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  1. I think people on this thread are taking the music hint to mean it's a music maze. It's not necessarily that, it's just that the song title relates to the maze somehow. Anyways, as a hollywood-goer who rarely visits the Orlando thread, can someone just quickly summarize which mazes have been touched upon here? Over on the Hollywood thread someone mentioned Hellraiser. Is that true?
  2. I'm sure this is the wrong forum, but do any of you know where there's any good USH scenery, particularly the entrance arch, for RCT2, if it exists?
  3. What's your username? I could add you to a script to guarantee a spot. (50 person max servers)
  4. Hey, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm here anyways. My friend and I have recently created a Halloween Horror Nights style event on Roblox. We're not sure when we'll open, but we're aiming for next Sunday (October 5th) Our lineup this year is as follows: MAZES: Saw: Game Over The Beast: Lockdown (Original Maze) SCAREZONES: Klownz Welcome to Silent Hill We had originally planned a Terror Tram but the game became too laggy. It would mean a lot to my friend if you could show up on opening night. I'll keep this thread updated when I get more info on when that is. Here's the link, with a picture of the front gate: http://www.roblox.com/Roblox-Halloween-Horror-Nights-2014-SOFT-OPENING-place?id=173816914
  5. This happened? When? Sorry, I'm a Hollywood-goer, but there's nothing left to talk about over there and I notice Halloween hasn't been officially announced yet, so I came over here.
  6. I'm not actually 37, just had to make sure there was no age gate

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