? Would love to hear them.
  24. At some years, they used certain themes to reference or connect the event’s annual numbers like this year with the traditional aspect of Halloween along with the returns of the Pumpkin Lord and Michael Myers. But what does 32 mean? Everybody knows 32 is the freezing point of water at a standard atmospheric pressure In degrees Fahrenheit, so that got me thinking of an original concept house with a snow theme. Yeti sequel anyone?
  25. If it’s ten houses again, then we’ll have to wait for the next announcement until May when Mardi Gras is over. But they should throw us some hints and clues other than Legacy for us to speculate on their social media pages and YouTube channel for just one to three times a month.
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