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  1. I've seen them on eBay between $120-$150 at times over the years.
  2. And now we know its 1984, going into 1985.. not 1985 going into 1986.
  3. Some years it was held outside, 2002-2007, then 2008 on moved inside, most of the special opening night stuff is reserved for the media now. Used to be held in Horror Make Up on opening night, but since outgrew that space. We now have opening night inside Stage 33. 2016 we got a Chance moment. 2017 we got a B&T moment.
  4. I've never been a fan of the IP designs and the huge design on the back of the hoodies. Glad I have my OG hoodie when they first did them! I'll take the UOAP shirt, the shot glass and anything with that design though!
  5. I'll post this here too. Not HHN28 merch, but here are our shirts for this site and the HHN Blogs Meetup! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/HNNightmares/
  6. Here is the new logo released on the Orlando webpage!
  7. Some lighting rigs being set up. And making way for AoV.
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