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  1. Well the supposed original houses seem interesting right off the bat. Hide and Shriek. I like that name.
  2. YES!!! I would lovetp see an SCP Containment Breach house.
  3. I never understood why Bloody Mary can’t be used anymore at HHN. How exactly is a myth copyrighted? I thought it was public domain.
  4. How did this thread go from speculation to hating on vloggers?
  5. I just want another Scary Tales house. Deadly Ever After was just perfect.
  6. I think the duff beer stands will be open. Not sure about the taco truck.
  7. Thank you for the info. I will for sure buy a hoodie, but for the shirts, so far just one. It depends on my next several paychecks.
  8. Do they sell HHN hoodies? If so, I’m thinking of buying one when I go. I know for sure I will get one shirt and a lanyard.
  9. Original house for Orlando? Seems interesting. I’m even kinda excited for this house.
  10. Thank you for informing me. I’m goingg to Orlando again this year, and I really enjoy the original houses.
  11. Is this coming to Orlando too? Or is it just for Hollywood?
  12. A Quiet Place would be a cool house too. Maybe even a Victor Crowley(Hatchet) house.
  13. I’d like to see a house based on The Strangers movies.
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