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A Pretty L8 HHN 26 Review


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Once again, better late than ever! Let's get to it, chop, chop! (Also, since I had Frequent Fear this time, I was able to go 12 nights, so no more memory-luck! Yay!)



#1 - Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield - A terrifying, fun, and creepy house! Having Michael Myers around every single corner was the best part of this house (And of course Dumpster Diver Myers). A grand house.

#2 - Krampus - A very underrated house. The sets were beautiful, quite a few good scares in there, and the Gingerbread room. I do agree that the elves got a little repetitive, and there wasn't any real Krampus in there, but the Pros beat them out. A great house.

#3 - American Horror Story - A long and solid house. Couple of good scares in there, FANTASTIC sets, and great fun! Only problem was that it felt it was a lot longer than it needed to be. Other than that, really good house.

#4 - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - A terrifying and fun house. It literally felt like you were walking through the original movie. One thing that helped was the fact that I am terrified of Leatherface and his bloody chainsaw. 

#5 - Tomb of the Ancients - This house was pretty good. Dark, claustrophobic, a few good scares, and a GAT! Only problem was most of the scares weren't that good, and the story really wasn't that interesting.

#6 - Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch - A fun and entertaining house. Probably one of the greatest sets HHN has done. However, it suffered a big problem: Horrible scares. There were only two good scares in this house, while the others could be seen coming from a mile away. Other than that, a really good house with hilarious phrases, and it was a Wild West theme!

#7 - The Walking Dead - Eh. A mediocre house. Nothing but Walkers, and it was just a montage of 5 years of TWD. However, it was a pretty good send-off to these houses.

#8 - Lunatic's Playground 3D: You Won't Stand A Chance - GASP! Lunatic's Playground isn't at the bottom of my list?! You've read this right. Lunatic's Playground, while it was a really bad house, was saved on the last two nights when the cast picked up all of their energy and guest interaction. On the last night, they delivered good scares and fun interactions. Still a bad house, but saved by the interactive cast inside.

#9 - The Exorcist - A horrible house. No good sets, not a single good scare, no memorable scenes, and way too many plastic dummies. From the 12 nights I went, I only did this house three times.


Scare Zones

#1 - Survive or Die: Apocalypse - A fun zone that was a blast to be in. So much fun to interact with either of the groups. The moment that landed this as my #1 zone is when the team trying to take the machine had me lead the charge and they were all rooting me on. It will forever be a good memory.

#2 - A Chance in Hell - Holy hell, such a fun zone! The actors were so much fun to interact with, and of course Chance! While the actress playing her wasn't anywhere near as good as Cline, she still did such a fantastic job!

#3 - Vamp '55 - What a fun zone! Once again, the actors are so much fun to interact with. One of them even followed me across the zone to give detention to one of my friends I told her about!

#4 - Dead Man's Wharf - A mediocre zone. Story wasn't interesting, and the actors didn't do anything.

#5 - Lair of the Banshee - Why. Just why? This was a horrible zone, no questions asked. 



Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure - 2.5/5 - Such a bad way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of these two most excellent dudes. Unfunny jokes, horrible script, and an unfunny villain.

Academy of Villains: House of Fear - 5/5 - A wonderful and fun show! So much energy, and so much fun! A great way to introduce these guys and gals to HHN. 


Hope ya enjoyed! 

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