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  1. What about well a sequel to the Carnival of Carnage with houses, and scarezones theme to the midway of the bizarre with one of the houses theme to American Horror Story Freakshow?
  2. Even though its late I see a certain HHN creator inserted the TARDIS in this maze.
  3. Um Legacy you know they might include Sinister or Alien if its possible.
  4. Would thee be IPs based off certain films,games or shows going to be in this like Sinister?
  5. I was looking for it too GH but no sign of it not even on google.
  6. Even a more scarier Tower of Terror, and would there somewhat be a Halloween version of World of Color?
  7. So any ideas for Disneyland plus Oogie Boogie could have a house in the Haunted Mansion. Jack could continue to be the Master of Scaremonies in Halloween Screams, and Space Mountain continues to be haunted by the Ghost Galaxy.
  8. I actually read Abandoned by Disney, and too be honest it wasn't even scary or creepy. I actually read Abandoned by Disney, and too be honest it wasn't even scary or creepy.
  9. If Disneyland had this too would Space Mountain continue to have Ghost Galaxy?
  10. This is really good. If Stephen King allowed Universal to add one or two of his stories in it Carrie, and The Shining would fit very well.
  11. Well some scareactors could help a person up if they fell or trip.
  12. If there is a dead rising scarezone they better include Frank West since he covered wars you know.
  13. If its based off RE 2&3 they should have put Claire also.
  14. I'm glad they stay true to the series but despite Jill, and Nemesis is there they forgot Leon, and Claire.
  15. Simon: I think this is a horrible maze. I think its stupid. Yeah most likely he would say that. Off topic: I finally got over my fear of that sprite.
  16. How about that Justin Beiber at Anne Frank's house controversy?
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