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  1. It's also tangentially connected to Trick R Treat since they both have similar themes, and most people will walk through Traditions to get to that house.
  2. Most aren't quite as bad as some people say. I typically just let the curtain fall between each room if we've caught up to the person in front of us. That usually gives enough time to mostly reset, but not so much that I get a talking to.
  3. You can usually walk a little slower and let the group in front of you get a bit ahead of you. That helps a lot. You have to be careful with this though. If you try to hang back too much you'll get the hairy eyeball (and possibly yelled at) by the team members in the house.
  4. I have to imagine that Vamp will have a NYE "ball drop" at least at midnight, if not throughout the night. Chucky will probably also have a stage to interact with him at, similar to the Chance zone in 26.
  5. It's going to be the only house where they tell you that you have to take out your phone and stare at it the whole time. Everything else will just be black hallways.
  6. It might be a lot harder seeing the scares coming. If they have a bunch of scareactors dressed as plants, and there's also a ton of plants decorating the areas...
  7. Looks like Hollywood is getting a bit of an info dump today (and their tickets went on sale). I'm guessing it's a safe bet we'll get at least one announcement this week (Poltergeist?). As for the logo, I foresee that they'll do some sort of retro feel to it. Not sure if they'll go full analogue '80s, and do the "28" similar to the read outs in the Delorian, but it's possible.
  8. I'd be down for a house where every scene ends with Frankenstein's monster giving someone a Stone Cold Stunner.
  9. Tents are fine, and Sprung 2 in particular has a history of hosting some pretty impressive houses. The original Halloween, Insidious, Chainsaw, even Hive was pretty decent for the slap-dash replacement that it was.
  10. I am going to miss having the ability to just stop by in the middle of an AoV performance, and then get out right away. Now it's going to be an actual commitment to seeing the show.
  11. Great digging Gambit! This is the kind of stuff that should be on these boards, instead of the wondering about announcements we were stuck with last year
  12. Keep an eye on Amazon for the 7-film collection. I was able to pick it up earlier this year for an amazing $22! Really nice collection in a cool-ass box.
  13. That's the week we'll be there too. Sounds like a meetup may be in order
  14. All Night Die-In: Double Feature at 25. Probably tomorrow. Possibly Thursday.
  15. Warner is starting their own Halloween event in their Hollywood backlot. I think any of their horror properties (including Conjuring and IT) are going to be very difficult to get for, at least, the next few years.
  16. Anyone else notice the Jack easter egg in the Amazon Cannibal poster?
  17. They got out of the icon game last year. They're doing "overall event themes" now. At least until HHN30
  18. If you don't like waiting this long, you're really going to hate July.
  19. Wording is very important. Just because the new Halloween isn't being featured, doesn't meant that Michael Meyers won't return.
  20. This was my wife and I exactly. It was the IPs that drew us in initially, but once we saw that the originals actually had a ton of thought and creativity behind them, we were absolutely hooked. Now I'm a total slave for the event, and it probably eats up way too much of my attention throughout the year. That being said, I think it's very important to get at least a few big IP draws every year. We as fans need to keep getting new blood in. The bigger the general public draws get; the more focus gets put on the event; the bigger the budgets become; the better the event gets.
  21. Adding this in, just because it may help with further speculation to know how A&D thinks. Fireball is because that’s what Will’s D&D character uses to beat the Demogorgon
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