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  1. I think the prom scene from Carrie would fit if Carrie begins the compilation. Unless there are other scenes from Carrie that fits.
  2. They could also include Carrie if they put Carrie, The Shining, and It as one maze like they did with AHS.
  3. If it's Stephen King it might be more than The Shining.
  4. Most likely it won't happen, but they could do like a scarezone theme to the Universal Monsters shared universe for the entire park that could be officially canon to the shared universe.
  5. I agree even how you mention Channel Zero.
  6. But if Universal is able to make Stephen King let them use his stories in HHN it should be one entire maze with three of his most well-known novels like it begins with Carrie, then the middle part is the Shining, and ending with It since the remake is coming soon.
  7. Knotts had Carrie a couple of years ago, and Carrie was at HHN last year.
  8. Kinda like if Negan and the Saviors turn Universal Studios into a "safe zone", but have to be rid of the ones that refuse to gave to Negan which is some of the killed with there heads lucilled by Negan.
  9. If they do something with TWD even if its a entire scarezone most likely it would involve Negan & the Saviors.
  10. Well with Video Games they could somewhat bring back TWD if its based off the Telltale Games Walking Dead or bringing in FTWD to replace its sister show. As for FNAF Frightdome did it already.
  11. So that means Springtrap nor the Nightmares appear?
  12. Great job. As for AHS like you said has differences and both Hollywood & Orlando have different characters as well. In Murder House the Hollywood version has a actress that was split in two, and the fourth kid not see in the show. Freakshow has Edward and his demon face in the Hollywood version while Orlando has Danny's conjoin twin puppet, and Meep. Hotel Hollywood has Countess' baby in the crib while Orlando has Queenie which is the only thing close to Coven being in the maze, and Iris.
  13. Cool quick question. With FNAF do you know which games are going to be shown in the maze?
  14. The blank room could've been a good easter egg for Asylum & Coven with Bloody Face, and both the Minotaur & Axeman jump scaring people.
  15. If they added Asylum or Coven instead of Freakshow wonder if AHS Freakshow would make a good scarezone with the AHS maze in the same location as Freakshow?
  16. I wonder if its successful Universal would make a AHS walkthrough attraction like The Walking Dead, but in Orlando having all the seasons? Sorry if its off-topic.
  17. I know but tomb, and ancients has a good fitting to it.
  18. Surprising that it isn't Fear the Walking Dead yet.
  19. Wonder if this would fit in the Revenge of the Mummy queue?
  20. So Jack's assistant has become the mistress of scaremonies? Nice.
  21. This looks good, but if its real wouldn't it cause Copyright issues?
  22. I think the cheerleader is suppose to be Megan Fox's character from Jennifer's Body.
  23. One of the comments I read on Youtube said that they saw Carrie in the All Nite Die In Double Feature Scarezone. I check the vid of the scarezone, and thought I saw Carrie as well.
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