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Jon’s House.

The maze facade will look like a standard 80s suburban home. On the lawn is a small toy bone, the teeth marks from a dog can be seen on it. You look through the windows, and see Odie walking by (shadow silhouette), his tongue hanging out. He walks past the window, and suddenly a dark shape emerges behind him. It screeches and lunges at odie, as you hear his pained yelps from inside. You then enter inside the house.

Music Throughout House



Living Room.

Surprisingly, the room looks normal...well almost. The TV is playing a news report about a “viral outbreak” going around town, there’s several Chef Boyarde cans scattered around the floor, the walls and ceilings have various paw prints on them, and...there’s a piece of orange dead skin right next to the couch. The piece is small, but really wide. It’s orange with small black stripes, and surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be any blood on it. You walk past the litter box, and you see the chewed up remains of Squeaks on there. Half of his skin is torn away, and various organs have been removed. You enter into the next room.



You then enter into the kitchen, and there’s more signs of chaos here. The Chef Boyarde cans are piled up in a corner, and on top of it is more dead flesh. The piece of flesh is huge, being about 5 feet tall, and several rips can be seen in it. You walk past one door, and Jon comes out from it with a bat. Several claw marks cover his face, and slime covers his body. He asks you to leave before It comes. Suddenly, the fridge door burst open, revealing Gorefield (Puppet). It looks almost like garfield, but it has sharper fangs, and seems to be larger (around 6 foot). It lunges out towards you, and sprays a strange slime onto you (water), as you exit the room.

Art Inspiration




You then enter into a small cramped hallway. Various portraits have fallen on the floor, and the light above flickers and sputters every few seconds. What used to be paw prints on the walls, now look like arachnid leg prints. The prints seem to have dug deep into the wallpaper and concrete, and they seem to go up towards the ceiling. You then hear scuttling from above, and a raspy voice whispering out “Jon,” You look up, and an arachnid Gorefield emerges from a hole in the ceiling (puppet), teeth trying to clamp down onto you, as you exit the room.

Art Inspiration

Related image



You then enter into a large bedroom, and carnage is erupting. On the bed is Lyman, and he’s being eaten alive by Gorefield legs first ( https://youtu.be/M_oK_Wadl7c?t=185 ). He tries to push his leg off from the beast, but it just clamps it’s jaws harder. He screams in agony, as you can hear bones crushing. As you are distracted by this, Liz comes out from a closet with a shotgun, and tries to shoot at Gorefield. However, she immediately gets dragged away by a tentacle, as the closet door closes. You then exit the room.


(imagine a downscaled version of this)


You then enter outside, and it’s disturbing. Strange fleshy masses can be seen growing on various buildings, and they seem to pulsate every now and then. Various cars litter the streets, most crushed by an unknown heavy force. As you walk past a cab, a panicking civilian emerges from behind it. On his arm is a long orange tentacle, and at the end of it is a gaping maw (strap on tentacle on arm). He tries to shake the thing off him, but it seems to have slowly fused into his arm. As you are distracted by this, a heavily infected civilian emerges from behind an alleyway, tentacles and orange fur growing from every orifice. You dash towards the next room.

Scareactor Design



Flesh Alley.

You then enter into a cramped alleyway, and it smells like...lasagna. The walls are fleshy and orange, along with some black stripes. You then realize that you’re walking in a room filled with Garf flesh. You walk past one corner of the alley, and the flesh then begins to pulsate. Suddenly, the flesh moves out from the wall and rushes towards you, making disgusting gurgling noises (full bodysuit an actor will wear). You run towards the next room.


The Cult

You then enter inside of a dilapidated church, and the lasagna smell is stronger than before. To your left and right are pews, all having heavily infected civilians on them. Some are so infected, that their skin can be seen fusing onto the seats. In the center of the room is Gorefield, now taking up most of the room (sorta like this puppet https://youtu.be/VXqFTBDMpCw?t=391 ).  It then notices you, and roars at you as various tentacles whip and move around from under it. As you are distracted by this, several civilians emerge from their seats and lunge at you, as you go towards the final room.

Art Inspiration



Fleshy Earth

You then enter into a black void, and it’s strangely chilly. You then realize that you’ll actually in space. In the center of the room is a large, flesh covered earth (a model that’s around 10 feet in height). As the Earth spins and makes strange fleshy noises, you walk past it. Suddenly to your left, a giant Gorefield head emerges from the darkness. It roars at you, as it has now become a eldritch entity. You finally dash towards the exit, as you exit the maze


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