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  1. My biggest peeve is the A#%@ole's that come through with cameras in the houses and take pictures or ask to take pictures.....seriously??? Youre an idiot.....wavers I despise because they look retarded. People who say I see you I would LOVE to punch you in the dang face and then scream at you "did you see that A#%^&ole?!?!??" It's so irritating especially the members on here, luckily those who have done this don't have their names on their shirts otherwise I'd call them out, who come through shaking their heads, and saying rude things like "this house sucks, these costumes are stupid, lame, dumb, etc...these people suck at scaring, this house is boring"......seriously??? SHUTTUP....most of you on here who have been saying this aren't even old enough to work the event so stop criticizing something you don't really know and understand. The older members on here I applaud you for your maturity. The scareactors on here, I applaud you for your efforts....we all get tired of this after awhile, and it gets irritiating when people on our own boards are talking crap about our houses, costumes, fellow scareactors, etc...as they are coming through....
  2. @ Mirpleboy.....The two creatures before the FURY, are Stygian Witches, there were supposed to be 3, so it looks like you went through on Cast B. The room after the bird like creature is NOT a Harpie people so stop calling it that...it's a FURY. As for the throne, Hades was supposed to be there but was scratched, don't ask why, don't know.
  3. Ok so to clear things up for everyone, there was supposed to be a HADES and there was supposed to be a CEREBUS animatronic in the house.....both were scratched from the house for unknown reasons. Eventually we may try to get the Coordinator or Stage Manager to sit in HADES throne but at this point neither is certain.
  4. It's even more amusing when the guests harass him and grab his chest plate and find out its a guy....you can hear the "WTF its a DUDE"!!!! all the way back in to my scene and I can't help but laugh
  5. That is the FURY and it's actually a Male in both casts...I'm in the room prior as a Stygian Witch and I love scaring the crap out of everyone one, two, sometimes even three times before they even get past me...
  6. That was my cast....we were all really amped because we weren't closing....plus we knew we were rockin' it the day before with the energy so we transferred over in to yesterday
  7. If you went in about 6:40ish than it was my Cast....our minotaur is hilarious when you get him going!
  8. I'm in CAST A HADES.... :-), good to know we scared ya guys!
  9. If any of you decide to do a video walk-through do it as soon as the house opens so you can actually see the video...I'm not recommending you do any video taping or picture taking because it is against event policy...and if caught you can get thrown out and banned from the park...but...if you still decide to do so....do it when the house first opens..
  10. Just to straighten things up. The "raptor" is a HYDRA.....like, the seven headed hydra???
  11. Well eventually someone may sit there....I'm thinking maybe peak nights they will stick someone up and around the throne to pop out and scare people.
  12. The technical difficulty is due to the floor constantly getting pulled up right before the STYGIAN WITCHES...it's the weird looking creatures right after the cyclops'. I'm in that room so if you see me point at you and beckon you forward you know it's Dons_Girl88 showin' some love:-)
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