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  1. Is it kinda like Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland or something else?
  2. Cool doc. @Fear2010 Quick question, have you ever thought of making a haunted house based on American Psycho with some of the elements of the book added in?
  3. Pretty interesting, there could be some potential dark comedy in that. I was also thinking of remaking my old event featuring Marty Mindfield and adding in one of my other icon characters in there as well as a sub-icon for the dream event.
  4. Not gonna lie, this is pretty good. Quick question, have you ever thought about making a HHN event that breaks the fourth wall kinda like your haunt idea shown here?
  5. Sounds like a good fit for my fanon HHN featuring my old icon OC: Marty Mindfield.
  6. This is pretty good. I imagine a HHN event similar to my fan-made one with houses that take place in different time periods.
  7. There's also Shakespeare's works as well, they might fit into the event itself or maybe in its own event.
  8. Interesting, perhaps maybe the killer could be half-demon and disguises his features whenever going out in public.
  9. There's also a list featuring Russian/Slavic folklore monsters that could fit right in the haunt. Here's one: https://mythus.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Slavic_creatures
  10. Hell yeah, maybe Baba Yaga could be in the haunt itself as well.
  11. What about Russia? A house representing the nation would be interesting and maybe involve Koschei the Deathless in it.
  12. Sure, maybe have it as the finale scene to the haunt idea itself.
  13. Maybe have him being shown his slow transformation into a bad guy first, it'd be pretty interesting to see it in haunted house form.
  14. Now that I think about it, him being sympathetic would be pretty nice, I also did an haunted house featuring him and the in-universe stories of the "Terror Tales" comic book series and even one episodes of the obscure TV-show adaptation of comic book series of the same name (It's Devilish President). Here's a link: Any thoughts to it?
  15. That'd be cool to, maybe they could look like something out of a horror film by David Cronenberg himself. Also, I had an icon named The Terrorkeeper and he's basically like the horror host of a little-known comic book series known as "Terror Tales" and wants people to remember him along with the industry that published comic books featuring him as well as the TV-show that actually featured him in the Terrorkeeper sections. He's kind of like a bitter old man and wants people to remember him again.
  16. Alright, also just a suggestion, since Kamen Manits NEO is inspired by Kamen Rider, perhaps maybe some of the monsters in the haunted house could perhaps be twisted versions of G.O.D.'s monsters from Kamen Rider X.
  17. That's honestly a good idea, but I was also talking about Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness since it tackles on colonialism itself, yeah it'd be controversial for the novel to be turned into a haunted house attraction itself. Apologies if I was unintentionally rude.
  18. That'd be cool as well. I've been also thinking of two haunt ideas for a representation of Africa, although one of them is probably gonna be controversial. The first one is Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (it'd probably be controversial honestly) and a haunted house based on African Voodoo.
  19. Another potential house idea for this event that could fit well is one based on Victorian Horror Literature or maybe even Jack the Ripper himself.
  20. That'd be interesting too. Houses based on horrors around the world would be cool, it'd also be nice to see La Llorona here again or perhaps maybe even a Headless Horseman haunted house.
  21. Is that a Kamen Rider reference I see? It sounds pretty cool. Would the hypothetical HHN event featuring Kamen Mantis NEO have haunted houses based on anime and other Japanese horror films or no?
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