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  1. Those all sound rad, it's nice to see old or unused concepts return. The only thing is a part of me wants to have the Mexico house relate to like, monster luchadors. Mainly because I'm a big fan of wrestling but a Chupacabra maze can work really well Could the scarezones cover the other arenas not previously mentioned?
  2. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe one scene could be like a city in Japan being overtaken by the evolution project?
  3. Actually, really cool! I liked all of the scenes from the haunt, it did give me vibes of old anthology horror comics. Especially with the king tut and hybrid scenes. I think later this week I might write up a house for NEO, Im thinking about maybe having it slowly show his transformation into a bad guy until you see him be the evil ruler he is today?
  4. Sounds neat, honestly I can see him as a sort of sympathetic icon in that way. Only wanting to be remembered and nothing more
  5. ooooo that sounds good, Thx! Originally, I was going to use regular people who looked to be deformed with the whole human hybrid thing, maybe having some sort of Evolution Project branding on them? But G.O.D's monsters would be fun to redesign
  6. Nah its fine. I just wanted to talk about the voodoo thing for a sec
  7. I can see where you're coming from to be honest. Yes, voodoo has been used in houses and haunts both before and to this day. Looking back, I can see why some might take offensive to something like that due to the possible stereotypes present, Granted I'm also not really informed in any way about voodoo or the culture surrounding it. So, the best possible way for something like this is to maybe get someone on board with this that knows the background of it.
  8. That or just a character for the house. Whatever works best Granted he can be recycled for a future event so he can be the icon of that one
  9. I really like that actually. And hell maybe with that you can throw in the other icon I mentioned, chess, as he's based off the Cheshire Cat
  10. Headless Horseman ones are always a classic I'd imagine if NEO was to have his own house it would probably involve something with his minions and the house he was set to originally investigate
  11. Honestly not that bad, yeah it is a bit too much like Cleaver but that wasn't exactly an event icon. Just a popular house with the event in question
  12. Probably not. While it would be cool, outside of the ring I can't think of many Japanese horror films or animes people are familiar with, if it was going to be something like that, the houses would probably be based around Japanese mythology, or the better option would be to probably have the whole event be themed around horrors from around the world Speaking of which I gotta write a house for the mantis dude
  13. Heyo, so im in a discord server and RN a contest is going on for making your own Icon, I could only submit one but I decided to make another one for the hell of it, and I felt like sharing it because I want to see what people think of both Kamen Mantis NEO (The one I submitted for the contest) Onita Misawa was a young college student of Japanese and European descent working at a local newspaper in Japan circa 1978. He was once asked to do a report about the infamous Kawada household. A house somewhere in Japan that was known for its strange occurrences. A number of people actually disappeared after going there, never to be seen again. The young reporter, against the wishes of almost everyone outside of the higher ups of the paper. Misawa would enter into the household on a stormy night, only to discover a cult was inside! The Evolution Project were the ones behind the kidnapping, as they had been turning people into these horrific human and animal hybrids, or in some cases human and insect hybrids. Everyone was forced to work for the cult and do their bidding, almost as if they were soldiers preparing for a war. They did this by killing the victims, then they would do some sort of a ritual sacrifice to whatever god they prayed to, and then surgically attaching to the bodies some sort of magical belt that was able to give them magical armor that protected them, once again going back to the soldier thing. Misawa noticed all of this, and after stealing one of the belts, he made a run for it and tried the belt on. Becoming the Kamen Mantis, a superhero bent on destroying the cult and its members after seeing the horrors they committed. However, as he defeated more and more of the cult, he started to enjoy the sense of power more and more, and felt like he needed to become more powerful, he needed to become a leader, a god, someone people would worship! And thus, with less than half of the cult's higher ups remaining, he went to the main leader of the Evolution Project with one simple request: he turned Misawa into one of the horrific creatures, so long as Misawa becomes the new ruler of the cult. The then ruler complied, as he had no choice if he wanted to make it out alive. And thus, went through with the ritual, transforming the boy into a half human, half insect beast horror. One where his deformities can be seen even though that armor, he used to protect people. Now it's used to rule the world! Now going under Kamen Mantis NEO, he slowly tries to take over the rest and hopes to shape the world in his vision, wanting everyone to evolve into the type of human that he is now. Chess The Mischievous One (other one I made for shits and giggles) The day before Halloween, often known as Mischief Night, is one known for the various chaotic and devious acts that many partake in, on the same topic, Halloween is known for the various demons, ghosts, ghouls and other creatures that cross between the land of the living and the land of the dead on the notable night full of tricks and or treats. This brings us to a notable little specter known as simply, Chess, but he goes under a number of names Chess could be found throughout the years under a number of different identities. Either as a snake oil salesman, a jester, a con man, a ringmaster, whatever it was he was certain to cause some chaos in some way. Chess feeds off of insanity, fear, and any sort of form of misdoing. He is the equivalent to the devil on the left side of your shoulder, always trying to get someone to do what they deep down know is wrong, but why not have some fun, right? The extent of the powers of Chess is somewhat unlimited, it's mainly in relation to things such as changing the perspective of its victim, turning parts of his body invisible, transforming into either a cat, human, or anthro cat type creature. Having his voice stay in the victim's mind for a given amount of time. Being able to change his clothing and voice at will, defying gravity at all costs, odd gases with a number of effects can come out of his haunting laugh, teleportation, and lord knows what else His personality is that of a child, he wanted to make the world his personal playground, he wanted to control a ton of people in order to have them do whatever he wishes for them to do, he wants his brand of chaotic energy and mindset, and he wants it now. Ergo, after decades of spreading his time fucking around with others, he decided to go to the one place he can get away with all of this, one where foolish mortals would willingly subject themselves to hellish landscapes, horrifying monsters, and most of all, pain and misery. This place goes by one simple name. Orlando Florida The chaotic kitty would then pack his things, head on over to the area, and now (or whenever this hypothetical is going on because I'm too lazy to just say 2022) he ready to make sure everyone that enters those gates loses their fuckin minds
  14. i was wondering if anyone knows of some sort of archive for Scarowinds. weather it be maps, videos, promotion material, photos. whatever. i can barley find anything beyond what the wayback machine allows me to find
  15. Yeah. i can see where your coming from. I just think that Crowe, as a character. has so much potential. and is rather unique. If you read his backstory he wasn't a crazed killer or something like that. He was just a regular guy who was turnt into this horrific monster by god knows what caused it (i would say Jack but i'd highly doubt it. I dont think there is anything in the backstory that really shows that Jack was the direct cause of it). And plus, That description for his design sounds great, and perfect for someone who is suppose to be the embodiment of Halloween
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