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  1. Samhain is not a god but the festival practiced by the Gaelic. I actually found the use of a goat like god called Samhain to be somewhat offensive. He was more Pan like than anything else. This would be why I did not include The Hallow imagery in my post regarding a Traditional Halloween. If we wish to have a traditional Samhain house, it would not be as similar to a Traditional Halloween house, and most likely not as frightening as many people perceive it to be. Although one could say the Unseelie Court trouncing around in a house could prove to be unnerving. While some of the imagery associated with Samhain has been brought into Halloween, the commercialization of Halloween as well as the removal of many of the original ideas behind Samhain separate the two.
  2. I think a house that was "traditional" would be nice, but I don't think you need the Traditionals to make the house work. Creepy children are fine and good, but how often do we need them? I could see a montage of scenes that could fit the traditional idea without being overrun by creepy kids. Set it in a Carey neighborhood. Carey has a long history of large portions of the town going nutty. You can have the home Halloween Haunt gone wrong, a cornfield maze gone wrong, a Halloween party gone wrong, various houses where decorations are made from real people. Do a Home for the Holidays without the inmates. Decorate and costume with cheap 60s, 70s, & 80s materials. Make it gauche and gaudy and not at all professional, except for the blood and guts and gore. That's what I remember from my childhood. Plastic and paper skeletons and scarecrows. Paper mâché decorations. Garbage bags stuffed with leaves or newspapers to make a spider. Make it look like a neighborhood in Anywhere, USA.
  3. I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm not sure if it would be considered discussion or wishful thinking. I feel it's more discussion, but as always, please move, or delete if I'm wrong. And I apologize if I am wrong. My feelings on the connections being made and that were made. To me, the combining all 3 ARGs (since the Terra Queen was included in the Legions) was a very smart move. With the new RFID technology added to the games, tying all the ARGs together makes sense. Horror Unearthed is a great name for a continually transforming game associated to a horror event. As long as people keep their cards, new cards would only have to be made for new members or those who may have lost or damaged their card. This saves money. Tying past characters to the game, gives a sense of history and background, but does not limit new additions. I would not be surprised if LT were to lose to the Legions. This could affectively end an ARG storyline that started out very strong but became extremely lackluster. It could also set up a permanent "enemy". HHN fans love horror, and we tend to identify with the "monsters" more than the people. We all have our favorites. Creating a organization that we would have to struggle against as a community to help protect the event we love is perfect. Of course, I have no idea if that is what they will do, but it seems to me to be the most likely way to tie things together.
  4. I wasn't sure if this should be here (it's more wishful thinking than anything else), if it doesn't I apologize and please move it or delete it. With the possibility of LT vs. HU, and King K.'s information regarding a more fantasy related event for the use of IOA, I can't help but speculate about two parks. LT more reality based inside the Studios. HU Legions more fantasy inside IOA. Just a thought, and probably pure wishful thinking on my part.
  5. Legendary Truth may be involved this year. In case you haven't seen it, there was an update to the LT FB. It's an Advisory Warning and appears to refer to Horror Unearthed.
  6. Tonight's task is for the Cerebin. Are there any Cerebin out there without an active pass card? Check your email. The Horror Unearthed FB group has the key to decipher the message.
  7. Please join the Horror Unearthed FB Group. TJ has requested a pic posted by Sara Ambra get 100 likes.
  8. Message from Rick Spencer: At home Maschorians (those without a active passcard) you have info no one else does. Corrected legion. Sorry I swear these legion names are going to drive me batty.
  9. Last year there was a total of 16 games. So far this year we have Saws n Steam 1 = Baccanoid Winter's night 1 = Cerebin Poe 1 = Morphan Poe 2 = Strengoit At least that's my thoughts on it.
  10. That would be appreciated. I just want the badges. Lol.
  11. It would be nice if Joseph and Lindsay stopped playing long enough for someone else to get the badges. I'm still behind you last I checked, but I'm gaining.
  12. I apologize if I over take you. I believe I am right behind you at the moment.
  13. Same here. Have HoH, but none of the others activated. It was rather amusing to hear the Ops personnel say, "What are they doing?" Happened at every house.
  14. I hope they last as well. The red button in Bloodngutz was gone before I went into the house on opening night. We hit that house at about 7:15/7:30. In 2009, someone punched a hole in the facade of Dracula on opening night. They actually pointed it out to us on the UTH tour I went on and explained how they are constantly having to mend the sets.
  15. Women's clothing is always more expensive. It's a conspiracy. It's why I use to buy men's jeans. Tell Shalisa hi for me! I think I love the Bite Size shirt the most. My daughter is going to love it. Now if they only had HHN onesies, my life would be complete.
  16. I hope not. Each fake nurse appears to be standing on a black circle. I'm really hoping that black circle is a simple mechanical pivot. That way we could get some movement from the fake one as well.
  17. This is my most anticipated house and everything I'm hearing is making me soooo happy. "Duck and crouch" areas, the one time being only 5ft 1in is going to pay off.
  18. I understand this so well. I got trapped in a tree in The Hallow. Remember everyone, if it's still light out where sunglasses or an eye patch or you may become part of the scenery. The brighter it is outside the darker the house will seem.
  19. I'm sorry if I missed it being discussed, but do we no call times for TWD. More specifically when cast changes will happen? I want to witness this cast change at least once, and I'm only going two nights this year.
  20. They haven't cut us down a zone. Last year, 6 named zones. This year 5 named Legions and The Iniquitus. So 6. The Walkers were never fully "revealed". We got a name with no description, that wasn't on the site for long. What is being lamented is a possibility based on spec and incomplete data. We've heard there are going to be scareactors at the front of the park. Some who have said they don't appear to be apart of the Vampires or Rat Lady escorts. This could make a 7th area. Also considering the theme mentioned on the survey and the Walkers shown in the commercial, maybe everyone is jumping the gun a little. Maybe Universal couldn't list the Walkers as one of their legions because of AMC. That doesn't mean zombies won't be in the streets. The street experience is described in terms of the legions on the map. The map also doesn't mention the Rat Lady or her escorts. Until it is confirmed through someone saying they are no longer cast as a "walker" or a "walker" is not seen at the event, I think the best bet is to wait and see.
  21. Besides this ^, if memory serves me correctly, someone from A&D responded with "It's our Castle Rock" when they were asked that question. Basically, it's the "fictional" play yard of A&D. Similar to King and Castle Rock.
  22. I went to the Fright Feast at HOS in 09. The sliders were out and there was no one else around except me and my husband. Further, they could tell I was afraid of them. Needless to say I had like 8 sliders come at me at once and chase me from that area. If you want to see them really move, head to the Fright Feast when the park is empty and don't run away from them. The shovel scares from years past also achieved the same type of scare in me. Give me trash can lids, shaker cans, shovels and sliders on the street and I am one happy haunt fan. Scared, but happy.
  23. I'm not so sure about that. The website this year is extremely glitchy. I'm convinced there was some kind of huge problem the night of the reveal, and that's why we got the FB reveal. I wouldn't be surprised if it is website issues.
  24. We use to have sliders. I believe crowd levels inhibit the use of them now. I've also heard that sliders really tear up the streets, and it was a cost effective thing. Sliders are the one street scareactor to truly scare me. It's the noise and sparks. I'm very auditory. I definitely miss them. You skipped 5th.
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