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  1. saws and steam was (indirectly) based on bioshock, any video game player got that feeling of rapture when u walked up to the beginning facade, also heard interstellor terror was loosely based on dead space which i would have loved to experience.... i also firmly believe zombiegeddon was loosely based on left 4 dead. in some ways and parts.
  2. ill be going with grimpond also, wearing my shirt with him!
  3. i have a funny feeling all this mishap with the houses and everything is just a way to f with us... i just cant get it out of my head that they actually know what theyr doing and already have had everything planned out and arent pressed for time... who knows, was the ss44 permit filed specifically for HHN use?
  4. not even excited about halloween horror nights now, its beginning to be ruined for me

    1. I am Weighting

      I am Weighting

      Don't you just hate it when everything doesn't go exactly as you wanted it to?

  5. i agree 100%, altho i think the first yr (hhn 20) was my favorite yr so far (i dont have many to choose from) but compared to the past 2 yrs and hearing everything of this yr, im extremely dissappointed... they need to step their game up, be proffesional and get their stuff together. but who knows, i know i work better under pressure than when it is planned ahead, so maybe thats what they need but from what im hearing about lack of space, house locations, themes, it sounds bad. im scared its gonna be dissappointing this year
  6. WHY NOT? hasnt two houses been in ss 22 and 23 for the past 2 yrs?
  7. ya but isnt there the two sprung tents in the back, the parade building 2 houses in ss 22 and 23???
  8. i told u guys thats where transformers is going and every one said no ur wrong its not enough space... i know what im talkin bout, thats where its going.
  9. have you guys ever thought that maybe they have to demolish some of the building to make the essence of the house better? think about it, if they were to destroy it, they will at least use it for hhn, demolish it make it look like what its supposed to look like and tear it down afterward if they are.,,
  10. can someone please explain this? i already have my vacation planned and everything is there something i need to worry about?
  11. universal ir remaking "the evil dead" to come out 2013
  12. well every year i buy the rush of fear pass due to the fact im gonna be goin friday and saturday possibly sunday, plus its my own tradition to go to finnegans at like 4 and stay there during the lockdown that way i can just go to the haunted houses around twister
  13. if thats the lineup this year i will be one depressed kid... that doesnt sound appealing to me whatsoever besides the walking dead
  14. can anyone tell me what the hours are til on a friday and saturday? til 2am? if someone can let me know asap id appreciate it
  15. just booked my HHN nights at hard rock

  16. can somebody tell me how busy it gets the second weekend? i always went the first weekend, i wanna know if its worth it to buy the express pass or not
  17. what do you mean a partial teardown? and im not familiar with SS 44, can someone please show me a map or something or picture of where its located and what it looks like?
  18. well here, i am useful for this comment then, as you know, singapore and hollywood have gotten the transformers ride already, they have been in talk about bringing it to orlando for sure, i know for a fact the next ride they are putting in is going to be transformers no if ands or buts
  19. already been stated its strictly only universal studios
  20. do you think they will be doing the stuff they did last year with the bloody cards they sent out to people with clues?
  21. what email? for the updates? no i didnt and i signed up for it... idk why it doesnt send to me, this happened last yr

  23. im coming down sept 22nd, but will be going to HHN september 28th 29th and possibly 30th. im already getting the rush of fear pass, but i dont know if the express would be worth it? what do u guys suggest i do? ive always gone the opening weekend n it was slow... any info or advice?
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