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  1. I sadly don’t think we’ll ever get Scream in some form for a very long time, since the Weinstein Company were assholes to Universal and It also seems like no one wants to associate with it cause of the sexual abuse cases related to one of the company’s founders, making it the last nail in the coffin imo.
  2. That could be possible too. Recently on Twitter, HHN Orlando tweeted a Friday the 13th reference possibly either as a tease or a hint for the next house announcement. https://mobile.twitter.com/HorrorNightsORL/status/1398419564602564609?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  3. Already posted my HHN dream house for those who had never read it yet.
  4. Leave ‘em be for now until after the event. It would be a huge waste of money to tear those houses down, especially after a huge outbreak. Not everyone had a chance to experience them in person.
  5. Not sure if it’s true or not, but since Michael Myers did not appear in Halloween 3 and it was originally intended to be an anthology like John Carpenter wanted, it might cause some complaints from guests unless Orlando’s creative team makes a new story set in the world of the series’ third installment that features him who could be included with the license. Orlando loves to make pseudo-material of original workarounds while messing with the toolboxes of the franchise like they did with Alien Vs. Predator in 24 and Freddy Vs. Jason in 25. Both of those houses were used for a more newer experience rather than most of their underlying films when the characters and environments were used.
  6. Here’s my biggest dream house for HHN inspired by the Jungle Book as a spin-off of Scary Tales like Asylum In Wonderland from 25 but not in 3D. I think it would fit perfectly for either Soundstage 23 and 24 for a big and immersive experience to make guests feel like they’re walking through an actual jungle, and they’re big enough to bring larger-sized and taller plants in. It would make a lot of sense to give it a haunt treatment cause you have more than enough characters and the books are more darker than the Disney adaptations. Would love to hear some of your own ideas and suggestions of my dream house to mix in. Title The Jungle House: Perils of Terror The Backstory Mowgli was unexpectedly separated from his/her (yes, there’s a female version of that character in certain adaptations) wolf pack family and gets lost into the deepest, darkest and most dangerous part of the jungle, as you follow his/her perils from start to finish. Description “Lost In the deep, dark jungles of India after a separation from the wolf pack, Mowgli the young and wild “human-cub” goes through the dangerous perils of what he/she called home as you follow through. Who could make it out alive the most?” The Facade The facade is a large ancient Indian ruin with terrifying stone gargoyles of mythical creatures in Hinduism, surrounded by jungle plants and misty fogs. Howling wolves along with other animals noises and eerie traditional Indian music could be heard. Room Number One The first room is filled with treasures, cobwebs, animal corpses and Indian artifacts. Guests will be greeted by a chaotic bandar-log (monkey) with a sinister smile who laughs like a maniac. Two more of the monkeys defends their treasures to scare off the guests with large, blood-stained bones in their grips, yelling at them to go away. Room Number Two The second room is an outdoor jungle with plants, trees, and bushes. Behind you is the ruin you had walked through. While walking through deep, dark jungles of India, two Bandar-logs with vicious gorilla-like faces jumps on the trampolines, hiding around the plants to scare off the guests. Room Number Three The third room is also the same as the second but with Bagheera brutally eating either a hunter from a village or a British Colonialist on an ancient stone table and Baloo coming out at the guests for a scare, as you enter the next room. Room Number Four The outdoor jungle experience continues with vines and leaves hanging to walk through on the left and right where Mowgli with wounds and cuts on his/her body pops out behind them, wearing only a pair of loincloth/bikini-like two piece on. The main character begs for help from the perils and find his/her wolf pack family. Room Number Five The next room is a cave of dark psychedelic colors of meaty snake coils built by Kaa (as a female naga with a sari on and humanize-reptilian head shape). You hear her seductive voice in a mothering tone, telling you everything is okay and stay safe with her while seeing Mowgli struggling in a cocoon of thick, heavy coils with only his/her head visible. The naga slithers out of her coils she made as boo-holes to scare the guests, yelling at them how delicious they are with her forked tongue sticking out of her mouth. Room Number Six You’re back in the outdoor themed area of the jungle, noticing Mowgli managed to escape from Kaa with an empty cocoon of her coils, but she comes back for another scare out of the bushes, yelling at guests that they’ll will be in her grasp and stomach other than saying how delicious they are. Room Number Seven Continuing the outdoor experience of the jungle, you hear loud animal noises and stampedes with elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards, and gazelles coming out of the plants, trees and bushes left and right. Room Number Eight You then enter a village that was destroyed by the animals after a stampede where some of the villagers pop up in front of guests for help. One of them is even a cannibal who is suffering from starvation. Room Number Nine You enter one of the village’s homes featured gory corpses of the victims who were killed by Shere Khan. One of his victims is still alive, warning the guests to get out. The tiger himself hides behind one of the white bloody curtain cloths that may look like if they were entrances to the next room you go to but aren’t for a scare with a burnt mark on his face after being caught on the red flower (fire) by Mowgli before you exit to different paths of the final room from the left and right. Room Number Ten (Alternate Left) You’re back at the outdoor jungle again with a wildfire occurred after all the destruction happened at the village where you see Shere Khan eating Mowgli for vengeance, walking into a dark, pitch black cave with very little lights for one last scare from the tiger himself before exiting. Room Number 10 (Alternate Right) Like the left side of the final room, you’re also back in the jungle with with a wildfire happening, but you’ll get a different experience, as you see Mowgli killing Shere Khan with a knife and also eating the tiger’s organs out of his body to survive. You walked into a dark, pitch black cave for the final scare from not only the main character, but also his/her mentors Baloo and Bagheera. @themazethinker @Grime
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