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  1. I’m gonna go with the Munsters TV series instead of the movie with a “Greatest Hits” experience from the best and most memorable episodes of it, and a black and white lighting effect in case Stranger Things doesn’t come back again. Though Rob Zombie directed some good movies, but he’s usually a hit and miss.
  2. Would be interesting if he went with songs by any of his favorite music acts as clues cause it’d be more challenging and fun.
  3. Fans who are part of the HHN community on sites like here and the Inside Universal forums have always waited for clues from one certain person who somehow have a connection to Orlando’s and Hollywood’s creative teams for the event. Dr. Jimmy used to do this a lot regularly every year until Legacy filled in for him.
  4. When it comes to speculation in recent years, Legacy loves to use animated TV shows as clues to reference the houses. He done it with Rick & Morty at 29, and this year most recently with Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad. What show do you guys think he’ll go next? He said the next clues will be a little more challenging than before, so I’m guessing that he’s gonna do King of the Hill next. If not, then maybe Futurama.
  5. Was checking out the new Slipknot album on the charts. Though it wasn’t able to be on the top of the Billboard 200, but it did very well elsewhere here. It’s the number one album on the Top Album Sales, Top Current Album Sales, Artist 100 (two weeks straight), Top Rock & Alternative Albums, Top Rock Albums, Top Hard Rock Albums, and Tastemaker Albums. Sold almost 60,000 copies at first week. The End, So Far is also the number one album in Germany, Mexico, the UK, Australia, and Switzerland
  6. Though Nosferatu was sort of at the event on certain years. He was an Easter Egg in House of Horror at 22, and the Hive was also inspired by him at 27. But with the classic 1922 film in the public domain, I totally wanna see and walkthrough a house that is exactly based on that movie with a black and white lighting effect to make yourself feel like you’re in the movie. A bit content upgrade won’t hurt, but not too much in order to retain the vintage vibes.
  7. The Invisible Man would have to be the toughest character to revolve around for a house.
  8. I’m leaning more towards on the Phantom the most cause there are some interesting things you could do, and they could even reused some props from Puppet Theater - It’s something we never had before.
  9. I even created my own house idea inspired of Willy Wonka, but it will never happen at this point and it’ll take years for it to enter the US Public Domain. Not sure how well Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey did, but I’d welcome it with open arms if we ever get a house based on that movie, and there’s already talks for a sequel.
  10. The biggest “WTF” factor of today in Horror. https://screencrush.com/grinch-slasher-r-rated-horror-movie-mean-one/
  11. Don’t forget Revenge of Chucky from 28, it was so well received critically that it won Scarezone of the year. If you picture it with another IP that isn’t a Universal property, it’s basically a Toy Story themed zone gone wrong with Lotso in charge, and Chucky was sort of playing that type of role other than just being himself.
  12. And what’s worst is Amazon currently owns the first Chucky movie which was part of the MGM buyout. I’d totally be down for a Child’s Play house with puppets and animatronics of Chucky to make me feel like I was in that movie, but that’s a long shot.
  13. I actually created my own house idea inspired by the Jungle Book as a Scary Tales spin-off, and it’s something they really should go next. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11VKaDeRSk25dkj5ZLq_iICYPJF5YgbeIGgbQ501ogiE/edit
  14. I think they technically had done this before with Slaughterhouse from HHN3, which later became an inspiration for Leave It To Cleaver. In case they couldn’t use any IP’s to represent the Slasher sub-genre at the event, they should either bring back the original RUN of what it was supposed to be. Last year, Lights Camera Hacktion won Scarezone of The Year, so this does give Eddie a chance to be an icon. Another Slasher themed house they could bring back -weather as a redo or a sequel- is Hell’s High from HHN8 that featured a Freddy & Jason hybrid who shares the same first name as Myers named Michael Krueger.
  15. Though it turns out it’ll take longer the for Fear Factor stage to be demolished in favor of the rumored Diagon Alley expansion or whatever the replacement it will be in the future, it’s actually not a stretch for them to bring back the MIB tent as an eleventh house location. If not, then they could use either for an escape room attraction or a themed bar/restaurant. I think it works either way, and would make a nice extra addition for the event. Since Supercharged is their worst attraction, I’d want them to gut everything down inside, and leave it be as a location for one house but bigger until it gets a better replacement. Tear that fucker down for good!
  16. Stranger Things is still one of my early predictions, but I don’t think it would mean the 80’s theme would be all over if there is no plans of bringing it back for some reason in favor some other IP. Looking back at the Weeknd’s recent albums, the guy was influenced by new wave and synth-pop (which was big in the late 70’s and 80’s) other than R&B. He’s a fan of the Bad Brains too, and they were part of the hardcore punk movement back then along with Black Flag, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, and Minor Threat.
  17. Alice Cooper was also a big draw for the crowds in 22 even though his Orlando house was a huge let down cause he was more involved with Hollywood and is also buds with John Murdy (who is a die hard). He’s a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer who sold over 50 million copies worldwide, and should receive a lifetime Grammy achievement years from now.
  18. I think Ice Nine Kills is very unlikely. Universal would find them to be too niche. The same could go with the Misfits, Slayer, Gwar, and Cannibal Corpse.
  19. It’s likely they could to go with him again, since Dawn FM was released months ago. Though it wasn’t the number one album on the Billboard 200, but it’s doing well in terms of sales and streaming. He could come back for the event every year or two until he feels like he is done with the horror theme.
  20. Yeah, even the Purge has a very political theme and arguably more so than Candyman. It’s possible they might not bring it back as a zone right now cause of the recent social unrest we had a couple of years ago when the pandemic was at its peak.
  21. Though Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn’t a social commentary and was never intended to be, but some people think it is based on their interpretations, and one could argue that it was the only type of IP to be at event on certain years. Guillermo del Toro cited that movie as a reason why he’s a vegetarian, which makes a lot sense why from his point of view, since meat is a very strong, throughout theme in the franchise. But it faced a different kind of controversy that was just one thing compared to Candyman.
  22. Candyman is definitely one of those IP’s that needs be at the Universal parks for the event, but it always gets a flyover. If I have to guess why, then maybe they find it to be too problematic and/or political cause the first movie in the series addresses the social issues related to race and class. It possible they perceived guests don’t want that IP because they simply go to theme parks as a temporary departure from reality without any reminders, but I digress cause I know a good amount of people in many different colors that love the movie and praised it for the use of the themes as a message that meets their values and beliefs similarly. I actually enjoyed that movie, and I don’t care how “woke” it is cause it’s good enough to be one of the greatest horror flicks from the 90’s.
  23. @Mark M. and @Panacea Here’s my take of the current custom map. Eight of the houses on it are ideas done by me, while a couple are movie IP’s I thought it would be fitting for the sprung tents. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CMDoU9p1bYrhr1fCfAyF3ZSgB1wQnCZSGXeyORlyDGE/edit
  24. (S)Carey is also another great example of a compilation house done right. Though it was at the bottom of the barrel for me last year, but it was good. Always looked and felt like a slew of hits with a deep cut or two.
  25. Personally, I don’t want another compilation of Blumhouse movies cause not only they’re usually on the bottom tier level, they always defeat the purpose of some films to have their own houses completely - It’s a waste of potential. But if an IP compilation is necessary, then it should be more like All-Nite Die In or Sliver Screams under either of those names where each movie gets its own scene or maybe two if needed for the anniversary milestones in the future.
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