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  1. Wanted to throw out there that there are 33 vertebrae in the human spine. 7 - Cervical verterbrae 12 - thoacic vertebrae 5 - Lumbar vertebrae 5 - Sacral vertebrae(sacrum) 4 - caudal vertebrae (coccyx) And even if we are talking about JUST articulating vertebrae, even then it would just be 24. Sorry, that was just irking me.
  2. While the Kelpie is amazingly freaky, it would be a bit difficult to achieve that effect in a house. I think a Lovecraft house would be awesome; I know it's been mentioned already, but it really would be so cool.
  3. I know the event is still fine without one, but I would love to see a return of an Icon. And, for damn sure, I want a better website than the one we had this past year. My favorite websites were from 2005, 2008, and the buildup with 2007.
  4. Have you ever considered including the music from the Bill & Ted shows?
  5. So, did anyone ever figure out what Elvis (or Sigfried & Roy) was yelling when he was saying something like, "Har moany! Har moany us!" and why he/they is/are yelling it?
  6. Do you think I could find past HHN Media gifts on Ebay? I would love it so much if I got those in the mail every year!
  7. Of course your opinion matters, everyone's does. Glad I'm not alone on this one. Did you see the show? If so, what did YOU think of Penny? The show as well?
  8. Well, yes I know Penny doesn't work with them, but I was mainly talking about her jokes in the show.
  9. Would anyone happen to have or know the lyrics to their parody of We Are Young by Fun.?
  10. I'm beginning to wonder, was I the only guy that found Penny to be really annoying? The tricks were generic, yes, but the jokes that she said through the show sounded forced and got really stupid after a bit. Like, that one part where she would get all happy and yell when Karl kept saying the word "head", that was a big eye - roller for me. I know it was supposed to come off this way, but Penny just came off as desperate with the overload of sex jokes. I'm fine with sex jokes, but it got old really quickly when it seemed she was trying to hard. Don't get me wrong, the Woman is a great actress (is she the one who plays The Bride of Frankenstein's Monster in the Beetlejuice show during the day? ) but I just don't think that she was good in THIS particular role. Anyone else?
  11. I was there on October 27th & 28th (Richard, the guy in the HHN Zombie shirt, for those who remember) and the Traditionals definitely helped make my night 22 times better! Of course, everyone loved Rosie the Fox Girl and Chicken Boy. I tried sneaking in a few big Snicker bars (I meant to ask all the Traditionals their favourite candies, but I never got around to it) but Security made me throw them out. Rosie got mad when I told her that and asked why I didn't put them in my shoes or something. I told her I thought about that, but I didn't want to give her smelly, sweaty candy. Only the best quality candies for one of my favourite Dark Legions! Anyway, on the 28th, I had a lot of fun with a few Morphans while we were waiting for some updates on the Horror Unearthed game and Chicken Boy came up to us, Brent Terrien gave him some candy but then one of the stilt walkers took it from him and was holding it above Chicken Boy making him jump for it. Lots of fun. It was amusing watching all the Traditionals coming over to us after that asking us for candy. Rosie came up to Brent and lifted her mask when she got candy and asked him if he was sure that they didn't have any poison in them. A few hours later, after the Q & A, Dr. Jimmy, myself, and a third man hung out by the entrance to Penn & Teller, and Rosie stayed by and chatted with us for the longest time. Getting us all to stick out our tongues since the Morphans won the game. It's not often that you wind up having Doctor Who discussions with a Scareactor. Also, on the 27th, I had said something to Rosie that I think made her mad because she followed me around for about 10 minutes after that while I was getting into the line for Alice Cooper asking me why I didn't have any candy. Lastly, I must give kudos to the blonde Fox Girl. After the event opened on the 28th, I saw her yelling at some guy who didn't have candy and trying to get him to go into the store to buy some. When he said he would and walked away, it made me laugh when she yelled, "I LIKE SOUR PATCH KIDS!" Although it's not the blood of innocent babies like her sister likes, it was still funny to hear.
  12. So, did anyone ask what the deal was with the website when/if they went?
  13. Why did no one ask him what the reason was for the lackluster website?
  14. All right, so I wasn't sure which board to post this in, but do any of you still think we might get games or anything interactive on the HHN website? Also, is the survey still available for us to voice our disapproval about the site? Do we just keep refreshing the main page like last time?
  15. So, if the website is revealed at midnight in Florida, does that mean that I (I live in California) will be seeing it at 9 PM?
  16. I was starting to think that the FE was short for Fear . . .
  17. All right, thank you. So, on one of those Post-It Notes where it says 26 > 2, right above it is (well, it looks like it to me) the same 26 > 2 but scribbled out. Maybe some form of duality or two - whatever, but corrupted somehow.
  18. Will no one explain to me how we know that thrifrit has anything to do with HHN?
  19. With "He=He", that could be another aspect of the whole duality concept . . . Also, can someone please tell me where this guy posting pictures came from? How do we know this has anything to do with HHN? Is this a known account of someone in A&D or something?
  20. Is it The Walking Dead like the survey said?
  21. Yes, I loved that music section. I enjoyed listening to all the tracks from years past. However, I was extremely sad and confused when I saw that it had been taken down for some undisclosed reason. Copyright issues maybe?
  22. What happened to the music section of the HHN History sections on this website (not the forums)?
  23. I'm going on October 26th, 27th, & 28th.
  24. Maybe that's why the website has been pretty bad so far; it does seem like the kind of website a child would be able to design rather than an immersive and interactive flash - based site.
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