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Bioshock 2: HHN Edition!


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I posted this idea on the Vault once, just reposting it again for posterity.

Imagine Bioshock 2's multiplayer mode...but with HHN characters, themes, and stages! The storyline is basically this: all of the icons are fighting a war for supremacy. Anyone can win. They just have to kill each other to rule all of Universal. The starting characters and their basic weapons are:

Jack The Clown-Spiked hammer

Albert Caine-Surgical scissors

Paulo Ravinski-Spiked camera tripod

Julian Browning-Flashlight

Samuel Meetz-Meat cleaver

The unlockable characters and THEIR weapons are:



Tiny-Open fist

Terra Queen-Blade

The stages are ALL OVER USF and IOA. You can even fight in Citywalk! The splicers are scareactors of all shapes and sizes, Little Sisters are Cindy Caine clones and Big Daddies are members of the Chainsaw Drill Team. The weapons, plasmids, and gene tonics are all the same, exept for one. (More on that next...)

In case you're wondering where Elsa Strict is, she has another job: Saving your progress after each game in her book. And Bloody Mary changed the "Summon Eleanor" plasmid into "Summon Mary."

Any contributions to my idea? Praises? Filler?

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Well if the Little Sisters were Cindy clones, then I would see the central monsters of each of the Islands of Fear/Horror being their Big Daddies, it would add some variety to them and reflect the styles of Daddies (Rosie, Bouncer, Alpha, and Big Sister if you want to consider her one) a little closer. They were her playthings originally, right? Well, why not have these playthings actually be her protectors?

I see the Chainsaw Drill Team as the waves of Splicers that appear when a Little Sister is extracting ADAM for you after adoption.

Perhaps each of the playable characters can have their own particular storyline, too, that correlates with their particular year. Survivor characters being park guests that have survived the initial onslaught, and agreeing to assist the icon over the course of the story if allowed to live and changes the story depending on actions taken... such as, they will help in supporting you (like a HHN fanatic) in coming battles against other icons, or puzzles?

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