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Icons (Fanon Edition)

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"Big" Bill Z. Bub


A ruthless businessman, Big Bill has recently purchased Universal Studios (or whatever haunt this goes to). While his casual demeanor and schlubbish attitude make him seem meek, don't let it fool you, Mr. Bub is really (gasp) A DEMON who uses the businesses he owns to corrupt the souls of the innocent! Using Universal, he will take his victims through many twisted, depraved situations in a bid at their souls. Can you make it out in one piece?


Bill has two forms. Both are fat, balding guys in expensive suits. But while one form is human, the other is red-skinned, horned, cloven-footed, and tailed. He's constantly smoking cigars and insulting people, often times in hypocritical ways.


He'd have a show, a house, and a scarezone, though he won't appear in the zone.


The show is a rock revue, where between performances, Bill and his employees (all demons) interact with guests.


The house, HOSTILE TAKEOVER, shows Bill corrupting a business, turning the employees into his demonic slaves in gruesome, hideous ways.


The Scarezone, COLLECTORS of the DAMNED, is centered around the demons Bill uses to collect his profits. Reapers, bounty hunters, deal sealers, succubi and incubi, and other assorted taxmen.

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Icon: The Terrorkeeper


Long ago in the late 1940s when horror comics were at its peak, there was a comic book industry called "Terror Comics" that did horror comics just like the other comic book industries and was called "Terror Tales" along with telling an original horror story, they also have their own horror host in which is named "The Terrorkeeper" and was kind of like the Cryptkeeper but however when the Comic Code Authority came around in the 1950s it went bankrupt but was later revived as a small comic press when underground comics came around in the 1960s and was then evolved into a horror anthology tv-show in the 1980s however it only lasted for one single season and was ultimately cancelled along with being forgotten....until now.


Reports of a man in a raggedy monk-like hood had been spotted in Universal Studios along with sighting videos on Youtube however one video was a speculation video unlike any other speculation video before, the video was one of the fans of the forgotten "Terror Tales" comic books and the tv-series of the same name, the fan speculates that the man in the raggedy monk-like hood was none other than the Terrorkeeper himself but however most of the people in the comment section wouldn't believe in the video itself that is when September rolled around the man in the raggedy monk-like hood revealed himself to be the Terrorkeeper and tonight he has some interesting stories to tell guests about while reliving through them...


Haunted Houses

Terror Tales: Stories of Horror (Icon House)

John Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy

Halloween (2018)

Goosebumps: You're In For A Scare!

Legendary Truth: Amityville Horror

Deadviantart: Deadly Masterpiece

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

Villains' Night Out


Mad Max: Desert Wasteland

Dante's Inferno

Friday the 13th: The Curse of Crystal Lake

Dead by Daylight: No Escape

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Elphaba: Mistress of the Western Sky (Based on the Wicked Witch of the West from Path of the Wicked and Deadly Ever After)


Once the ruler of Winkie Country, Elphaba Thropp has been banished from Oz and has now taken over the Land of the Fairies. With her emerald complexion and penchant for leather clothing, she is wicked through and through. Having disposed of Dorothy and corrupted her friends, her new hobby is screwing around with your childhood memories. Whether you've read the nursery poems of Mother Goose or the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, it's all documented within her Storybook of Shadows.


The Storybook acts as an enchanted gateway into Elphaba's imagination. By entering its pages, readers are transported into a realm of fairy tales and nursery rhymes gone wrong. 

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