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  1. I definitely understand the concerns. I don’t think it will be cancelled, maybe at the worst the plexiglass returns and maybe masks in the houses.
  2. Version 4 of the Orlando spec map is out and not much is different other than Crypt TV being on the scarezone part instead of Shudder. If this is 100%, super excited as I love Crypt TV’s work and have wanted it at the event so badly
  3. Maybe it’s Invasion returning in some way shape or form in the Scarey house
  4. Sucks Halloween III may not be at the event this year, but I do love the original houses.
  5. I’m super excited for this Texas Chainsaw house. Also excited for the Bride of Frankenstein as I didn’t go to HHN lite last year. This lineup is solid so far.
  6. I can’t wait for that house. That’s my most anticipated one with the latest speculation map.
  7. Very true. A funny thought I had was what if it were a “Double Feature” house with Halloween III and Creepshow involved. But that’s extremely unlikely
  8. Haunting of Hill House is officially coming to the event. Pretty excited for this house after watching the show
  9. Havoc returning would be pretty cool. Purge works as a scarezone but as a house, I really don’t wanna experience that again.
  10. I know this is very unlikely but I’d love for The Director and the Usher to both be the Icons of a year. They’re my favourites and have to do a lot with film
  11. There’s a lawsuit with Friday the 13th. Usher6998 is correct. The rights are a mess right now
  12. I think the Eddie one is referring to Jack the Clown’s brother Eddie.
  13. I’d love for it to be Scream but I’m sure that’s very unlikely. It would be cool to see Creepshow or Halloween III though.
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/hnnightmares I guess this would’ve been our roster this year. The only problem I have with it is the Billie Eilish house but the rest looks good to me.
  15. I play Dead By Daylight but haven’t tried the new killer or survivor yet. But the “Deathslinger” seems kinda powerful.
  16. I agree. They don’t really need to do the 80s theme again. I’d rather them create brand new icons or have different themes. Just, not themes dedicated to specific decades.
  17. I hope so. I’m beginning to want more historical horror types of houses.
  18. I’d absolutely love it. Honestly believe it has a decent chance at coming to HHN 30.
  19. I really want to see some video game horror houses. Here are some I really would love as houses- Dead By Daylight Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Resident Evil 4 The Evil Within Dead Space Agony Outlast Until Dawn Dead Island Welcome to the Game 2 DOOM 2016 Slender: The Arrival
  20. I honestly didn’t like “Us”. And I’m quite infuriated that we lost an original house for this movie.
  21. I’m not really excited for house of 1000 corpses and ghostbusters honestly. The scarezones look interesting except for the Rob Zombie one.
  22. I guess that one theory isn’t true. Otherwise we would’ve gotten an announcement by now.
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