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S.C.P - Containment Breach


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Incognito Base.

As you wait in line for this maze, there will be a projection playing files of the S.C.P.’s you’ll encounter throughout the maze (sorta like thesehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXWz-j9XlpexkiDAycNt8q8uRFKZJ8LmZ ). The setting around you changes, the grass starts to thin and disappear, cracks form on the ground (suggesting you’re entering into a desert like setting), multiple miritaly looking traps are laid across right next to the line, and along with that, there’s various military vehicles parked. You then see the building, and it’s small. It just looks like a warehouse like building, but the door to it (which looks like futuristic almost) is left wide open. A broken key card and a bloodied guard helmet lies next to the door. You enter inside.

Music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFtguJHMUZY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie1waJKUA2s , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iDriNilSs0 ,





Once you enter inside, you notice the setting is very different. The walls are made out of steel, and the lighting is actually quite good for a abandoned building. There’s a small desk in front of the room, with various security footage playing through a screen on it. The footage shows chaos erupting around the facility ( https://youtu.be/a0dkF8CZxks?t=109 ). Behind the desk is a large logo of the S.C.P. foundation with the words “secure, contain, protect” under it. Besides that, the rooms mostly empty. There’s some waiting room chairs to your left and right, all with the bodies of guards and scientists slumped over on it. You enter into the next room

Note about transitions between rooms - as you enter from room to room, you’ll be in a small hallway. To your left is the sign of the S.C.P. in the next room, and to your right are files of the same S.C.P. (similar to the queue vid).




SCP - 019

You then enter into a small containment room. The room is extremely cold, and there’s a observation room to your right. In the center of the room is a small pot, with strange artwork of classical greece. The pot occasionally shakes and...growls. You walk past a wall, and it bursts open revealing a guard covered in SCP - 019-2’s. Multiple of them are seen clawing and biting onto him, as he desperately tries to get them off of him.




SCP - 002

You then enter into a large room, and it looks fleshy..literally. The walls are made out of muscle, chairs are made out of bones, a lamp made out of intestines, and some children toys made out of organs. Surprisingly, there’s no scares in this room. The only scare here is a feel of dread, as you exit the room.




Maintenance Hallway

You then enter into a cramped hallway. Multiple pipes run across the walls, as wires form above sputter occasionally (lighting and SFX). as you walk past a pipe, it’ll burst open, spraying...water? (SCP - 015). You keep on walking, and a burning humanoid dashes out from a corridor, and asks for fuel (SCP - 457, also it’ll be a suit with various LED lights on it). You exit the room.




SCP - 823

You then enter into a outdoor like environment, and it looks like a small theme park line. Moss and plants are seen growing from various areas, as mutilated bodies of theme park employees and visitors lie around. You see a couple fused together, several decapitated bodies, and what’s left of a man. As you walk past a open gate, a mascot will come out from it. He gasps for air, as he quickly falls unconscious. You go to the next room.




SCP - 1981

You then enter into a large conference room. There’s a large podium in the center of the room, and behind it is Ronald Reagan (actor wearing mask). He is seen rambling on about multiple disturbing topics, as various cuts are seen forming on him. Some of these cuts spray blood onto you (water), as his speech slowly turns into gurgles. Behind regan, the words “I See You” form on the wall (projection). As you are distracted by this, a cloaked figure bursts out from a wall and scares you. You go to the next room.




Break Room

You then enter into a medium sized break room, and it’s in chaos. Various equipment lies on the ground, various foods have fallen onto the floor (458, 871, and a pile of peanuts), a vending machine and a coffee machine block a destroyed door (261, 294), and in the center of the room is a man trying to get SCP - 198 off of him. He asks for help and tries to pull it with his teeth, but it won’t come off. As you are distracted by this, you hear a whispery voice behind you saying “Help me..”. You turn around, and SCP - 939 pokes its head under a table and tries to bite at you (animatronic). You exit to the next room.




S.C.P - 513

You then enter into a small containment room. The walls are plated with foam, but part of the wall has fallen over. In the center of the room is a podium, and on top of it is a cowbell. You then hear something….ringing. You look towards you left, and you see SCP - 513-1 phasing through the wall (peppers ghost). It doesn’t do anything, but just stares at you, as you move to the next room.




SCP - 035

You then enter into a medium sized containment room, and the walls are caked with slime. Some parts of the slime seem to have grown, forming tentacle like shapes. In the center of the room is a podium, with broken glass next to it. Walking around the room is a researcher wearing SCP - 035. As he walks back and forth near the podium, he gives you vague hints of how to escape the facility, but sometimes he might give false information to (look at 096’s face, 682 can be defeated with a rolled up newspaper, etc etc). You exit the room.




You then enter into a large room, and it’s mostly covered in blood. To your left and right, are multiple curtains. You walk by various ones, and you hear multiple sounds coming from them, groaning, screaming, liquid spraying...and growling. You walk past one curtain to your left, and the curtain pulls open revealing a SCP - 016 infected. He screams in agony, as an eye can be seen growing from his arm, whilst blood pools out from all of his orifices. You back away to your right, and that one pulls open revealing a SCP - 217 infectee. This one can’t even scream, but instead “tick”, as wires and gears poke through his skin. You finally pass one opened curtain, and you see a dead D-Class on a table. SCP - 049 looms over him, cutting open his chest and pulling out some organs, and injecting strange chemicals in him. The “dead” body then leaps from the table and growls at you, as you run towards the next room. However, before you can enter through the door, an SCP - 610 infected bursts through a wall and roars at you.



SCP - 439

You then enter into a small room, where metal containers lie to your left and right. You can’t see what’s inside the containers, but you can hear something, and it sounds like buzzing. You can also hear something else….groaning. You pass by a dark corner, and suddenly a SCP - 439 infected pops out. Bones are seen growing on his torso and face, as he screams in agony. He starts to claw at what is left of his eyes, saying how he can “feel them burrowing through”, as you exit the room.




SCP - 280

You then enter into a well lit containment room, and there’s nothing that special in it. You hear breathing to your left and right, but nothings there. Suddenly, the lights go out. The breathing then suddenly gets louder, almost turning into wheezing. Then the breathing stops...SCP - 280 then emerges from a wall and growls at you, as you run towards the next room.





You then enter into a small hallway. Throughout the hall are various posters To your left you see a large metal door, with the label “SCP - 055” on it. You can hear banging from the door...and a echoing scream...then nothing. You back away from the door expecting a scare, however, the real scare comes from behind. One of the poster comes down, revealing a bloodied researcher screaming in pain. On his head is SCP - 1048-A on his head, viciously clawing his eyes. You ignore his screams, as you exit the room.




SCP - 966

You then enter into an large containment room, but this one looks different. The whole room is tinted in a uv light, letting the whole room look bluish. To your left and right, are multiple instances of SCP - 966 standing around (most are dummies, some are actors). Some remain still, but some will break from the line and screech at you. You run towards the next room.


SCP - 096

You then enter into another large empty containment chamber. The walls seem to be made out of hard steel, yet there are various hand/punch marks on the walls. On the floor, are multiple layers of blood, forming a small puddle (probably won’t work in real life, but it’ll make a neat effect). In the corner of the room, is SCP - 096 sitting, putting his hands to his ears. His back is turned to you, but you can see the faint shape of an unhinged jaw. He cries softly, as you exit the room.

Image result for cell block

Humanoid Containment Block

You then enter into a large hallway, where doors line your left and right. Each door is made out of heavy steel, a small plexiglass window in the center. and a white number on right next to it. The doors have no handles, but instead a sci-fi looking pull system. You walk past a door labeled 527, and through the window you can see SCP - 527 just sleeping on his bed. You then past a door labeled 953. The door will open revealing SCP - 953 inside, as she rushes towards you and tries to slash at you with her claws. You then past a door labeled 1033, and inside you can see a man repeating the same actions over and over again. You then past the last door labeled 082. The door will again open, but this time you can hear the metal squeaking, as something massive tears it open. SCP-082 then rushes outward, carrying a severed head. You exit the room.


SCP - 3199

You then enter into another containment room, where spicemen tanks lie left and right. Inside you see multiple instances of SCP - 3199 (dummy). They aren’t trying to attack you, but they’re just unconscious. Knowing this type of scare formula, you back away from the tanks expecting a scare. However, a SCP - 3199 instance lunges out from in between the tanks and screeches at you. You run towards the next room.


SCP - 173

You then enter into an blank hallway, where the lights are seen flickering. At the end of the hall, you can hear heavy panting. Suddenly, a D-Class emerges from the end of the hall, and starts to sprint towards you, his face looks like he seen some shit. As he is about to run towards you, the lights go out, and you hear concrete moving. A few seconds later..SNAP, you then hear a body fall to the ground. The lights come on, and SCP - 173 can be seen over the body of the now dead D-Class (173 actor will come through a hidden wall in time to the lights going out). You exit the room.


Pocket Dimension

You then enter into another hallway, however this one is nearly pitch black. The walls seem to be made out of bricks. The bricks seem to be corroding, and the floor is to. As you are walking, your footsteps echo through the halls. You can also hear the echoing cries of multiple people in the halls. As you are about to exit the room, the wall pulls away revealing SCP - 106 behind it (boohole). He laughs evilly at you as you run towards the next room.


SCP - 682

You then enter into an large research room. This is similar to the Rec room of the damage in it. Tables are knocked over, beakers are broken, and blood covers the walls and floor. A piece of the wall then comes down, as SCP - 682’s head comes through. In its mouth is a guard, AND HE’S STILL ALIVE. He punches and kicks (with one leg) on it, trying to get it off. He screams in agony, then you hear a crunch, as he goes limp. 682 then glares at you, as it pulls it’s head back. You run towards the final room.


Warhead Silo

You then enter into a massive room. In the center of the room is a large nuclear warhead. Smoke (fog) comes from below it, as sirens wail out from the room. The warhead then starts to move up, as more smoke comes out. As this distracts you, SCP-096 bursts from the wall next to you and screams. An MTF then comes from the other side and shoots at it, “GO, GO!” he screams as he then sprays you with a amnesiac (air spray), as you exit the haunt.

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Just now, Twilight59 said:

Maybe SCP-076? I don't know if he could actually fit in a haunt

i considered putting him in a weapons locker room, but i removed him. reason why was because i think he looks to "normal". he's just a guy with tattoos covering him. the other scps have some features that make them stand out (covered in flames, long jaw, fish head, human chicken, decaying body, etc etc), but he doesn't.

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52 minutes ago, themazethinker said:

i considered putting him in a weapons locker room, but i removed him. reason why was because i think he looks to "normal". he's just a guy with tattoos covering him. the other scps have some features that make them stand out (covered in flames, long jaw, fish head, human chicken, decaying body, etc etc), but he doesn't.

Oh okay, i can see why though, maybe SCP-2006 could work?

Edited by Twilight59
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44 minutes ago, DocNiktMarr said:

Not an SCP suggestion technically, but if I were to add something from the SCP Foundation to the house....


Dr. Bright.

That'll actially be a good scene. Have a small hallway where Bright will come out with a shotgun of confetti. He'll imediatlly apolgize and say he thought you were 939. Could make a humerous scene in the middle of the horror.

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