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  1. You'd think murdy would know better, but remeber he brought Freddy and Jason to the event 3 times in 4 years, and it seems like we're getting walking dead 4 times in a row, and we had umr 3 times(2 officially), and saw and hotc with little to no changes. Btw I'm not complaining I'm just stating facts I also don't think AWIL coming either
  2. If those are all the ips, I only see 3 maybe 4 coming to hollywood so the less were like orlando the better.
  3. Wait are you saying fvj is coming or that's what's been talked about
  4. I think the actual video is fake, but the properties can all actually be coming
  5. In the behind the screams thread it says that the am tour is for FDTD, Halloween, and Dollhouse, and the pm tours are TWD, AvP, and Roanoke
  6. I think your dates are a little off, I remeber it being the 29th not the 19th
  7. Maybe the nine inch nails song, but definitely the fist one
  8. Houses: Halloween AvP Roanoke Giggles TWD FDTD Dracula Dollhouse Scarezones: Bayou Purge Faceoff MASKerade
  9. Right up there with giggles and gore for my most anticipated original house, this is going to be amazing
  10. This is my least anticipated house of the whole event, name docks it down a few points and this just sounds very cliche, should be good though
  11. This is probably my most anticipated original house, even though the 7 room thing is a bummer, still this should be a good house
  12. Wow I didn't even think of the doll house for stuffing, immediate assumed it was thanksgiving
  13. That could potenitally be something eating an arm, almost cannibal you could say
  14. ^ you're forgetting havoc. And if your trying to do all the rides in one day would anyone recommend still doing uth
  15. I'm trying to do something similar so this would help
  16. I think this rumored lineup sounds very good and will be cool to see
  17. I wonder why altar got scrapped. That house would have been cool if what SGT said was right
  18. I know you could do this so you can know everything coming to the event, but why would you take all this time trying to figure out what the picture says and not share everything, especially since you can spoiler tag everything
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