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Kinda Late HHN 27 Review


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Welp, HHN 28 is right around the corner, so why not finally catch up on my reviews? Let's get into this.




#9 - Ash Vs. Evil Dead - What a horrible, horrible house. No good scares, no good set design, and the Ashes look NOTHING like Ash! Only good thing I have to say is that the comedy was... decent. Final Rating: 2.5/5


#8 - The Horrors of Blumhouse - Meh. Sinister and Purge (especially Purge) are what keep this house from being a good house. If this house had just been a sequel to the 2015 Insidious house, then it probably could've been a really good house. The Insidious section is very strong with good scares and good costumes. Plus the energy of the scareactors are very strong as well in here. Final Rating: 3/5


#7 - American Horror Story - A good house. Cool set design, each section is evenly split, and a couple pretty good scares. But in comparison to the house from 2016, pretty weak. Final Rating: 3.5/5


#6 - Hive - At the beginning, this seemed destined to be the worst house along with THoBH. But the energy of the scareactors really brought this house to life and saved it from being a horrible house. Also some pretty cool sets and nice little details. However, I always wonder if this house could've been right up there with Scarecrow if it had stayed as Conjuring (or if that might've made it even worse). Final Rating: 3.5/5


#5 - Saw: The Games of Jigsaw - I love the Saw series. So when this house was announced, it immediately became my most anticipated. When I went through it, I loved it. Good scares, scenes straight out of the movies, and some cool traps. However, the biggest problem is that the pigs can be quite repetitive, it feels like we're watching the traps more than actually being in them, and... Where was the façade? I was really hoping for the façade to be a giant Billy head with a gaping mouth for you to walk through. Other than that, this house was really good. Final Rating: 4/5


#4 - The Fallen - What a beautiful house. Great set design, really cool costuming and make-up, some pretty good scares, and flying! Only big problem was of how the Angels Vs. Demons concept was dropped at the last second, and we're just watching Demons being Demons. But other than that, a very good house. Final Rating: 4.5/5


#3 - The Shining - Yet another beautiful house. Cool sets, PERFECT casting, and some pretty good scares. Final Rating: 5/5


#2 - Dead Waters - BEAUTIFUL! Great scares, great set design, greatest HHN façade I've seen, and a good sequel to Bayou of Blood. The only problem of course being how short it was. Final Rating: 5/5


#1 - Scarecrow: The Reaping - This is a no-brainer (pun intended). Scarecrow was a TERRIFYING house. Creepy setting, cool concept, fantastic scares, and very good set design. This year, I think Seeds of Extinction is going to rival Scarecrow. Final Rating: 5/5


Houses Overall: 4/5



Scare Zones


#5 - Altars of Horror - I think this one explains itself. Final Rating: 0/5


#4 - Festival of the Deadliest - A genuine fun zone. Cool costumes, BONE, and a cool concept. Final Rating: 3.5/5


#3 - Invasion - A really fun zone. Great interaction with the aliens, an awesome UFO, and nice details with the radio playing. Final Rating: 4.5/5


#2 - Trick 'r Treat - What a beautiful zone. Great costumes, great character interaction, and good scares! Final Rating: 5/5


#1 - The Purge - A fun and interactive zone. The scareactors are so much fun to talk to, and the purge auction is so much fun to take part in! Final Rating: 5/5


Scare Zones Overall: 4/5





Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure - Such a good send-off to this amazing show. Fantastic writing and humor, and Jason returned! Final Rating: 5/5


Academy of Villains: Afterlife - It was disappointing that Irma had to ruin this show. They still did a wonderful job, though. Final Rating: 4/5


Shows Overall: 4.5/5




What an amazing year for HHN.


Final Rating: 4.5/5

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