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  1. the show this year is annoying and a little bit boring. adding a story and being so closed to it hurts the show. One of the highlights and one of the biggest strengths of the older shows was their playfulness and the guest interaction with the audience. The reason it was cool to watch them before was because not only were the dance sets cool, but their attitude was very likable. The new show cancels all that out. they lost a lot of the appeal with the terminator storyline. and with the way the stage is set up. they totally got an upgrade on the visuals but the show lost its soul. the terminator stuff is kinda boring to be honest. is not as cool as the mental hospital of 2 years ago. the dance sets are kinda silly within this story too. Reminded me a lot of Captain EO but not in a good way. its like a more annoying and less charming version of Captain EO
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  2. I agree 100% with your assessment. The audience participation part was a turn off for me. A good show doesn't need to beg the audience to have fun. And the wave? It hasn't been a thing for 30 years. Oh wait, it's a slow motion wave! That's totally different. Whatever. That mental hospital storyline was brilliant, as it was set in Shadybrook. Is there any better way of being accepted as a new show than to tie into a fan favorite of the event? This year is devoid of anything HHN related, and it's just not hooking me. Been to HHN 4 nights and only did this one time. Had no desire to see it again. I saw the 2016 show every night, and 2017 most nights. And this is not my B&T bitterness showing. I wanted to like this show.
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  3. This exactly. Once they opened up with the "audience participation" instructions, I said "Uh ohhhhh. This might not work out well."
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  4. I was very impressed with this, despite the original not quite working for me. It works REALLY well when you go through it with light out. The facade is kick@$$ (Hate or Glory had me fist-pumping, even if it's a bit anachronistic), the subway scene is choice, the lit up moving pics in the sewers were chilling, the finale was really cool as it was very gory and I liked the idea of it being you slowly regaining your vision. I will say, I would've loved to have news reports from the trailer of the virus getting worse playing throughout the house.
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  5. The First Purge section looks like absolute garbage however the Happy Death Day part looks pretty good and legit and follows the story pretty well, was impressed with that. Should’ve just been a full on Happy Death Day house.
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