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  1. That’s a pretty cool idea for continuing the story. With these spin off Monsters houses I’d really like to see one on Creature From the Black Lagoon and Phantom of the Opera. There’s so much they could do.
  2. Yo, I’m excited as hell for this house. I’ve heavily enjoyed the Monsters houses and I’m excited to see how this one turns out. Glad to see the Mummy as a more center role.
  3. I really hope Pumpkin Lord is the icon. Wicked Growth was my house of the year in 2021, and I want to see a new icon every year. All the originals look solid on that spec map.
  4. True! And I think that’s where Earthquake and Disaster were and they had houses in that location. Like Leave It to Cleaver and Run: Blood Sweat and Fears
  5. While we wait for official house announcements, Fast and Furious Que is officially a location for a house this year according to a permit. Or well, Fast and Furious space
  6. Our first speculation map is up now for Orlando and I like this roster for the most part. I love the inclusion of The Evil Dead and I’m digging the originals but the only one I’m not excited for is the Weeknd. But hey, it’s a speculation map so things could change a bit.
  7. I think all we got so far are permits for Soundstage 24 A and B as well as Sprung Tents 1 and 2.
  8. Got done with second and final night. House rankings from least favourite to favourite: Beetlejuice Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bride of Frankenstein Haunting of Hill House Welcome to SCarey Revenge of the Tooth Fairy Puppet Theatre Case Files Unearthed The Wicked Growth Icons Captured Scarezones least favourite to favourite: Crypt TV 30 Years, 30 Fears Gorewood Forest Seek and Destroy Lights Camera Hacktion I watched Marathon of Maybem but not Nightmare Fuel. Overall a great year, I enjoyed everything except for Beetlejuice.
  9. My favourite to least favourite for scarezones so far: Lights Camera Hacktion 30 Years, 30 Fears Seek and Destroy Gorewood Forest Crypt TV enjoyed all the scarezones but Crypt TV was way too cramped and I think they needed Body Collectors in Gorewood Forest
  10. First night of two done. Here’s my house ranking from favourite to least favourite: 1. Icons Captured 2. Case Files Unearthed 3. The Wicked Growth 4. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy 5. Puppet Theatre 6. Welcome to SCarey 7. Bride of Frankenstein 8. Haunting of Hill House 9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 10. Beetlejuice loved all of them except for Beetlejuice
  11. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see an Ice Nine Kills house fleshed out like this. They’re my favourite band and I’d love for their music to be incorporated at the event
  12. Super excited for this house as it’s my most anticipated of the event. I love Twisted Tradition and Scarecrow: The reaping and I’m getting those vibes from the synopsis of the house.
  13. That was a glitch in the website or something along those lines. Ten houses this year
  14. Full roster finally revealed. I am so hyped for this event. Six original houses, four ips, an ip scarezone I’ve really wanted and four original scarezones. Welcome to Scarey is my most anticipated house and Seek and Destroy is my most anticipated scarezone
  15. YES!! New house announced and I’m super excited for HHN ICONS Captured. I’ve never experienced the Icons before so this is great
  16. Yeah, I’m hoping all six original houses and the scarezones as well as the shows are all announced tomorrow
  17. I definitely understand the concerns. I don’t think it will be cancelled, maybe at the worst the plexiglass returns and maybe masks in the houses.
  18. Version 4 of the Orlando spec map is out and not much is different other than Crypt TV being on the scarezone part instead of Shudder. If this is 100%, super excited as I love Crypt TV’s work and have wanted it at the event so badly
  19. Maybe it’s Invasion returning in some way shape or form in the Scarey house
  20. Sucks Halloween III may not be at the event this year, but I do love the original houses.
  21. I’m super excited for this Texas Chainsaw house. Also excited for the Bride of Frankenstein as I didn’t go to HHN lite last year. This lineup is solid so far.
  22. I can’t wait for that house. That’s my most anticipated one with the latest speculation map.
  23. Very true. A funny thought I had was what if it were a “Double Feature” house with Halloween III and Creepshow involved. But that’s extremely unlikely
  24. Haunting of Hill House is officially coming to the event. Pretty excited for this house after watching the show
  25. Havoc returning would be pretty cool. Purge works as a scarezone but as a house, I really don’t wanna experience that again.
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