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  1. Untested meaning it’s an IP that they’d have to pay to use, but they’re not sold on the pillbox actually caring about it
  2. I think this is a bit different though. It’s not just a zone becoming a house. I see the Trick ‘r Treatment as a slightly cult IP property (untested in marketing’s eyes) getting a lower budget buy-in as a scarezone. Then proving popular with the general public, and becoming a full fledged house.
  3. That's now officially known as the "Trick 'r Treat-ment".
  4. I've actually heard that they're in talks with Flannagan to do a second season but, if they do one, it will be a completely different story.
  5. The old movies (or potentially the new TV show they're working on). The movie coming out this summer is a "Child's Play" (not a full Chucky movie), and the doll is said to be very different from Chucky since MGM only owns the rights to the movie title, not the Chucky likeness (Universal owns that). Licensing contracts sure are fun. Also, the horror movie about the living killer doll is coming out on the same day as Toy Story 4.
  6. I believe It Follows was actually distributed by a subsidiary of Warner, not A24.
  7. I'd love that, but I think their films tend to be a little too divisive to play well to the general audience. Blumhouse is way more fan friendly, and tends to bring in slightly younger fans.
  8. Bro...honeymoon! The perfect excuse to splurge on an RIP tour.
  9. Those are two of the four production companies credited. Like I said, I'm not sure how much sway each one has, but there is one that may be a bit of a monkey-wrench.
  10. Great flick, but there may be some difficulty with one of the rights holders. It really depends on how much sway they have over the final sign-off.
  11. What, you didn't like the "cyber wave" and everyone doing the robot to fool the cyborgs?
  12. Don't do that order. It sounds like you're arriving around open, and Halloween won't be opened yet. Start with TrT, then work your way counter clock-wise towards Blumhouse.
  13. I don't think that "sold out" means that they expect the park to be at capacity. From my understanding, it means that the projected attendance has reached where they're comfortable that they can put on a good show for everyone. AKA diminishing returns. Basically, they could sell more tickets and let people in, but the amount of "feel bads" and issues from the guests outweigh the additional sales.
  14. I think this was a big issue as well. Maybe I'm just kind of an old fart at this point, but the songs this year were really unremarkable. I honestly don't remember more than one or two that they used.
  15. This exactly. Once they opened up with the "audience participation" instructions, I said "Uh ohhhhh. This might not work out well."
  16. Agreed. I immediately assumed that it's the lowest tier of the FFP (no Fridays or Saturdays). Technically the others are called "Frequent Fear Plus" and "Ultimate Frequent Fear"...so they are different? It's an easy fix through, put up a note or switch the signage to say "Good every Sunday through Thursday Horror Nights Event".
  17. Nice write-up. Thanks! Pretty excited for Scary Tales now. It was really low on my list before.
  18. I'm guessing that it might have a mini-show similar to the Voodoo one from HHN24.
  19. Without knowing exactly what they have planned for this year, I'd S&S opening night, and plan on waiting at the gate later in the season.
  20. If it's your first year there, I would suggest getting up front to see the Scaremonies. It's pretty cool to see the characters coming down the street and chomping at the bit to get at you. Plus, you get swarmed just by entering the park. Otherwise, just do S&S. You're not missing a whole lot.
  21. I no Hello Kitty confirmed? I hadn't seen that. You know, I think it's possible that Stranger Things isn't one of the early release houses. Maybe Finn's releases to Poltergeist and the other NY area houses. It could be a way to combat everyone rushing from the main gate running into a ridiculously long line already there, plus overcrowding in whichever S&S releases to Stranger Things. Just a thought.
  22. Sounds like the same list as we've started the last two years with.
  23. I buy my hoodies in XXL, and I believe I've seen some t-shirts in at least XXL as well.
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