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  1. I dont think this has been posted yet but here is the full picture of where the eye picture came from:
  2. I think it might be! Take a look at what I have done. This is the boy from Insidious and is the poster for the movie: This is the Banner From the HHN page brightened: If you take the Right Eye out of the boy in the poster it looks Highly Identical: Side By Side they look VERY similar, I noted key things that I noticed: I dont know but Im kinda convinced!
  3. Brought up the brightness and contrast on the banner image...
  4. Im currently working on a project that will somewhat go with Reaper's HHN 23 mix... I hopefully will have it done tonight.
  5. It took enough time, but I was finally able to upload the Pictures I took at HHN 22 they came out pretty good I'd say. If you see anyone you know (or you see yourself) Please feel free to message me and I will give you the non-watermarked version, all I ask is if you post it you give credit to the site You can view the photos on my site here: http://themeparkinsite.wordpress.com/photos/sony-dsc-8/#main -Jaycob
  6. Hello everyone, I recently got a HHN 23 Media Gift for Christmas from my dad (Best dad ever) and it came with the flash drive. On the flash drive it was supposed to contain all the HHN media files from HHN 19-23. Well once I checked the Flash drive It only had the files from: -HHN 19 -HHN 20 -HHN 23 The seller has told me that I could send the flash drive back and they would put the missing files on it for me. But I want to have a little fun with this. I wanted to know if any of you out there had any of the files that I am missing, If so please upload them to a file sharing website such as zippyshare.com or email them to me (hhnjaycob@gmail.com) If anyone is able to help me out I would be very appreciative, and I would be willing to send you any of my files if you do not have them. Please help me out folks P.S. Is there any other Media Gift files other than 19-23?
  7. What are your guys thoughts on a Norman Bates house? Based on the A&E series Bates Motel? I think Universal can do it, and I think it would be AWESOME.
  8. The Harry Potter thing in england is open seasonally and themed to christmas/Halloween. So I don't see any problem.
  9. Here's what I think: -Return of the elaborate Scare Zones -We may have an icon Houses: -The walking dead (I think we will see it each year until it ends. Its a big $$ maker for HHN) -Sinister (seems like another one is in the making so it would be an awesome house.) -Urban Legends: El cucuy (because urban legends may be a yearly thing.) -An American Werewolf In London (/Paris it was a mega hit this year) -Legendary Truth (I think LT will be much bigger next year) -Insidious (was Hollywoods biggest house so it seems possible) -Monsters Remix (I loved the Hollywood house so I would love to have it here) -Alice Cooper (in both parks, it was big here and John Murddy in Hollywood wants to do a final 3rd) -The Inbetween (our yearly 3D house) -
  10. That's what I heard about for this year, I think they just ran out of time this go around.
  11. Penn and Teller Newkd Las Vegas. I can't say enough good about it. It os my favorite house of HHN22 no doubt. I really hope P&T do something with HHN or Uni again.
  12. Saw this on the Hollywood side of the forum. Comment what houses you want to see at hhn next year. LET THE HHN 24 TALK BEGIN!!!! The theme will be, ripped from the screen 2. Houses: Trick R Treat: Sam is here (disaster queue) The Walking Dead season 4 (float building) A&E Bates Motel: Norman's back. (Sprung tent 1) Insidious: Truth is here (soundstage) Jack Is Back 3D (sprung tent 2) Universal's Monsters Remix (soundstage) Defiance the game. (soundstage) Penn and Teller: newked the world (soundstage) Scarezones: Killer Klownz The Purge La Llorona Grown Evil Opened Rides: Transformers 3D Gringotts Bank The Mummy Men In Black alien attack Twirl and Hurl Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem Shows: Bill and Ted's excellent halloween adventure Rocky horror picture show, the 50th anniversary Universal Horror Make Up Show. Also rate the event above your dream year /10 Have fun!
  13. Could this become a Sub-Section? If this is going to be a year-round game, I think it could be beneficial.
  14. Some updates: La Llorona Queue: Symphony Of The Damned (Figure: Monsters Vol. 4) Cabin In The Woods Queue: Monster (Disturbed) RHPS Pre-Show: It's Raining Men (The Weather Girls)
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