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A poem for HHN.


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In the beginning Universal put together a team, To come up with an event to make people scream. The first year gave us plenty of Frights, After that it was renamed Halloween Horror Nights. Four years later The Crypt Keeper was thrown into the mix, That was the icon from 95 to 96. Frightmares was the theme in 1997, After you attend You'll Never Sleep Again. Halloween Horror Nights 8 to some was a dream, Can you say Primal Scream. Halloween Horror Nights 1999 arrived so fast, Didn't even have time to take a Last Gasp. In the year 2000 the event again came back. Not afraid of the dark, You don't know Jack. In 2001 the event was all brand new, You can't see me but I.C.U. Each year after the event grew and grew, Now comes the year 2002. The Caretaker that year was pretty scary for some. And for the rest guess what Your Time Has Come. The Director was the icon back in 2003, You oughta be in pictures, You're wonderful to see. What's your breaking point was the theme for 2004. Now in both parks who can ask for anything more. The Storyteller brought us Tales of Terror back in 2005, After this event no one will be left alive. In 2006 Jack, The Caretaker, The Storyteller, and The Director blew off some steam, That year HHN turned Sweet 16. Jack's Carnival of Carnage in 2007 was a real horrific place, Thank's to Freddy, Jason and Leatherface. The year 2008 was extremely scary. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. HHN 19 was Ripped from the Silver Screen, That year Jigsaw, Chucky and The Wolfman made everyone scream. HHN XX was made perfectly clear, The theme that year was Twenty Years of Fear. At HHN 21 her minions will run amuck and you'll come face to face with lady luck. In 2012 don't close the gate. Because once your inside there is no escape. And lets not forget about Bill and Ted. That show makes everyone laugh until they are dead. Every year Halloween Horror Nights leaves people in all types of different moods, So remember be excellent to one another and party on Dude's...!


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