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  1. OMG. I really cannot believe how good this is. I literally went from being just superfan excited to being actually really freaking excited! I can not wait!!!! The hype meter is overloaded. Is it just me?
  2. Good golly, Miss Molly! So I didn’t make it on to this forum for spec/conversation for 26(I did make the event though!), and I’m severely late to the party this year. My apologies and deepest regrets. But, I just spent the last three days doing nothing but reading all 148 pages of the spec to catch up. It honestly doesn’t look like I missed much, though it was very interesting (I'm talking aobout you, vampire clowns). And I don’t think that that is a good thing, either. I just want to say I’m glad to see a good amount of active and new people on this forum. And Hello! Quick comment to hunnylvr and phreeq, ya’ll are life goals. I wish I had the clapback abilities you guys do. I’m having mixed feelings about this year; I am absolutely devastated that B&T is leaving. I literally force my group to see it every year, since I started in 2014. I’m not really upset that Purge is back, because I do love that franchise. I’m eager for Saw and I think if they do it right, The Shining. The originals I always love, and I’m not sure what to think about AHS(I don’t really watch it) and Blumhouse(It’s a mashup, and I hope I know what’s in it). I honestly didn’t care for AoV last year, so there’s that. I think the scarezones are pretty good this year, and Invasion! is my most exciting, I think (I love Sci-Fi). I agree with those who say the scarezone with the baddies from the houses is a little much, I personally like waiting to see who’s the villain in each house. But to each their own. Trick r Treat is my second most can’t-wait-to-see-it zone, I love the rules! To comment on that shirt, I hope that’s not it because I really liked last years v-neck it was simple on the front and I was comfortable wearing it pretty much anywhere. I mean, I’m a mom now, so I don’t really wear graphic t’s anymore. On another note, I’m turning 21 in September, and I am essentially going to celebrate my birthday. Are there any must have drinks off the top of anyone’s head? I want to try something in Diagon, because I absolutely love HP but I definitely will be having more than one drink throughout the night. lol. Man, I’ve missed this forum and I didn’t even realize it was this much till I got back on it.
  3. This makes me really sad, I get that a lot of people don't care for B&T but I've loved it pretty much every year since 2014 (when I started going). Anyone know why it's getting the boot? I mean I always saw a crowd every time I went.
  4. They come to the park too. They were there last week on Thursday; I believe.
  5. I mean I look like I'm 12 usually, but lol. I fell in there a couple times, it was by far my favorite.
  6. Oh my god, the spoiler tag got me so good. LOL.
  7. Dates: September 16, 2016 (Friday) - October 31, 2016 (Monday) List: September: Friday the 16th Saturday 17th Sunday 18th Thursday the 22nd Friday the 23rd Saturday the 24th Sunday the 25th Thursday the 29th Friday the 30th October Saturday the 1st Sunday the 2nd Thursday the 6th Friday the 7th Saturday the 8th Sunday the 9th Wednesday the 12th Thursday the 13th Friday the 14th Saturday the 15th Sunday 16th Wednesday the 19th Thursday the 20th Friday the 21st Saturday the 22nd Sunday the 23rd Wednesday the 26th Thursday the 27th Friday the 28th Saturday the 29th Sunday the 30th Monday the 31st Total of 31 event nights, scheduled. Add-On ticket: $59 + tax per person. Must be purchased in conjunction with a park ticket. "Halloween Horror Nights® Hotel & Ticket Package Enjoy on-site hotel accommodations, Park-to-Park daytime admission to both theme parks, admission to Halloween Horror Nights, a FREE± $150 Hotel Dining Credit and more from only $209 per adult, per night, tax inclusive when staying at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. Vacation Package Includes: 3-Night Hotel Accommodations 2-Day Park-to-Park Ticket^ 1-Night Admission¥ to Halloween Horror Nights® (Sunday – Friday) Early Park Admission◊ one hour before the theme park opens to one (1) Universal Orlando® theme park as determined by Universal Orlando Access to select live entertainment venues^^ of Universal CityWalk® LIMITED TIME OFFER – Receive a FREE± $150 Hotel Dining Credit (per room) when you stay 3-nights or longer at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort with Sunday – Thursday travel. Book by 5/31/2016. Select nights Sept. 16 – Oct. 31, 2016. Advance purchase required. Offer valid for bookings now – 10/28/16. Offer valid for travel 9/16/16 – 10/31/16" (Thanks JWD ---->) You can add an Unmasking the Horror Tour starting from $79.87 per person, tax inclusive at the same time you book a Halloween Horror Nights Hotel + Ticket Package. Available dates to book a tour are: September 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30; October 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 Shine a light on the darkness of Halloween Horror Nights® with an Unmasking the Horror Tour. On select days, get a chilling look into how Universal Orlando’s Art & Design team transforms the biggest names in horror into haunted houses on a lights-on VIP tour for up to 15 guests. Choose from the 2-2½ hour Morning Tour at 10:30am, 2-2½ hour Afternoon Tour at 2pm or a 4-5 hour combination of the two. Enjoy a guided walking tour of up to three houses per tour (six for the combination tour), a commemorative Halloween Horror Night lanyard and the chance to photograph every gruesome moment. Reservations are required and subject to availability. Houses: Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Exorcist
  8. Thank you for Jack! (He's my first icon, and I was in love!) CHANCE! (Again, in love!) Insidious: My favorite scary movie franchise so far.Icon Zone! (First time seeing these guys!) Freddy vs Jason Body CollectorsMonsters and MayhemPurge (<3)Asylum in Wonderland (First 3D house)Chucky and Tiffany!! Clowns with Chainsaws (MY WORST NIGHTMARE) Bringing an amazing event that became my nightly occurrence <3Eddie <3
  9. I got the two jack pins (color and silver), the house shirt, the Did You Miss Me? shirt, the Jack's Got Your Back shirt, the zombie shirt, the lanyard, and the hoodie. (:
  10. I went every night, almost. I waited in lines that weren't that long; only doing long waits on the first time I went through the house; or when friends hadn't gone through it. I waited if they were 45 or under depending how much I liked the house.
  11. It's over! HHN25 was probably the best time of my experience with HHN. </3 What do I do for another 348 days?

  12. There's auditions, and people sign up. I don't think it's a "current employees only" kind of thing. I know a lot of scareactors are people who come back every year.
  13. Mirror Jack was life, honestly read my reviews. LOL. Icons was my favorite zone, and man did I love the scareactors. Everyone was just great this year, with the exception of one or two. Carrie (When she was there) she would just get me on edge so fast and it would stick through the night. I missed her. TIFFANY AND CHUCKY. I still love em. I will never forget my first scare in the Evils Roots, and the mega scares that I got there. To the one who was under the hay cart; I had a heart attack. The night that I was targeted the whole time, OMG literally was on the ground. Thanks to all the scareactors for the AMAZING year.
  14. Not lucky enough to be an actor, lol. I work in food and beverage.
  15. That girl that fell to the ground was probably me. LOL. I don't know why but I think my body goes "GET AS SMALL AS YOU CAN AND THEY'LL LEAVE".
  16. The first couple of times she was good, but I think I got the other cast and she literally pushed the clothes aside, took maybe one step out of the closet, barely lifted her arm or moved her face and went back.
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