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  1. I don't think so. But it wasn't "checkmate" like we all thought it was.
  2. 9. Halloween Horror Nights 18: Reflections of Fear back in 2008 was when they had scareactors on bungees in that area. It was for their scarezone "Path of the Wicked" (Wizard of Oz) and the scareactors on bungees were meant to be the flying monkeys! In my opinion, HHN18 had pretty solid scarezones (Path of the Wicked, Asylum in Wonderland, The skoolhouse, Fractured Tales, American Gothic, and Street of Blood) and they certainly gave off that Halloween feel (especially with all the pumpkins in the trees in the CP area and the Skoolhouse scarezone definitely was strongly inspired by Trick r Treat as well! 10. Thank you for speaking so highly of the AHS house this year (I was a scareactor in that house and hearing people talk about how much they enjoyed it makes me happy!). I'm kind of hoping the do one big house with the remaining seasons and part of me low key wants to get casted in that house again....
  3. So I think it's safe to say that the facade of this maze will be the house from the movie, but can I just say that I hope the "front lawn" is full of the creepy snowmen!? What do you guys think? I feel like it's a perfect idea and would make for a good scare.
  4. How likely is it that they'll recreate the forest chase scene between Sally and Leatherface? Is it possible to do in a sprung tent?
  5. I think it's safe to say that the facade will be the house from the movie, but what are some of the other iconic/memorable things you'd like to see throughout the house? I also read on Twitter that Mike said that this house would be their take on the 1974 film, so does that mean we'll see some original elements in the house? If so, what kind of stuff?
  6. I'm at the event tonight (September 19) so if you see me don't hesitate in saying "HELLO!!!" And if you want to join me and my three friends you're more than welcome!
  7. Psychoscareapy: Unleashed This was the first scarezone I experience this year and dare I say the best! It felt like every where I looked I would see a scareactor! Theres a lot of interaction between the scareactors and the guest which just makes the whole zone even better! The burning gazebo really add to a chaotic atmosphere. I don't know if they were rumors or what, but I remember hearing this zone would have "kills" projected in some of the building windows? And the zone would be all bloody? Anyways, those two rumors or whatever were not visible last night. This scare zone is a really fun zone to go through. I can see myself sitting around a bench and just watching the scare actors do their thing here. All Nite Die-In: Take Two Didn't get to see the black and white classic characters, but I did see a few of the modern day horror icons (Chucky, Tiffany Chucky's bride, a purger and his victim, that cheerleader chick, Carrie, the girl from the exorcist, the strangers, vampires (?) ) I don't know, but I feel like there weren't enough scare actors? Maybe I just didn't spent enough time in this zone. Don't really want to give my input about this zone to much since I haven't really experienced it completely. Scary Tales: ScreamPunk First of all...love the costumes in this zone! You can easily tell who each character is from their outfits. Due to this zone's location there aren't many props around (just one big one) so for this reason I wished they added two or three more scare actors to make up for the lack of props. Don't be fooled though, just because there aren't many props the scareactors still do a good job at scaring (especially if you are in line for M&M or AIW, keep an eye out because they will go up to you and scare you!) I got two-three scares in this zone. HHN: Icons We all know what to expect in this zone. I only went through this zone once so I never got to see any of the icons doing some killing. I was surprised to see some characters in this zone (a few of the sins from 7, a character from Esqueleto muerte, a vampire bride, one of Fears minions, a pretty Lady Luck, ...) I don't know if it's because I didn't really spend time in this zone but I do feel it lacked a few scare actors...it's such a big space! Idk, maybe it was me. Evil's Root This scarezone is basically like most of the scarezone se they have in Central Park....it just gives that Halloween/forest/cornfield vibe. A lot of the characters we see in this zone are old characters that have been in the Central Park area before (the bats, the moss/bush men, the dead trees,...) but we do have the evil fairies! I walked through this zone multiple times and of course it's nice. I enjoy the purple lights and all the pumpkins glow. It's definitely a new scarezone with a familiar feel. There are barely any safe zones this year since basically the who Simpsons area is invaded with chainsaw clowns (and there are more chainsaws near Transformers). So that's good. Never a dull moment around the park. Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Omg...that opening dance number and scene.....can someone say BACK TO THE FUTURE!? Shout out to Doc and the DeLorean! The show was funny, had a lot of Disney jokes and made reference to a lot of things from the past (old Universal rides, oldie songs used in the finale, and even a tribute to Disaster "and we are moving on!"). I did feel like the show was a bit long so they might take some stuff out? Here are some of the things that appear: Kim and Kanye (they are the villains...surprising but ok), Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in heels...both of them in heels, the Kardashian sisters as velociraptors, "JUST DO IT!", an avatar in Mickey ears "sex tail", Big Hero 6, the girls from Pitch Perfect, Melissa Macarthy from Spy, the Clintons and trump as ghostbusters, Taylor swift with bad blood, doctor who and the tardis, orange is the new black, justin bieber, ....) Also, let it be known....we didn't wait no more than 30 minutes (maybe a bit less) for any house. Insidious was even walk-in (no line what-so-ever)! So here's the rest of my review. Hope you guys like it! I'll definitely be going back to the event so if anyone ever wants to meet up feel free to ask. I had a great time with foREVer56 during EP. Horror nights is just more fun when you're with die-hard HHN fans! done.
  8. Believe me....I was sad going through the Purge. All I could think about was Scream and imagining where ghost face would've been hiding, etc. I guess since you guys like my house review I should post a scarezone review...?
  9. Bless you. I had also written reviews for the scare zones but idk why the post got like cut.... :/ #DingDang
  10. ***Let's start off this review by saying that I did 8/9 houses (sorry Walking Dead, but we were to tired) and saw Bill and Ted's.*** i arrived to the front gate at 7:00pm and managed to get in the park at 7:30pm. As expected, there were no scareactors out in the SCAREZONES yet (there were chainsaw clowns and a few random characters at the front of the park scaring you as soon as you walked in). I strolled around the front of the park (basically the parade route) to take the atmosFEAR in while I waited for foREVer56 so we could begin going through the houses. Once we met up around 7:50pm we began visiting the houses... Freddy vs Jason ( 8/10 ) You enter Camp Crystal Lake and immediately feel like you're in the movies because you get attacked by Jason from literally every corner! The detail in the sets were impressive! I feel as if Jason is more present in the house than Freddy (not just in scareactor count but I believe there are more Jason sets than Freddy sets. It was a good house. Towards the end you are literally caught between a battle between these two iconic killers. RUN: Blood, Sweat, Fears (9/10) I absolutely loved this house! It was amazing. The queue videos gives you a better understanding of the house and gets you really excited. It literally felt like The Hunger Games but with that horror twist. I enjoyed seeing all the assassins are their sinister ways of murder. The room transitions are simple but I liked because it's literally a screen telling you which assassin you'll be encountering next and their kill count. I liked how there are also tributes/victims in the house, it's not just assassins after you. The ending scene was absolutely great! I really enjoyed this house and I think it may be one of my favorites this year. Monsters & Mayhem ( 8-9/10 ) Didn't really get much scares in this house (either the people in front or the people in the back got the scares). It's a pretty long walkthrough in the house...perfect to see all the different scenes. The classic monsters do show up in this house but more towards halfway through the house (or a few scenes in). I remember hearing Jack would be in this house, but I didn't really see him (I did see his maniacs throughout the house...unless they were supposed to be Jack and the mask/wigs weren't ready for EP). Some of the scenes I remember are: The Hallow (? The first little transition room is some pumpkins in what feels like an underground tunnel), Scary Tales (red riding hood? And 3 bears), classic monsters (Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstien, phantom of the opera, mummy, ?), legendary truth (the ghost in the wall hallway), forsaken, gothic (bridge effect, make sure to look down and shout out to the weeping angels from Winters night on your right), Nightingales, holidays of horror (Christmas), scream House (shout out to the caretaker)m havoc! I can't really remember much from other rooms, but it was nice reliving content from the past....some with a new twist. Oh and keep an eye out for Eddie! Body Collectors: Recollections (9/10) what can I say? The snow effect. The movie quality sets. The Shadybrook patients. The body collectors! I love the scareactor balance this house has. You don't only get scares from patients, but also from the collectors (of course, their henchmen). Some scares were duo, as in a patient would come towards you to attack and a Body Collect would pop from behind and kill the patient. The spine ripping scene was amazing...those sound effects while the spine gets ripped out...wow. Some of the scare actors in this house did a great job scaring...there was one collector just standing around (since he didn't really have a boo hole) and even though we could still see him he still managed to deliver a really good scare. It was nice seeing Shadybrooks and the Body Collectors again. The Purge ( 7/10) I understand that this was a last minute house, so I really won't be harsh....I just wished the purgers had more mask variety and not just mostly the smiling mask. It was really nice recognizing sets/props from the Scream house that never was (the kitchen from the first movie with a Casey statue/mannequin, Casey hanging from the tree -but she's wearing a sign around her neck that says cheater-, the garage from Stu's house, the bathroom from the Woodsborrow high, Olivia's bedroom from Scream 4 (I think that's what that was), I can't recall any other scenes....there were some rooms that were just black tarps /curtains covering everything so yeah...some hallways just spray painted with graffiti.... I guess they did the best they could do in such little time. I was more concentrated on recognizing scenes from Scream than getting scared lol (although I did get like a good scare or two). No ghost face mask on any of the purgers...or laying around one of the rooms for that matter. AWIL ( 7/ 10) I don't really want to say much about this house. It was good I guess. It was my first time going through an AWIL house. I've never seen the movie. The robot werewolf is really cool looking and delivers good scares, but I guess that's it. The house was good, but I honestly don't think I'll go through it again. It just never really appealed to me. Sorry. Asylum in Wonderland 3D ( 6 / 10 ) i honestly think I got zero scares in this house...,but only because most of the scareactors don't really have a place to hide. The tunnel at the begining looks really cool...you actually feel like you're falling down the rabbit hole. I love how they brought back that room from the inbetween...the one with all the lights and the mirrored floor? I feel like they had it in this house....? The black and white tiled room with the Queens henchmen was pretty cool. I guess it's a fun walk through......but that's just it, it's a fun house. Insidious (10/10) The facade is amazing! I had to constantly remind myself I was in one of the tents while Walking through this house because the sets are incredible. I dare say that this is the house were I got most of the scares (thank you Darth Maul demon and bride in black!) although I'm not a big fan of these movies I have to admit this is a really amazing house....it delivered so many scares. One of my favorites room is this dark hallway with like black drapes/curtains/sheets on each side and you kind of hear the shutter of a camera go off....and you feel like hands on the other side (I guess it's like going through the further) idk. It was a really good house. Not my favorite this year, but definitely the scariest (for now). Psychoscareapy: Unoeashed
  11. My first year, on one of the nights I attended, I went with a group of 9 people (including me) and it has literally been the best time I've had at HHN. Going through the houses and scare zones is just much more fun when you have a group of people who react/get scared differently! So we will definitely have a good time...especially since by the looks of it we are all closed to the same age.
  12. Yay! The more the merrier! I'll also be with my friend/guest (she's a 17 year old senior so it'll be fun seeing her get scared).
  13. So is anyone up for a small meetup on Employee Preview? I'll be meeting up with "foREVer56" that night and it'd be nice if we had a few more team members /horrornightnightmare-ers join us. I think we'd all have a great time together (being all hardcore fans) and it would be nice to actually meet some of you guys in person!
  14. So now that we know that Lady Luck will be featured in this scare zone, what version of Lady Luck do you guys think we'll get? Pretty? Monster/demon? Both? I'm leaning towards the pretty version of her....the one that uses her beauty to lure in her prey.
  15. Or the "All Night Die In" scare zone? Idk. Where else could we possible see the wardrobe and make up effects...?
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