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  1. Treaks and Foons are pretty Muppet-esque. They’re also compounds of each other’s names
  2. Agreed with FaceLeg. If it's October 4th, probably not. You'll just have to plan well. Stay and Scream helps a lot. If it's the 11th though, there's a good chance crowds will be fairly large. You always have the option to add on the express once you get a feel for the crowds though.
  3. So, the one thing I noticed about this set of clues is, unlike the others, what's posted over here is different than what's posted over on IU. That has to be a pretty big key, right?
  4. I'm in the same boat. My wife and I ended up standing around for like 15mins on our last night hoping to catch some 'splosions to no avail. Below is a tweet someone sent me last year. https://twitter.com/thrillgeek/status/911434087512121344
  5. Well, you have the option to just buy express for one night at the event. I'd just be worried that I would get the full blown pass, and then realize I really didn't need to spend the extra money. Especially that particular week.
  6. You're going during the week, and not just the weekends right? If that's the case, I'd start with just the regular Frequent Fear and hit the S/W/Th of that week. Between those three days, you should be able to hit everything several times over the three days (even without express). That Wednesday might a be a little busy because it's Halloween. (Although, in the past, it's been kind of slow.) But; that Thursday should be pretty dead. Most things will be a walk-on. Just my opinion, and I'm sure you'll get deluged with "you have to have express pass" comments (spoiler: you don't really).
  7. Boy...what in the hell have you been doing all this time? (BTW...Best Buy has it for $6 on DVD)
  8. There once was a man from The Green Isle His timezone reading was off by a mile He did the wrong math Led us down the wrong path And now we must wait a long while
  9. I'm waiting another 30mins or so (11:00am west coast) before I'm officially calling it.
  10. Are we 100% on this? Hollywood tweeted out an announcement about Jurassic World taking over the Jurassic Park ride about 20mins ago.
  11. What? Me? Yah, I'm working. See...I'm just hitting my F5 button over and over again. What do you mean that's not work?
  12. I'm sure there will still be stuff from the original so that they can re-use some costumes and/or props. I'm thinking the scenes will be set up much like @zombiemanis suggesting. We see someone disrespecting tradition, Sam comes and teaches them a lesson. HHN seems to have a good relationship with the director (a well received Krampus house, and a kill scarezone last year). So, I'm sure Dougherty/Warner will give them some breathing room. Plus, there is a separate comic (Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead) and the upcoming sequel that they could potentially pull from.
  13. I know we're all expecting it to just be a house based off of the original movie; but, I think there's a good chance it could be a "Sam presents" type of house with some other scenes included.
  14. That might even be a little too positive. He realllly hated everything
  15. Well. At least your poetry is better than Ifrit's. My interpretation: A zone that was also a house a la "Dead Water" last year. But, probably not ANOTHER voodoo/bayou house. Edit: If it's the one I've heard rumblings about, maybe "giving it a house" is a bit of a misdirection?
  16. Doing a quick search on the forums, it looks like all non-single day tickets were released June 7th last year.
  17. Multi day tickets typically get released mid-June. So, probably a week or two after the BOGO offer expires.
  18. Or that. I like my idea better. Let's do that one.
  19. Since they're already breaking norms with last week's announcement (an original, by itself, this early in the season), nothing is off the table. I'd like to present the following for argument's sake: Let's assume that we will have (at minimum) 9 houses, 2 shows, and 5 zones. Sixteen total "items" they could potentially announce. We've already heard of two (Stranger Things, and Dead Exposure). That would leave us with 14 more items to announce. If they announce one item separately, weekly, they could continue that through August 2nd without a gap. While 8/2 is a little early to have a "full reveal", it's not that far off. If you factor in a week where they skip (maybe not the week of July 4th for instance), and an item or two that we might not be aware of yet; that would put us right around the mid-August mark that we're used to.
  20. I've heard yes, and I've heard no. Both from reliable authorities. I guess we'll know for sure in about two hours.
  21. Nooooooooo!!!!! That’s already the worst line in the park. I couldn’t imagine what a second queue jammed into there would be like.
  22. I'm guessing these are the rumored "recolored" zombie masks from that HHNU post a while back.
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