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HHN Icons house versions


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Here’s my idea for an house based on characters on Horror Nights. Predominately ICONS, but also featuring scenes based on rather ICONIC characters on the past. Here’s a few things to start though:

1. I’m out of the loop on Horror nights for a while, so I don’t really get how things work behind the scenes, so I imagine this wouldn’t be a very good maze.

2. I’m not giving bullocks about being realistic.

3. This isn’t so much imaginative as it is ripping off scenes from other houses.

Let’s go


Queue would be like the opening scene of Hallow’d Past, where you come across shelves featuring props of HHN. Unlike that house though, these shelves would be numbered in specific years with Roman Numerals. There would also be little TVs that display video content like the Port of Evil Caretaker segment.

The facade would be a recreation of the key Art for 2007’s Carnival of Carnage.


The Opening scene of 2004’s Horror in Wax. You walk through a hallway where statues of the Classic Monsters lie hanging. Not all of them are statues though… Each night, there would be a different monster who’s “not really a statue” to surprise returning guests. The atmosphere is quiet with no soundtrack.

After that you trespass on a very short hallway where Beetlejuice pops out.


Something something Cryptkeeper.


This would split into two paths. The first you simply walk though a room where the Eyegore demon from the 1997 ads flys from above via Bungees. A giant floating eyeball also pops out (puppet) from a wall.

The second path is taken from Insanity (?). You and other guests are locked in a holding room where all of a sudden you fools see a pair of bird like eyes and claws gleaming in the light. Then it’s pitch black and you feel something scraping you in the foot. Then you are let go. (This is a homage to the Journey to Fear key art). Both sides you end by walking into a giant screaming heads mouth (Primal Scream).

(I’m debating including a Mummy segment as 1999 did feature a Mummy in the key art however the house that year was based on the 1999 film. So for now I’ll leave it undecided.)


You enter into an old House of Horrors exhibit from an old carnival. The walls are faded and the fabric hangs and the atmosphere is eerily quiet (minus screams from the guests behind the walls after all). Littering the rooms are giant children’s toys and playing blocks. After a few moments of stillness, a familiar tune rings. The “Pop Goes the Weasel” sound (specifically from 2015) sounds off quietly at first, then grows louder at each verse. When it ends, first there is silence then at the end of the room, the Giant Jack in the Box pops open and out springs the body of Jack Schmidt!

At the next room, it’s similar to the rooms previous but with the bodies of the BBC Crew, Doctor Oddfellow, and the victim of 2007’s commercial lying on the floor. All of a sudden they all spring up and pounce on you, only stopped by an invisible wall (this is a super advanced Scrim Wall (?) except it’s always visible).


In contrast to the disturbing quietness of Jack’s segment, you trespass upon Eddie’s turf which is blasted Rob Zombie’s music and flashing lights and horns.

You enter a room filled with chain link and a wall in the center. You try to make your way through but Eddie suddenly appears in the exit and rums his chainsaw. You then try to go the other way but then Jack (somehow) appears at that end and they force you to go into a circle. Suddenly baseball bats start firing at the walls and the room rotates. Then Eddie let’s you go. Again it’s a two path thing.

The second path is another chainlink piece but with a ball pit.

Both sides end in a path where you walk through a series of dark cavern like structures transitioning into…


Once again you learn calm.

The next room is a near identical recreation of the set from the 2002 commercials. A cart with surgical equipment and a bowl of water, a sink, morgue beds with bodies laying in covers, and glass jars underneath. The lighting is well-lit so that you can appreciate all the details. Suddenly the bodies suddenly spring up out of nowhere and the laugh of the Caretaker sings.

Exiting, you come across a foggy netherworld where a child’s voice utters words like “Won’t you come out and play?”. A giant hologram of Cindy Caine’s face apparates at the end, with porcelain skin, before her flesh melts and her eyes glow flames. Out of now where, Carnage, DinoMen, Knightmare, and the Treaks and Foons chase you out.


Something something Director. Would probably involve his victims- the jester with hooks in his face, the bathtub man, someone guillotined, etc. This would be a very large room; not a hallway.

(I was thinking of putting an Ice Queen and Fire King segment but I don’t think they’re ICONIC.)


Yet another holding cell, it’s all white and very bright and suddenly the walls crack and blood pours from the walls and ceilings. You are let go.


This completely recreates the set from 2005’s commercial- not the same thing as Where Evil Hides nor the scene from Icons Captured. The Storyteller would pull a scissor and cut an rope. The anvil would then fall on the victim on the bed of nails, spraying blood an you as the body convulses. This may be a distraction for a giant killer cat puppet to pounce.


You walk into a treasure room depicting the relics of Terra Cruentus- The Terra Blade, Hollow Chime, Gorewood Skull, Blood Vessel, and Iron Bone Gorge Goblet. The design of this room is similar to the Asgardian treasury room from the MCU but with the Terra Symbol. All of a sudden the doors close and you are locked in. The Chime suddenly glows and emits a harmonious sound and other relics follow suit. You are ambushed by the Terra Ghouls, Knucklegrunts, and the Gnomerats. 


In a short carnival hallway, Freddy’s slash marks would scrape the walls, Jason’s theme (“Kill”) would blare, and Leatherface would slide a door and charge from behind.


The spinning tunnel is a recreation of the one scene in the “Mirror” segment of 2008’s website. It’s red, rocky, wonderland cards are strung about and you hear Mary’s voice commanding you to speak her name.

Exiting, you find yourself disoriented by strobes as antique mirrors line the walls. These mirrors are actually designed to fit the houses and zones from when these characters originated- the Hallow Mirror is framed with branches, the Body Collectors mirror is lined Victorian style. Oh and yeah characters from 2008 pop out from the mirrors.

Then you enter a mirror maze because ja.

Finally there is another commercial recreation set piece. The room is dusty and old; antiques are everywhere, a fireplace with a wolfs head on top, a portrait of an old lady, and a large vanity mirror is the centerpiece. Suddenly the roof cracks open to reveal a giant Bloody Mary roaring and lunging at guests with a fountain pen. The fireplace also roars with fire.


Suddenly you’re in an old lobby. It is cracked and snacks and popcorn are loitered on the floor. The Wolfman comes out of nowhere and swipes at you then disappears. After a short lobby transition, you find yourself in a giant theater room where the Usher introduces himself on a big screen. Passing through, you find that you have shrunken down to small size as giant versions of Chucky his dolls attack you in a crusty warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, you see a man trying to pull himself from a leg trap (referencing one of the theater victims) as Sculders attack. Finally the Usher’s body drops down from above.


Then you find yourself in a what appears to be an underground cavern filled with roots and what appears to be flames everywhere. A victim lies on an altar begging for help when suddenly Adaru apparates and rips the victims heart with his bare hands and throws it at you.


Something something Iniquitus


This recreates the finale scene from Dungeon of Terror with flashing lights and monsters. The end.

(I got lazy during the second half).

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