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What else can be said that hasn’t been said....


Well, I have been attending HHN in Orlando for about a decade and have been a walking HHN advertisement for years. Last year I finally saved up and made the amazing journey of doing HHN coast to coast and I wasn’t disappointed. Thought many aspects of Hollywood last year even surpassed Orlando with HW’s Krampus being my favorite maze last year. It left such a strong impression on me I was determined to save again and make the coast to coast journey again. This year makes me regret it and wish I just spent the time in Orlando. Even in Orlando’s worst years and worst houses I feel never fell to the lows that have occurred this year. 


Scarezones are non-existing and what few displays are up feel like crap that was bought from a Halloween store. Didn’t even feel like taking photos of it because it just looks tacky and embarrassing and not what I hold HHN up to. No atmosFEAR at all just the park in the dark.


Houses as everyone has stated are horribly under designed with black walls being a overwhelming portion of the event. Particular disappointment for me was Ash vs Evil Dead, a show so full of energy, passion, bloody delights, comedy and just everything I think a horror fan can ask for, to succumb to tons of black walls and lack of just any love for the property is more than disappointing it’s just flat out unacceptable. Similar problems plague the other houses and I feel I can’t even give Titans of Terror house a pass. I remember going through Texas Chainshaw last year at Hollywood and had real discomfort and fear walking through the house, Leatherface this year can’t bother me at all this go. However with all my grips the night reminded me how important the actors are as I had two energetic runs through Blumhouse. While the actual design of the house itself isn’t up to par, the actors in the Purge section really were hitting hard and gave me their all. Therefore for what’s its worth Blumhouse was my favorite house of the night just purely for cast reasons.


I don’t know who we need to contact to show our disappointment too. However more importantly I’m just glad my partner who I’ve talked this event up to forever, couldn’t join me for Hollywood and will have his first experience when we go to Orlando next week. If he saw this I would have been horribly embarrassed. Have two more nights I already purchased for this event, months ago and FOL, so I feel obligated to go still although I would love to trade them in for Knott’s tickets which I unfortunately am only going the one night on Saturday. 


While I still crapped all over the event there is yes still fun to be had but none of it is the standard I expect and demand, especially at the price, from HHN. Aside from probably not being able to afford it next year this year has made me retract and think I should stay with just Orlando for HHN for a while until Hollywood gets it together and figure out what worked so well last year. Or at the least I learned I should wait for Hollywood’s reviews first before purchasing. 

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