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  1. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to Orlando at Universal for HHN! It’ll be a weekend trip for myself, and I’ll also be meeting my brother-in-law’s brother who is also a cast/team member.
  2. Thanks! I figured they would be scary and harmful in person if they had never went extinct. Gonna give one of my old house concepts an update, but it’ll probably be a slow pace, since I’ll be heading back to Orlando for Horror Nights next week. Then I’ll make one more house to complete the total, give two more old ones an update, and my Jungles of Fear themed event will be complete. Could take months, but it’ll be worth the time to make a well thought out idea.
  3. @Sinfear Recently got my newest house concept done for the Jungles of Fear themed event that I’m really proud of after all the hard work. This is my take of doing a Caveman house that represents many different eras of the Stone Age and all kinds of the Homo human species with the inclusion of some extinct animals. I hope you guys enjoy this piece of mine. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NaujgCZzVNYsdJUcOgtK4K31rJ9cwbq-GAsQBNrVm6k/edit
  4. @Sinfear Recently gave one of my house ideas a vast update for more details, additions, and better quality of writing for my Jungles of Fear themed event of HHN to emphasize the icon backstory more clearly and deeply. I’m working on a 13th house concept right now. Though it’s ridiculously way too much for Universal to do in reality, but I wanna make sure the variety is there with every bit in it as I could for everyone to enjoy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H0SGl_GKrauUn_ChsCCbrdGS_1nAgCFfoo625hCM9g4/edit
  5. Fun Fact: The Beatles were supposed to play at Woodstock in 69, but John Lennon turned it down cause he didn’t want to do it without a spot for Yoko Ono’s own music group called Plastic Ono Band. The Doors were supposed to play there too, but didn’t possibly because Jim Morrison hated to perform outdoors. However, the band’s drummer John Densmore was at the festival who was seen on the side stage during Joe Cocker’s set. As for Tommy James & The Shondells, they were invited to play there, but declined and later said this. “We could have just kicked ourselves. We were in Hawaii, and my secretary called and said, ‘Yeah, listen, there’s this pig farmer in upstate New York that wants you to play in his field.’ That’ s how it was put to me. So we passed.” The only band HorrorUnearthed mentioned that actually played at the original Woodstock was Creedence Clearwater Revival. Did they play any other songs by these acts who were on the lineup? The Grateful Dead, The Who, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and Santana
  6. @Sinfear Recently got a twelfth house concept done for my Jungles of Fear event theme. This is also my second take of a doing Japanese themed house that takes place at an actual jungle Island in Japan called Iriomote, and you can actual take a trip over there. This one mostly revolves around a Lion-Dog Youkai called a Shisa. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MnIS7OL0HHNFKlupOJth5nRsISWEPq6_OC-VrPBpU6A/edit"]Shisa:
  7. Got my flight, ticket, and hotel ready for the event. Gonna be there on September 23rd. All that is left is the Express, and I’m good to go!
  8. @Sinfear As you know, I was improving my ideas overtime other than making new ones, and I’ve recently gave my very first house concept a vast concept that is needed for more details, additions, and a better quality of writing. Not only its part of my first HHN event theme concept Memories In Darkness as fan content, but I’ve also decided to make it as an eleventh house for my second event theme concept Jungles of Fear to emphasize the deep icon backstory. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11VKaDeRSk25dkj5ZLq_iICYPJF5YgbeIGgbQ501ogiE/edit
  9. Here’s something I wanna ask y’all: In your opinion, which of the houses and zones will most likely win the “Of The Year” titles? House wise, I’m rooting for the Dueling Dragons, and I’m hoping that not only the advancements are there for what I want, but also does well as an innovative game changer. Same goes with Chucky IP wise. And as for zones, Jungle of Doom could do very well for a good variety of animal characters if they’re unpredictable. If not, then maybe Dark Zodiacs.
  10. @Sinfear Just got my take of a Universal Monsters house done for my Jungles of Fear event themed concept. Though we’re technically getting it as a zone with Expedition Horror, but I have always wanted to write a house based on the Island of Lost Souls with the inclusion of the characters from the original story by HG Wells. Will it happen in reality? Probably not, but I mostly write things based on my own wants. Next I’ll give my very first house concept an update, then make a new one from scratch. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MV7vNr-zkgiNFTKr_tSfBqAn8eCWdcd9f8Eag4GN-XA/edit
  11. Made my own hype list as well on the houses while the zones for me are pretty much the same as yours, Sinfear. 1. Dueling Dragons 2. The Darkest Deal 3. Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count 4. Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins 5. Blood Moon: Dark Offerings 6. Yeti: Campground Kills 7. Universal Monsters: Unmasked 8. Stranger Things: Season 4 9. Exorcist: Believer 10. The Last of Us Last of Us for the 10th anniversary, Chucky for the 35th anniversary, Exorcist for the 50th anniversary, Monsters for the 100th anniversary, and Jungle of Doom zone for the 20th anniversary of the house at 13. Though anniversaries aren’t really on their minds, but they’re going all out unintentionally.
  12. Icon backstory of Dr. Oddfellow Dr. Oddfellow served as the icon of Halloween Horror Nights 32, tying into all of the scarezones and some of the haunted houses that year. Thus, alot more of his backstory was revealed. In the 1920s, Dr. Oddfellow ventured into an ancient jungle called "The Jungle of Doom". There, he performed horrific experiments on the animals there, turning them into grotesque creatures. In 1939 during the Dustbowl, Dr. Oddfellow set up his carnival in a small rural midwest town. There, he mutilated hundreds of people (some of which were some of his own performers), turning their bodies into grotesque versions of the Zodiac signs. He burned down all of the posters and advertisements with the name of his carnival to cover his tracks and created Zodiac symbols all over the carnival. These symbols contained great amounts of power. Additionally, he drew the same symbol on his face during this time, as well as a larger symbol on his back featuring elements from all 12 Zodiac symbols. This ritual granted him the power of immortality and of the Zodiac. In the 1940s, a crate featuring Dr. Oddfellow's Zodiac Symbol arrived on a shipping yard in San Francisco. Various oddities would escape from the crate, slaughtering all of the workers in the shipping yard and causing mass destruction. In 1961, Dr. Oddfellow disguised himself as a vampire named Earlow Wolfe in order to infiltrate a secret group of vampires. He made up a backstory in which he claimed to be a circus worker whose circus was attacked by vampires in 1938, causing him to turn into one himself. He successfully fooled the Vampire Council that he was a vampire. In 1968, Oddfellow, now a part of the council, stands up to fellow councilmember Olatto, demanding that he lets the vampires go on a frenzy and feed on whoever they please without restraint. As he does this, the symbol on his head glows for a moment then fades. He did all of this in order to gain power over Olatto in the council. In 1969, Dr. Oddfellow would unleash the vampires during a music festival in a small town in upstate New York, causing mass destruction and chaos. It is also heavily implied that Dr. Oddfellow killed and sacrificed Olatto, and used his blood to increase his own power over vampires. When Jack killed Oddfellow in 2007, this sent him into a dark dimension for 16 years. In 2023, he would escape the dimension, due in part to the powers he gained from killing Olatto. He would reclaim his Cane of Souls and announce to the world that he would offer anyone who wants to immortality. He would show them images of fear and terror, which would break their connections to the mortal world. No one would be able to resist immortality, allowing him to gain a legion of followers completely under his control.In 1969, Dr. Oddfellow would unleash the vampires during a music festival in a small town in upstate New York, causing mass destruction and chaos. It is also heavily implied that Dr. Oddfellow killed and sacrificed Olatto, and used his blood to increase his own power over vampires.
  13. Last of Us for the 10th anniversary, Chucky for the 35th anniversary, Exorcist for the 50th anniversary, Monsters for the 100th anniversary, and Jungle of Doom zone for the 20th anniversary of the house at 13. Anniversaries aren’t really on their minds, but they’re going all out unintentionally.
  14. Anyone hungry? https://twitter.com/HHN365/status/1684908723540496384?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1684908723540496384|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
  15. Most have been saying the show total was reduced to one, but It’s still two since Vamp and Dark Zodiac switched locations. As for Jungle, It’s so far getting closer to what I want with the ruins. However Legacy implied that they’re bringing back Jungle of Doom from 13 as a zone. Thank God that’s safe from being replaced.
  16. @Sinfear Just got my newest house concept done based on the very first Predator movie and inspired by AVP at 24 that is part of the my second event theme idea Jungles of Fear. Won’t happen in reality because Disney currently owns the rights of the franchise? No worries! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M0seYduDXdfRW-F9JqwAgi6GQw7Afqqw4o5zXU0YTOA/edit
  17. The Tribute is also coming back to the New York area too. As for the zones that seems to solidifies the most in terms of being true as a rumor to me is Vamp 69, since with a Woodstock theme possibly coming, you definitely need some banners for it, which is common at music festivals, and as long we get a Shirtless Vampire Iggy Pop doing outrageous and unpredictable stage antics, then I’ll be happy cause most people still don’t realize that Punk actually started with the Stooges and MC5 long before the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, and the Clash - It even predates Metal.
  18. Been checking the recent scarezone constructions, and they’re now setting things up in Diagon Alley, so this really confirms the Death Eaters for me.
  19. https://twitter.com/hhn_jacob/status/1679920413948641280?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1679920413948641280|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
  20. Got my predictions finalized before the next spec map update and the upcoming zone set up that will become noticeable soon. I’m just not a hundred percent sure on the guitar with the devil horns. I want a Robert Johnson-inspired house, but It’s possible that might not happen, and I can’t see a Charlie Danials-inspired house happening for a certain reason even though country music does have its own history with horror. Confirmed: Chucky, Stranger Things, and Last of Us My most expecting IP’s: Monsters and the Exorcist. Original Predictions: Bigfoot, A proper witch house, Dueling Dragons, HHN Icons: Dr. Oddfellow, and (If the Exorcist doesn’t make it) a Japanese folklore house with the Youkai creatures/supernatural beings. Zone Predictions: Dark Zodiac, Krampus, the Jungle Zone: Mowgli’s Domain, Vamp 69, and Knockturn Alley.
  21. Well whaddya know! They recently dropped a playlist of songs as hints for this year’s event.
  22. I can see a week by week announcement, starting with Stranger Things for this time, the Exorcist for the next week, and Monsters for the end of the month that not only lines well but also roll us right into Midsummer Scream with one of the Hollywood originals over there. Then in August, we get the final spec map update and later a full dump of originals, zones, and shows to finalize the full lineup.
  23. On Discord, Legacy said that a next house announcement is gonna drop on Thursday at the longest, which could be Stranger Things cause this week marks the seventh anniversary of the series like how the Last of Us was announced on the first week of its 10th anniversary.
  24. Just got my newest house concept done inspired by the Aswangs from the Philippines which is my take of a vampire house. I hope you guys enjoy this. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GgnyreM7oYic4fukqCKZvCOYkPluZhpM9rTJxNACwjw/edit
  25. Wouldn’t hold my breath on the 4-zone limit yet until the next spec map update. The New York Waterfront behind the Sting Alley where the Klownz were retain the total to 5.
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