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  1. Grasping at straws. I feel the reference people have made to The Prisoner make a lot of sense. The movement the doc did seems to point to it. A prisoner zone/ horde would be nice.
  2. We have clues. The person who offered us these clues will neither confirm or deny. You have said you will not confirm things. Do tell us how we are suppose to know we are on the right track in speculation? It is not wishful thinking. It is speculating on the known. Which is 8 statements from Dr. Jimmy. So unless you wish to enlighten us, or provide better clues, then just saying wrong means little to nothing. Or do we have to quantify each of our specs for you? This is why I think....I postulate this because.....Here is my essay written out stating my opinions, why I think they are right, all wrapped up in a conclusive paragraph... Definition of speculation: spec·u·la·tion (spky-lshn) n. 1. a. Contemplation or consideration of a subject; meditation. b. A conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by conjecture. c. Reasoning based on inconclusive evidence; conjecture or supposition.
  3. I'm going to be a pita (pain in the a$$, for anyone who doesn't know the term), but why can't we have a zone/horde in Plaza of the Stars/Production Central? Reasons we can: 1 I'm alomst positive Hanna Barberra/Neutron was open with a horde near it in the 90's. At least I remember riding it at HHN in 98. 2 The entrance to the ride appears to be (haven't been since it's been open) at the traditional starting point of a zone. Just move the zone back a little. 3 I know T2 was open with a scarezone in Hollywood in 98. Unless anyone wants to confirm that they have definitely heard Plaza as not being a zone, I don't think it hurts to speculate on it being used. Especially since I cannot really figure out another possible horde area in the park.
  4. Casey, I believe he was teasing you. Calm my friend. Actually your argument for HOS reminds me of what we were discussing previously. The GP's feelings about HOS vs HHN. To them it's a competition, one must be better than the other. They don't compare and contrast and recognize the differences each park has to offer. We see the possibility for difference that gives each park a unique feel. HOS can do all zombies. HHN not so much because each street is so different in appearance and theme. (Not HHN streets just the areas of the park are different) This makes us wants variety. Things to fit with the ever changing scenery of the park. None of us know how hordes will work. I'm hoping Lyn is right and it will be more like the 90's. I've always found the props a distraction. I felt more detail and concentration was being put into the set pieces. Set pieces don't scare. For me it's always been about the scaractors. I think of we let our scareactors have more leeway and creativity by not saddling them with specific scenery (less props means more improve, different tactics to produce a scare), we will see some fantastic scares. I know I did in 98 and 99. I could watch them work for hours. And my greatest joy was watching the CDT clear the streets for the parade.
  5. My thoughts on the clues.... I have also incorporated the locations I fell best suit my guesses. Free-Falling - Vampires or Silent Hill. I can see how both could fit the clue. Also both of these possibilities could be achieved with minimal set design and still be immersive. NY streets I've seen shit that'll turn you white - Ghosts. Depending on the thematic approach this would also need little to no set design. I have no idea if it's still possible, but this is the perfect zone/horde to incorporate the flying monkey effect. Production Central There's no more room in hell - TWD/zombies. San Fran Lampy swore he saw one - Dragons. Maybe a Chinese New Year theme. This could also be a very simplistic set design. Costuming would be far more important. Hollywood Blvd I'll be seeing you - Escaped prisoners. MIB area would be a good location for this one. School's out for summer, but comes back in the fall - Traditional Trick or Treaters/Skoolhouse. Central Park/Mel's area When I'm serious, sometimes I'm joking - Clowns. IFB, Kidzone or Simpsons. They could even roam between all three. Lollipop - CDT with the addition of females. Sting Alley.
  6. When you say lack, do you mean quantity of houses and zones? Technically, we are close to the highest number of "zones" we've ever had. 08 had 6 official scarezones, 3 "hordes" (they didn't roam that much), and 1 themed area. Official zones were: Path of the Wicked Asylum in Wonderland American Gorhic Streets of Blood The Skoolhouse Fractured Tales "Hordes" were: Mirror people Zombie Drill Team Chainsaw Drill Team Themed area was: The pumpkins in Central Park This time we have 8 themed "zones". Whether they are roaming, hordes more similar to what we saw in 08, or actual scarezones remains to be seen, but there will be 8 themed "zones". (themed meaning they will have a centralized theme among the characters). We are only down one house. So did you mean quantity?
  7. I could live with out an icon. Actually thought/think we wouldn't get one this year. Jimmy's clue though made me wonder. I didn't think a clue for the rat lady would be necessary.
  8. Ah, so you all are saying the clue is not for the icon. Eh, rat lady is a given. If she is indeed the person being referenced. Unless rat lady becomes the icon. That would be interesting.
  9. Speculation Challenge: Figure out the bonus question. Bonus - " She's gonna be back and she always is" We have had 6 female characters this could apply to. Elsa (she's suppose to be gone) Mary (Uni could pay to use her again or use her in her Dr. form instead of her Bloody Mary form) Chance (never officially an icon, so is she gone like Elsa?) Cindy (same as Chance) Fortuna aka Lady Luck Terra Queen Pick your poison and try to find away to link her to the event. I do not know the answer and will be playing along.
  10. When I did the UTH in 09, we toured Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein. The only restrictions were no photographs or video was allowed inside of Wolfman. As a side note, our tour started with this question: If you are not apart of the Vault please raise your hand. I think like 3 people raised their hands out of about 30.
  11. October is a slow month, but HHN draws people from out of state and from out of the country. I wouldn't be surprise if the higher ups are banking on the new parade to bring people into the park during the day as well. Simple: "Hey look over here! We have this shiny new thing. Don't you want to come see it as well? Don't just hang out in Potter or go to Disney before HHN. Spend your money on a two park pass and you can see our shiny new thing."
  12. Your welcome! I have a memory like a sponge when it comes to Mr. King's works. Of course that short story stood out since it was a Dark Tower story. I actually drive my husband crazy because I'll read a new King novel (not that many of them are new to me anymore), and I will read a name that I've read before. This causes a search through my King library until I can find which book the name was first mentioned in.
  13. I hate to be a pain, but I am going to voice the opinion that Nightingales may not have been completely original. Can't prove it, but look up Little Sisters of Eluria. It's a short story by Stephen King. There ate similarities to the Noghtingales and it was the first thing I thought of when Nightingales was announced.
  14. To my knowledge, another rumor hasn't surfaced. We had heard that it may not have been approved or it could have been scraped. With the musical house locations this year, it's amazing that we've been able to keep any of the rumors and house locations straight.
  15. The "dead exposure" aka photograph is the rumored classic monster house. They are the same house idea. We just don't know if it was approved. Could they do a 100 yrs of horror without doing the DE treatment? Yes, but the rumor was it would be given a DE treatment. . And considering this house began construction, most likely at the beginning of this month, the DE treatment would be the easiest approach.
  16. The TWD press release or the huffpo article mentioned access to the prosthetic molds used in the show. I'm hoping they would not limit the use of these molds to only the house. If we are getting roaming TWD hordes, then I would expect to see these molds used in the streets as well.
  17. I'm not really sure where you're going with the MyX thing. If it's rock music then AC fills that genre. You just reiterated what Weskers was saying about the "photograph" house. Kind of. While it would be a "sequel" do to the style of house, the story would in no way connected to the previous house. But, I will give the clue that everyone else has to the story/theme of this house. If it happens. This house will be "classic".
  18. I could see an indirect follow up to 7. The question is how much of this house is P&T and how much of it is A&D. Although, I would be disappointed if there was no mention of sin in a house from Sin City.
  19. I have always found the misuse of that word fascinating. People have revelations all the time. Saying I have had a revelation would mean I have had a new idea, finalley understand an idea/concept, or that an idea or concept was revealed to me. But if I said I have seen the coming of revelations, people would assume I have seen the coming of the end days.
  20. Actually people do care. Have you not seen the large amount of complaints and comparisons to HOS this year? There are people one the HHN FB page saying HOS is far more original this year. That Uni is dropping the ball. That the website sucks. That they don't even think they will go this year, and will go to HOS instead. These are not the hardcore fan base, forum going people. This is the GP saying these things. The GP are far more important than we are. We, as true fans who are willing to help the event, should inform Uni of the misconceptions, complaints, and thoughts of the GP. Otherwise they will not know. Fans usually are willing to do surveys, give positive as well as negative responses. Explain in constructive ways where things need to be tweaked, because we love the event. The GP usually can't be bothered with these surveys. It takes away from their oh so precious time. And how are the GP or anyone suppose to know the theme when it's not ON the website. Just check out the FB page, every other post is: What's the theme this year? When are you going to release the theme? I want to know the theme NOW! People say it's SH. People say it's TWD. People say it's AC. And now people say it's P&T.
  21. I claimed HHN goddess on the Vault. Any possible clues coming our way soon, good doctor? I want to know if I should begin mourning the "photograph" house.
  22. Hunchback does not need to be Disney linked. The absolutely horrific adaption Disney did is in no way comparable to the source material. Am I the only person who saw the news articles stating that more of the Mayan calendar was found, and that these calendars extend well past 12/21/12? A Mayan theme would be so disappointing.
  23. We need a sarcasm font. You both missed it.
  24. Bond is not a good example. Neither would Sherlock Holmes be a good example or any other popular character. HHN Icons are very niche characters. The people who know them and love them are a very small community. If the actor is different it is glaringly obvious to most of us. And with niche characters the actor makes the character. H. R. Is even more of a niche character. He's character was/is a play on the old creature feature style shows. Those of us who grew up with a creature feature host know you can't just replace the actor. The actor is the character. Subtle nuisance in inflection, body movement and timing create the character you know and love. So I would have to disagree with any actor being able to play H. R.
  25. Did the 06 Hollywood zone have props? I don't remember. I was only able to go one night that year. If I remember correctly it was really just a photo op for past characters, and it had several stilt characters. Could we see something like that again? We know the GP loves their photo ops, and if we have SH characters in the streets, they are going to want pictures.
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