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Halloween Horror Nights 29 (2019) Event Music

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Hi! I know this is incredibly late, but I listened to the OST for Stranger Things 3 again, and then rewatched the Stranger Things house. In the Hopper's Cabin scene from the house, "She's Gone Home" from the soundtrack plays in the background. 

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On 10/25/2020 at 5:18 PM, zombieman said:

Anyone know if the Swan Lake track from the show is available in its pure form (no sound form the audience or water elements)?  Preferably no IP themes mixed in.

I'd love to use it in my Christmas Light Show this year.


Are you talking about this remixed bit that plays between 37:49 - 38:18 in the video?



Or the Swan Lake track that was referenced, in it's original classic form, non-mixed, no background track?

If such, in the same video linked above, sounds like Andy pulled that track from a public domain site. lol

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Ah, I didn't realize he pieced the whole thing together.  Was hoping he was sampling from some already available techno version...

Unfortunately there is not enough in the show for me to pull 2 minutes of content.

I have decided to piece together one of these two for my show.

If I manage to get a decent light show sequence, I'll post it.  Takes many days to do even 30 seconds of sequencing...


Thank you for the link, though!  I remember listening to that, but forgot how he made it.




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Definitely! Hearing him say that in the podcast hurt a little. I'd say the MoM version is worthy of being released. I'm not sure of your show's creative intent but you could stitch the Wolfman intro, up to the "He's Alive" portion to give you time fluff. Excited to see your end result! Those alternate tracks are solid. 


Taking closer attention, in the Youtube video posted above https://youtu.be/LzvztHnzl18?t=45the bit that plays between 45 to 56 secs is the underliner track for the final act of the show. So it's the sample bit -> sample bit repeats at a lower volume with a top track -> sample bit comes back in with the Swan Lake top track and again for the explosion media sequence  --> the rewind bit --> sample bit again. You could create a loop with that same bit and accomplish something similar of that experience.

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