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  1. Right before I walkedinto that room, I saw the plant walking toward the line to get in, I think she ended up behind me because I think I had to look back to see the scare, I totally thought she was just a guest, I was like oh shit that's cool and why can't Hollywood do shit like this
  2. there is no way you can know if a maze is bad by video, and wouldn't that be spoiling it right there
  3. the walking dead btw how did you spoil the worst maze in Hollywood, if you haven't gone through them or had any knowledge of them before going
  4. That's exactly what it is, I think the UTH tour guide said Santa with a chainsaw, some Christmas lighting or those plastic things the go through when you enter a freezer had white and red coloring, which might have also been a reference to Leave it to Cleaver, but yeah that room was a mix up of those two houses
  5. well the 6 houses I and other people have been getting are FvJ run body collectors in the morning, walking dead asylum and m&m in the afternoon
  6. This house would have been perfect if universal could figure out how to do crowd control
  7. they were accurate to the times on the board but they still aren't even close to being right, it said 45 for FvJ and I waited 80-85 minutes for it
  8. Omg the wait time signs pissed me off so much, I choose to do certain houses because of the waits and every time I waited about 1.75 times the amount posted. I don't know if this is for anymore housed than I think it is but another big problem I had was the sound effects in some houses were way too loud, in M&M, I barely got any genuine scares just jumps to insanely loud noises, they relied too heavily on this and didn't trust their scareactors to get the job done, and also were the fuck was Jack I didn't see him in person at all, jack presents my ass. AWIL unfortunately used this tactic as well, a lot of the time the noise wasn't even in sync with the actors. The house that didn't use it was body collectors, and you already know how I feel about that. Bill and Ted was very mediocre. This kinda was disappointing for my visit to Orlando, but once I see all the houses and more days go by I hope it significantly improves Day 1 ratings Body Collectors: 10/10 M&M: 6/10 AWIL: 7.5/10 Bill and Ted: 5/10
  9. I'm sitting here resting a bit at Springfield and I wanted to just say that body collectors is fucking amazing, the facade is gorgeous, the sets looked nice and it scared the shit out of me, it was a great first Orlando house
  10. I don't think that's the way it was last year, then again this is only my first year, but they should be able to tell you what houses are on the tour for the day you are going and it's most likely going to be the same 6 houses but maybe switched from mornings to afternoons some days
  11. I dont know why i thought the announcements were tonight, guess i cant do math. You dont know how excited i was when i saw it last night. This lineup looks great
  12. um just to let u know ur hhns attended is wrong both should have another x otherwise its 13 and 14
  13. 1. AWIL(my 2nd favorite horror movie and its supposed to be better than hollywoods and i loved that house) 2. Freddy vs Jason(never seen a NOES or F13 house and i get both in one) 3. Insidious(my favorite horror movie and favorite hhn house so fat interested to see what orlando does) 4. The Purge(i know this wasnt the original design but i always wanted a purge house) 5. Anniversary(Idk most interesting of the originals to me) 6. Blizzard( never saw either of the character before so i dont know what to expect) 7. Run(if its like what i hear the 2001 house was like, im really interested to see what this is like) 8. Walking Dead(Dont Care) 9. Alice 3D(Sounds Generic to me)
  14. R.I.P Scream this house should be pretty good looking forward to it
  15. got it downloaded and will listen tomorrow
  16. The only way TWD doesn't come back is when enough of the gp has an outcry for no more. Which makes people who tell the complainers of it coming back to shut up and accept what you get, are part of the problem. Why yes maybe the amount of people who just want it to go away forever are very small compared to the amount of people to want it to come back every year. Or maybe once it gets announced, and people realize that this will go from the biggest house of all time, to something significantly smaller, the amount of people who are sick of it, might be a lot more than you think. Once the event is over I feel a bigger push from the public to try to convince the creative team to not bring it back will do some good
  17. How does that mean universal has the rights
  18. Tell me what rooms/scenes from the insidious movies that need a soundstage to reach their full potential
  19. Why would insidious be in a soundstage. It was perfectly done over here in a tent.
  20. Dr jimmy clue 15 is an 8 mile house Also I can kinda understand what your saying, but the placement of David doesn't really matter, idk how it makes it 100% better
  21. Yea you did say it sucked, and I believe the wolf transformation scene wasn't better on either coast, they looked the same to me
  22. To everyone saying that AWIL sucked at hollywood, no it didn't, you were just spoiled with Orlando's house. Also aside from the wolves, what else does Orlando's have over hollywood, I thought the nazi werewolves scene looked better over here. And ThN, don't say something sucked if you never went through it. Even though the only people who hated it went to orlando and saw it first
  23. Yea he is, it's there for a split second and he looks different from the movies
  24. I think the ip is fine and makes sense, but i guess I could see why people in Orlando would be disappointed, but nothing would stop me from wanting to experience your event. Insidious could be either an improvement over the hollywood house, or go a different direction and miss the mark. I think our version is the best house I've been through by a longshot. But I think someone who's been to both events would have more weight on this as they have seen what orlando is capable of.
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